31 Brilliant Small Moment Writing Prompts for Students

Encourage students to “explode a moment” or expand a “snapshot in their lives” using these high-interest small moment writing prompts.

These writing prompts help students to narrow their small moment ideas.

Additionally, these small moment writing prompts reduce writer’s block, help students reflect on personal experiences, and instill a love for writing.

So pencil into your writer’s workshop lesson plans some of these delightful small moment writing prompts.

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Small Moment Writing Prompts

These small moment short story ideas help to kickstart students’ writing.

1. Write about the perfect vacation or memory.

2. Name a favorite aunt, uncle, cousin, or another relative. Tell why this person is your favorite.

3. What’s your favorite memory from kindergarten or first grade?

4. Write about one key highlight of your life. Describe what made this time so special.

5. Share about a moment in your life that you would like to repeat.

6. Describe the most memorable field trip you’ve ever experienced.

7. Write about a sad moment in your life.

8. Sketch a memorable small moment from your life that you will never forget. Then describe the experience. 

9. What made the first day of school good or bad?

10. Write about a time when you received a less-than-stellar grade on an assignment. How did you feel? What were your parents’ reactions? How did you improve the final outcome?

11. If there was a new kid in school, what types of things could you do to welcome him so that he has only has good memories about his first day?

12. Retell the scariest moment of your life.

13. Explain to someone how to create beautiful memories with family and friends during holiday festivities.

14. Write about the time you were gifted your first pet.

15. Retell a time when you received an award for doing something well.

16. Share about a time when you got into trouble with your parents or teacher even though you were innocent. What happened, and what was the final outcome?

17. Write about a time when you cooked a dish, and it turned out horribly.

18. Share your experience of learning how to ride a bike or fly a kite.

19. Retell the time you disciplined yourself to finish all your homework before doing something you really enjoy.

20. Share a favorite memory of attending a sporting event.

21. Describe the best birthday you’ve ever had.

22. Which school and/or life events are you most looking forward to this year? Name at least two and explain.

23. Describe the most memorable field day.

24. Retell the best school event from last year.

25. Write an article for the school newsletter requesting entries from students about their favorite small moment experience from the current school year. What characteristics must their entries have in order for it to qualify as a small moment writing piece?

26. Using clear details, share three special small moments you experienced during vacation.

27. Describe your experience staying at a fancy hotel.

28. Recall the time when you learned to ride a bike. Retell the experience.

29. Share an experience you had that involved balloons accidentally flying away or you losing control of a flying kite.

30. Tell about a time when you had a disagreement with a friend.

31. Share a memory of visiting another country.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a ready-supply of small moment writing prompts to use in writer’s workshop, as homework, for bell work, or as early finisher activities.

Make these small moment writing prompt activities even more special by publishing students’ work.