17 Awesome Classroom Reward Party Ideas

If you’re seeking classroom reward party ideas that aren’t food or don’t cost money, you’ve landed in the right place. 

While it’s important to give individual classroom rewards to students, it’s sometimes appropriate to recognize the entire class using whole class rewards. 

What better way to celebrate than with a party?

The following classroom reward ideas, perfect for elementary, middle, and high school, honor students for good behavior. 

What’s more, many of these classroom reward party ideas can be done for little or no money and without food. 

These party rewards will delight the whole class. 

Classroom Reward Party Ideas 

1. Have a Paper Airplane Competition.

First, show students how to make a paper airplane and then head outdoors.

Individual students will compete to determine who can throw their airplanes the farthest.

As students are eliminated, winners continue to compete against one another until there’s only one winner.

Alternatively, you could eliminate the competition component altogether, encouraging students to simply enjoy throwing their airplanes.  

2. Do a Fun Art Project. 

During normal school days, art is usually not prioritized. That’s why it makes a great addition to this list of classroom reward party ideas.

Creating art has so many benefits, one being that it helps students express creativity.

Art project ideas include mosaics, crafts, painting, drawing, and Play-Doh.

To get started, why not have students make pet rocks? It’s an easy and fun art project that leaves students with a memorable souvenir.  

3. Host a Sidewalk Chalk Fest Party.

Grab some of that colored, jumbo-sized chalk, and then head outdoors.

Allow students to draw to their hearts’ delight.

If desired, set up a snack station so that students can eat yummy treats as they enjoy the party.

Note: Be sure to have permission from the administration before implementing this idea.

4. Play Board Games.

Mix fun and cooperative learning with a board games party.

In today’s world, many students are more accustomed to online games.

However, there are many benefits to playing board games.

Besides being fun, they encourage collaboration, strengthen the skill of following instructions, and improve critical thinking.

Good board game options for students include Scrabble, Sorry, Monopoly, Connect Four, Candy Land, and Twister.  

5. Gather For a Piñata Party.

For unique classroom reward party ideas that are sure to engage the whole class, try this one.

Students take turns hitting a piñata with a stick until the goodies fall out.

To make this party idea more special, consider actually making the piñata with students.

It’s work but so much fun. It’s an experience they’ll never forget.

6. Explore Origami.

Challenge students with origami. This fun art medium engages even the most resistant students.

Start with easier origami forms and then progress to harder ones.

Consider displaying some of the completed pieces in a visible area in order to showcase students’ creations to the school community.  

7. Schedule a Movie Day. 

For this classic classroom reward party idea, allow students to choose an appropriate movie of their choice.

On the scheduled day, they may wear pajamas, eat snacks, use sleeping bags, and sit with friends during movie time.

8. Take a Field Trip.

Of the classroom reward party ideas, this one takes a bit of preparation, but it’s well worth it.

Do you have places in your city that students would enjoy visiting?

If so, take a field trip to one of those places.

Think museums, theme parks, theaters, factories, space centers, parks, hiking, etc.

If it’s difficult to organize this, consider bringing the field trip to students.

Invite a local organization or business to come and do a fun activity with them. 

9. Play Kickball.

Incorporate movement into your classroom reward party.

Head outside to play a few rounds of kickball.

Some of the many benefits of playing kickball include improved coordination, stamina, and balance.

10. Organize a Fondue Party.

Provide groups of students with plates of vegetables, fruits, melted chocolate, melted cheese, and skewers.

Students will use the skewers to dip the fruits and vegetables into the melted cheese or chocolate.

They enjoy these treats while socializing with friends or doing a fun activity.

11. Make Slime. 

If you’re seeking fun classroom reward party ideas that are academic-focused, making slime is one of your best options because it’s science/STEM-related and so much fun!

Divide students into groups, and have each group collaborate to make the slime. This is a great way to test students’ following instructions skills.

12. Extend Recess.

A classroom reward party idea that younger students seem to never tire of, extended recess is an easy option to implement.

Add some extra minutes to a regularly-scheduled recess session, or plan a day where students receive an additional recess block.

An extra recess block is oftentimes the more appealing option to students since they don’t have to share the playground with other classes.

That makes the party even better because it gives a feeling of exclusivity.

13. Eat Lunch With the Teacher.

Some students like eating with the teacher. If that’s your case, consider making it one of your classroom reward party ideas.

To make the party even more special, order pizza, sit outside, have a picnic, and/or include a few fun games. 

14. Compete Teacher Against Student With Outdoor Games.

Play a variety of outdoor games, and have the teacher (or a team that includes the teacher) compete against a student or team of students.

This idea works well for games such as tether ball, egg racing, and relay racing. 

15. Head Outdoors For a Water Fight.

On a hot summer day, a water fight is not only refreshing but fun.

This party idea is best done at the end of the school day, and students should have a change of clothes available.

First, fill two buckets with water balloons.

After dividing the class into two teams, on the signal, teams will randomly throw balloons at the other team members.

16. Play Silent Ball.

Students take turns passing a ball to others in their space.

If a student drops the ball, talks, makes noise, or passes the ball inappropriately, he or she is out.

The game continues until only one student remains. 

See the full instructions for how to play Silent Ball.

17. Have a Chocolate Mold Party. 

If you have the assistance of parent volunteers and a desire to give students a classroom reward party they will never forget, collaborate with students to make chocolate.

This activity can be seen as a fun science experiment where students get the chance to cook.

Not only is this party idea fun, but students will have sweet treats to take home and share with family. 

Final Thoughts About Classroom Reward Party Ideas

Recognize and honor whole-class good behavior using these fun classroom reward party ideas.

These reward party ideas for the whole class provide inspiration for creating a classroom party celebration that is inexpensive, non food-focused, and most importantly, fun. 

If you found this list of classroom reward party ideas helpful, you might be interested in classroom reward ideas that don’t cost money.