15 Delightful Valentine’s Day Writing Activities

Encourage students to reflect upon the people and things in their lives that they love using these fun Valentine’s Day writing activities.

Using these activities, students will not only sharpen their writing skills, but they will have an opportunity to express their emotions and feelings.

These Valentine’s Day writing activities make a great addition to your collection of writing ideas.

So include a few of these writing activities for Valentine’s Day in your Writers Workshop lesson plans this week.

Valentine’s Day Writing Activities

Find here a variety of creative writing activities that celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Design a Valentine’s Day Greeting Card.

Ask students to design a Valentine’s Day greeting card for someone in their life. This person could be a parent, a sibling, a teacher, or even a pet.

Students will write a kind message that’s heartfelt and affectionate. Then they will decorate the greeting card.

You may want to show students an example of a real greeting card before they create their own.

2. Respond to Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts.

Of all the Valentine’s Day writing activities on this list, this one requires the least amount of preparation time.

Encourage students to respond to Valentine’s Day writing prompts.

No matter the writing genre you’re targeting, there’s a writing prompt to address that learning standard.

Writing prompts easily integrate as morning work, bell work, or as any type of warm-up activity.

3. Write An Essay About Love.

Have students practice descriptive writing by asking them to write an essay about what love means to them.

4. Create Valentine’s Day-Themed Story Problems. 

Students will create (and solve) two or three math word problems with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Story problems may involve roses, candy, a Valentine’s Day party, Cupid, etc.

Afterward, students will exchange their word problems with a classmate to solve.

5. Brainstorm Words Using the Term Valentine’s Day.

Individually or in pairs, students think of all the two-letter, three-letter, four-letter, five-letter, six-letter, seven-letter, and eight-letter words they can make using letters from the term “Valentine”.

How many words do you think they’ll find?

Valentine's Day writing activities
Valentine’s Day writing activities

6. Design a Valentine’s Day Bumper Sticker.

This fun activity integrates writing and art.

Before starting, show students an example of a bumper sticker and explain its purpose.

Then students will design their own cool bumper sticker that advertises love or Valentine’s Day.

7. List Things That Are Pink or Red.

In small groups or pairs, ask students to make a list of 100 objects that are pink or red.

8. Make a Book of Love Coupons.

For each student, cut into four equal sections three 8.5 X 11 in. sheets of white paper.

Assemble the 12 sheets horizontally, and staple them all together on the left side to make a booklet.

On each page, students will write a kind task or action that they will do for their parents when the coupon is redeemed.

Ideas for actions include…

  • Giving them a hug
  • Serving breakfast in bed
  • Sharing a favorite book
  • Washing the dishes

After writing the coupon messages, students decorate their booklets.

If you’d rather have students work on already-made booklets, grab a Valentine’s Day Coupon Book template here.

9. Draft a Kind Note or Letter.

Students draft a kind note or letter to someone whom they love.

10. Compose An Acrostic Poem.

Using the word “Valentine”, students will compose an acrostic poem. Finished poems make a great bulletin board display.

11. Create a List.

Students make a list of all the ways they can show love to their parents. Afterward, they write all of these ways in paragraph form.

12. Share Examples and Non-Examples of Love.

Provide students with a T-chart, and have them write examples and non-examples of love.


Taking care of a pet would be an example of showing love. Ignoring a pet when it’s hurt would be an example of not showing love.

Download T-Chart graphic organizer.

13. Generate Questions. 

This activity promotes critical thinking.

Tell students to write five different questions that require an answer of “Valentine’s Day”.

14. Rewrite the End of Your Favorite Fairy Tale.

In their writing notebooks, students rewrite the ending of their favorite fairy tale.

15. Do a Valentine’s Day Word Splash. 

This is a great vocabulary activity.

In pairs or as a whole group, students brainstorm all the words they can think of related to Valentine’s Day and record them on a Word Splash graphic organizer.

The teacher may want to record the words on chart paper also.

After the chart is full, students write a story or a series of sentences using some of the words.

Final Thoughts: Valentine’s Day Writing Activities

These Valentine’s Day writing activities encourage students to express their feelings and emotions about the things in their life that they love and appreciate.

Celebrate this special day using these writing ideas and activities while still focusing on learning.