190+ Positive Affirmations for Kids: Powerful Statements

Empower children to cultivate a healthy mindset using these positive affirmations for kids.

Benefits of Affirmations for Kids

Using these affirmations for kids, your students will reinforce a positive mindset, raise their confidence plus self-esteem.

Additionally, repeating these positive affirmations for kids helps to combat negative feelings, such as anger, frustration, and anxiety.

So if you want to empower a child in your life, encourage him or her to recite one or more of these positive affirmations for kids on a regular basis.

What Are Some Good Positive Affirmations for Kids?

Encourage students to reinforce a positive mindset using this incredible list of affirmations for students.

1. I get better every day.

2. I am special in my own way.

3. All things pass. This too will pass.

4. I am loved.

5. Tomorrow is another day.

6. I control my decisions.

7. Every problem has a solution.

8. Today is going to be the greatest day of my life.

9. I set goals and accomplish them.

10. Every day provides a fresh start.

11. I can do anything that I set my mind to.

12. Everyone makes mistakes.

13. I’m becoming stronger every day.

14. Trying my best is enough.

15. I possess the courage and confidence to do anything.

16. There is no one else like me.

17. I permit myself to make mistakes.

18. I am a leader.

19. Good things will come to me soon.

20. I will face my fears.

21. I am a sponge that is ready to soak up knowledge and wisdom.

22. Everything will work out for the best.

23. I am important.

24. I accept myself.

25. Today brings me closer to my goals.

26. I am at peace with my body.

27. The world is ready for me.

28. I am ready to embrace the day.

29. My past does not define who I am now.

30. I have the power to succeed.

31. My time is precious.

32. I’m on my way to greatness.

33. I have so much to offer.

34. People love me for being me.

35. I’m full of optimism and ready for good things.

36. There are no limits to my success.

37. I never want to stop learning.

38. Opportunities are all around me.

39. I am an exceptional person.

40. I have the patience to face challenging situations.

41. I’m committed to making positive changes.

42. I will not let anything hold me back from my dreams.

43. I deserve happiness.

44. Every obstacle that I face makes me stronger.

45. I am not the sum of my failures or achievements.

46. A single mistake will not keep me from reaching my goals.

47. I forgive myself for the mistakes that I’ll make tomorrow.

48. Whatever is supposed to be will be.

49. I cannot change the past, so I focus on the future.

50. I’m ready to seize opportunities.

51. I surpass expectations every day.

52. I learn from both positive and negative experiences.

53. If I make a mistake, I keep moving forward.

54. I do not need to control everything.

55. I trust my wisdom to decide what is best for me.

56. I’m open to new opportunities and challenges that come my way.

57. I am productive and ready to tackle any task.

58. I’m a creative individual with lots of original ideas.

59. People appreciate spending time with me.

60. I deserve to hold my head high.

61. I do not need to impress anyone.

62. Other people recognize my confidence.

63. I have nothing to prove.

64. I decide the path for my life.

65. Negativity leaves my body with each exhalation.

66. My goals are just around the corner.

67. I’m thankful for each day.

68. I am not afraid of the unknown.

69. I embrace my potential.

70. A new chapter starts today.

71. I’m supposed to do big things.

72. My mind is full of positive thoughts.

73. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone.

