51 Great Opinion Writing Prompts That Get Pens Moving

Everyone has an opinion about something.

The following opinion writing prompts encourage students to share their personal points of view, beliefs, preferences, and opinions about a variety of topics.

They will feel empowered to express their thoughts and feelings without judgment.

While responding to these opinion writing prompts, students will activate critical thinking, strengthen writing skills, and nurture a growth mindset.

That’s why these prompts make a great addition to teachers’ collection of writing activities and essay topics.

So whether you want students to share their opinions about school, family, or other topics, include a few of these opinion writing prompts in your lesson plan this week.

Opinion Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers will be motivated to respond to these engaging opinion writing prompts.

1. In your opinion, what five places in the world should everyone visit at least once in her lifetime and why?

2. Is it ever a good idea to not tell the truth? Explain.

3. Should more class time be given to electives/specials classes in schools? Why or why not?

4. Which animal do you think would judge humans the most in a negative way and why?

5. Is virtual learning or in-person learning better? Explain your thinking.

6. How can teachers and parents help solve bullying issues at school?

7. What non-fiction book should every student in your grade level read and why?

8. Is it better to be a baby or a senior citizen? Explain.

9. In your opinion, why is it important to treat individuals with kindness even if you don’t know them?

10. Do you think money can buy happiness? Why or why not?

11. What is one thing about your school that you think should be changed and why?

12. What’s your position on mandatory school uniforms?

13. In your opinion, do you think it’s still necessary for schools to teach cursive handwriting?

14. If you could invite any author to give a presentation to your class, who would you invite and why?

15. Do you think it’s necessary to keep a distance from negative people? Why or why not?

16. Should respect be earned or given? Explain.

17. How would you persuade someone to stop a bad habit?

18. Would you rather read a physical book or an eBook? Explain.

19. Should animals be kept in zoos? Why or why not?

20. When off from school during a long break, do you prefer to take a vacation or do you prefer a staycation? Explain why you feel this way.

21. What’s the best place to go on a school field trip and why?

22. Would you rather be the richest person in the world or the most intelligent? Explain your choice.

24. During sporting events, should there be one winning team, or should all players receive a participation trophy? Share your stance.

25. Is it really necessary to assign homework every night? Why or why not?

26. Is it ever a good idea to cheat on a test? Why or why not?

27. Explain why your favorite movie is better than the rest.

28. Are friendships less important than family relationships? Explain your thinking.

29. Convince someone to read your favorite book or watch your favorite TV show.

30. Should pets be allowed in restaurants? Why or why not?

31. If someone finds a $20 bill in the middle of a crowded place, should the person keep it? Why or why not?

32. What is the most interesting non-fiction book you have ever read? Tell what made it so interesting.

33. Describe the perfect holiday.

34. Do older children have a responsibility to be role models for younger children? Why or why not?

35. Explain the importance of space exploration.

36. Are emojis a better way to communicate when texting compared to using words? Explain your thinking.

37. What’s one technological invention that you think mankind would be better without and why?

38. Describe safety measures that should be taken when riding a bike.

39. Is it better to give money to animal charities or to human charities? Share your opinion.

40. What specials classes should be required? Why?

41. Write an article for the school newspaper persuading people to recycle.

42. In your opinion, what’s the greatest invention ever and why?

43. What’s the best board game and why?

44. Do you prefer to sit-in on parent-teacher conferences? Why or why not?

45. Should shoppers be required to bring their own grocery bags?

46. What makes a good friend?

47. In your opinion, what characteristics make a good student?

48. Who has the harder job: mom or dad? Explain.

49. How does responding to opinion writing prompts help to improve one’s writing skills?

50. Is it better to bring lunch from home or eat food from the cafeteria? Explain.

51. Who has the bigger responsibility: teachers or parents? Explain your thinking.

Final Thoughts: Opinion Writing Prompts

Now you have a ready supply of opinion writing prompts to add to your collection of writing activities.

If you found these opinion writing prompts helpful, you might find helpful opinion writing samples.