100th Day of School Writing Prompts: 27 Fantastic Ideas

Motivate your students to express their thoughts using these fun 100th day of school writing prompts. 

These journal prompts improve writing skills and spark creativity in kids of all ages.

Using these 100th day of school writing prompts, even your most reluctant writers will be motivated to move their pens!

So pencil a few of these 100th day of school writing prompts into your lesson plans this week.

100th Day of School Writing Prompts

Encourage students of all ages to celebrate the day using fun 100th day of school writing prompts.

1. Imagine how you might look at 100 years old. Write a descriptive paragraph about how you might look and feel.

2. Describe what the world will be like 100 years from now.

3. Plan a 100th Day of School celebration. What items do you need and how much? Where and when will the celebration take place? In which activities will students participate? What foods will you have? Write a detailed plan about the big day. 

4. Share what you imagine your life will be like 100 months from now.

5. One hundred rats have escaped from the school’s science lab. The school is in panic! Describe the day’s adventures and mention how the problem was solved. 

6. Write a paragraph of 100 words or less describing your mother, father, teacher, sibling, or pet. 

7. Explain the pros and cons of living to be 100 years old.

8. You’re having a 100th Day of School celebration at your house and want to invite all of your friends. Write a letter convincing them to come to your party. Give at least 2 good reasons. 

9. Make a list of your favorite 100 things or activities. 

10. Think about a fun adventure you did last summer. Write a paragraph about doing the same activity but as a 100 year old person.

11. A magic genie will grant you 100 wishes. Write a paragraph telling the top 5 wishes that you want the genie to grant first.  

12. Compare and contrast the life of a 100-year old to the life of a 100 month old.

13. For 100 minutes, you’re taken to outer space, heaven, the future, the past, or another country. Write a story about your adventures. 

14. Research how to say or write 100 in 5 different languages.

15. You’re honored to meet the one living centenarian in your town. You can ask him/her five (5) questions. What will they be and why?

16. C.E.N.T.E.N.A.R.I.A.N – Write an acrostic poem using all of the letters of the word.

17. Brainstorm a list of 100 ideas, items, and/or activities that make you happy.

18. Choose one (1) item or idea, and make a list of 100 types of that particular thing (e.g. animals, types of ice cream, singers, foods, songs, adjectives, etc.).

19. Create a list of 100 ways to show kindness towards others. 

20. Research what life was like 100 years ago in your country, city, or state. Write at least 2 paragraphs about the people, architecture, occupations, way of life, etc. 

21. Think of all the words you can make using the letters in the phrase ONE HUNDRED DAYS. 

22. For 100 days, you can live anywhere in the world. Where would you live and why? 

23. Brainstorm all the different ways 100 can be represented. Think in terms of pictures, numbers, words, symbols, and ideas. Write a paragraph or two about these representations. 

24. Make a list of activities someone can complete in 100 seconds or less. 

25. Create 2 or 3 math word problems (with solutions) that involve the number 100.

26. Compare and contrast the type of clothes you wear now versus the wardrobe you might use as a 100 year old person.

27. Brainstorm a list of actions a person can complete in 100 minutes or less. 

28. Write two 100th day of school writing prompts that you think your teacher might like.

For support, teach students how to respond to writing prompts.

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