61 Great Eighth-Grade Writing Prompts

If you’re looking to improve your 8th graders’ writing skills, these eighth-grade writing prompts are just what you need. 

Though students are able to generate their own topics for writing, writing prompts help to jumpstart the process by sparking ideas.

They provide a structure that guides students in responding to a writing task thoughtfully and strategically. 

What’s more, writing prompts for 8th graders sharpen grammar skills, spark creativity, encourage the expression of ideas, and reduce writer’s block.

As you can see, they have many benefits and can also be used to address students’ social-emotional needs. 

See more benefits of using writing prompts in the 8th-grade classroom.

Whether you want your 8th graders to practice creative, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, or paragraph writing, the free eighth-grade writing prompts found here will serve you well. 

They include a variety of topics that appeal to students of different abilities and interests. 

Eighth-Grade Writing Prompts

Following you will find a collection of interesting writing prompts that make great writing assignments and activities for eighth-grade students. 

1. Compose a poem about being in the 8th grade. 

2. Write a story about becoming a famous Youtuber.

3. Share about a time when you didn’t allow fear to overcome you. What was the end result?

4. Write about the long-term effects of not studying.

5. Would you rather live in the Sahara Desert or in Antarctica? Why?

6. Draft a short story about a middle schooler who finds a cure for the flu.

7. What lasting impact has Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work had on life in America? Provide examples.

8. Write about a time when you overcame your fear of speaking in front of the class. 

9. Draft a descriptive essay about an afro hairstyle.

10. What are the pros and cons of middle schoolers using social media?

11. The newspaper title reads, “Local Student Becomes International Superstar!”. Write the news story.

12. Describe what you think a day in the life of an Uber driver is like. 

13. Tell a story about someone who has inspired you yet you don’t know them personally.

14. Write about a time when you witnessed a fight.

15. Draft an article for the school newsletter, encouraging classmates to purchase an end-of-year yearbook. 

eighth-grade writing prompts
eighth-grade writing prompts

16. Write a love letter to your eyelashes. Why are you grateful to them?

17. Tell a memory about when you felt betrayed by a family member or friend.

18. Which book character do you think needs a personality change and why?

19. Write an article for the school newsletter giving tips to eighth graders about how to manage their time with homework, chores, and extracurricular activities.

20. What’s the difference between a milkshake and a smoothie?

21. In your opinion, what do you think a desktop computer thinks about all day?

22. Draft a diary entry from the perspective of a curtain. 

23. Devise a business plan for selling treats after school. What will you sell and where? Who will assist you? How will you advertise?

24. If you could be skilled in a particular task, what would it be and why?

25. Share the benefits of getting daily exercise outdoors. 

26. Compose a funny story about a mole on your body that comes to life and starts talking to you.

27. Define indifference, and give examples.

28. Write about a time when you overheard a private conversation. 

29. Describe what type of bumper sticker you would design that best represents your grade level.

30. Provide examples and non-examples of a fixed mindset. 

31. Explain your favorite pastime.

32. Write a story about the letter E going on strike. 

33. How does answering eighth-grade writing prompts help to improve your writing skills?

34. Provide examples and non-examples of courage. 

35. Write a short biography about a famous U.S. First Lady. 

36. Character: candle, setting: church, problem: candle refuses to light during a ceremony. You have the characters, setting, and problem. Now develop the plot, and write a solution. 

37. Write about a dream that made you feel happy.

38. If you were in charge of creating a new app, explain how it would make lives easier.

39. Write a paragraph of similes and metaphors to describe yourself. 

40. Draft a descriptive paragraph about an awards ceremony.

41. Write a letter to a new student who will be attending your school next year. What important things should he or she know?

42. Create a series of math word problems related to geometry. 

43. If a head of hair were a person, what items would be on its grocery list?

44. Write a speech about the negative effects of eating too much sugar.

45. Would you rather have grass or tree bark mixed into your smoothie?

eighth-grade writing prompts
eighth-grade writing prompts

46. What lessons can humans learn from animals?

47. Write a story about a newborn who speaks perfect English much to the surprise of strangers.

48. Explain to someone how to play the game of Jenga.

49. Write a story that takes place in a Pringles can. 

50. Compose a story in which a tooth fairy gets caught placing cheese instead of money under a child’s pillow.

51. Explain the benefits of carpooling.

52. What are some ways that you show your parents that you appreciate them?

53. Explain how to use an index to locate information in a book.

54. What’s your favorite genre of music and why?

55. Write a persuasive essay about the importance of volunteering in one’s local community.

56. Share an anecdote about a time when you felt super important.

57. In your opinion, why do some say that soda is a bad choice for growing students? Explain. 

58. Write a prequel for your favorite book. 

59. Share how to write a good book recommendation.

60. Describe, step-by-step, how to multiply two or three-digit numbers without the use of a calculator. 

61. In detail, describe what the palm of your hand looks like.

Final Thoughts On Eighth-Grade Writing Prompts

No matter what type of writing objectives you want your 8th-graders to practice, these eighth-grade writing prompts will be helpful.

They serve as writing activities that will support students as they improve their writing abilities.

So pencil into your lesson plans this week a few of these high-interest writing prompts for 8th graders.