74. I finish what I start.

75. I’m fulfilled and inspired every day.

76. Other people recognize my talents.

77. My voice matters.

78. I can offer value to any team.

79. I’m calm, relaxed, and ready for the next challenge.

80. My life is just getting started.

81. I release all my negativity.

82. I have endless energy.

83. My smile warms the room.

84. I’m the architect of my own life.

85. I can get through anything that life throws my way.

86. I do not need to know everything.

87. My body is healthy. My mind is calm.

88. I have the power to stand up for what I believe in.

89. I don’t dwell on the past.

90. Compassion and acceptance wash over me.

91. The glass is half full.

92. I’m ready to release my creativity.

93. I am blessed to have friends and family who love me.

94. My new life begins today.

95. I’m worthy of everything good that happens.

96. I have the power to change the world.

97. I will spread positive thoughts.

98. Everything will work out for the best.

99. I choose to lead.

100. I am created beautifully in the image of God.

affirmations for kids
affirmations for kids

101. I’m going to shine.

102. I work at my own speed, and that’s okay.

103. Take everything one step at a time.

104. I can handle this.

105. Accepting help is acceptable.

106. I start every task with a positive outlook.

107. I can control my emotions.

108. I’m beautiful on the inside and outside.

109. When I feel stressed, I breathe and feel relieved.

110. A path to greatness awaits me.

111. I’m at peace with my past.

112. People respect me.

113. I am ready to learn new things.

114. Be here, now.

115. I stand up for what I believe in.

116. I always get back up after stumbling.

117. I’ll worry about tomorrow after today.

More Positive Affirmations for Kids

To keep students’ mental health strong, incorporate a few of these affirmations for kids into your daily instructional routine.

1. I always give my best effort.

2. My mistakes help me to learn and grow.

3. I always give my best effort.

4. It is okay to think outside the box.

5. I have the power to make my dreams true.

6. My mind is powerful.

7. I’m an amazing kid!

8. I am confident in myself and my abilities.

9. My skin tone is beautiful.

10. I will reach all of my S.M.A.R.T goals.

11. Everyday, I am becoming a better reader.

12. I am capable.

13. My gender does not dictate what I can or cannot do.

14. It is in my destiny to be successful. 

15. I wake up refreshed every morning.

16. I am unique.

17. Limitations only exist in my mind.

18. I love my kinky hair!

19. God gave me unique strengths and talents.

20. I learn from my mistakes.

21. I am destined for greatness. 

22. It is not important to always try to fit in.

23. I am the hero of my own story.

24. Thoughts become actions so I will think positively. 

25. I am a problem solver.

26. How people treat me is a reflection of their character, not mine.

27. I am just as good as anyone else.

28. My perspective is valid.

29. I am in charge of my life.

30. It is okay to hold a different opinion.

31. I put forth effort when it counts.

32. It is okay to not have all the answers. 

33. I love my dark brown skin.

34. My heart is full of love.

35. I have boundaries that must be respected.

36. My opinions matter.

37. I love myself. 

38. My ideas are valuable. 

39. I am special.

40. Today will be a good day. 

41. I think before speaking.

42. My future is bright. 

43. I see the positive in people.

44. My mind is full of knowledge.

45. I believe in myself. 

46. My contributions are valuable.

47. I take accountability for my actions.

48. I am so proud of who I am. 

49. Failures do not define me.

50. I have a voice. 

51. It is okay to not always win a game.

52. I am wonderfully made in God’s image.

53. Making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.

54. I am smart.

55. Being kind is a virtue.

56. I love being generous.

57. It is okay to ask questions in order to be sure of something. 

58. I treat others the way I want to be treated.

59. It’s okay to think differently from my peers.

60. I am always open to learn more.

61. My intuition guides my next steps.

62. I am a great friend.

63. I have a unique creative spirit.

64. Eating healthy foods creates a happier me.

65. I forgive myself when I make mistakes.

66. It is okay to ask for help.

67. I face all challenges with courage and patience.

68. Reciting affirmations for kids on a regular basis helps me to grow academically and emotionally. 

69. I am appreciative for whatever the day brings.

70. I am unstoppable.

71. Today is a new day. 

72. I am responsible for my happiness.

73. I care about my well-being.

74. The power to create change lies within me. 

75. I can’t control people’s actions, but I can control how I react.

76. When I am angry, I can calm myself.

77. I deserve respect. 

78. I’m grateful to all the people who help me be a better child and student.

79. I don’t need anything else to complete me.

80. Reciting a few affirmations for kids on a daily basis makes me happier.

81. Write three affirmations for kids that you’d like to share with your classmates.

Boost children’s self-esteem plus self-worth utilizing these heart-warming and positive affirmations for kids and students. 

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