31 Superb Opinion Writing Prompts for 4th Grade Students

Gather information about fourth graders’ beliefs and preferences using these high-interest opinion writing prompts for 4th grade students.

These writing prompts activate critical thinking, boost confidence in expressing ideas, and develop the writing skills of fourth graders.

So pencil into your lesson plans this week a few of these fun opinion writing prompts for 4th grade writers.

Opinion Writing Prompts for 4th Grade

Incorporate these 4th grade opinion writing prompts into your lessons so that students will be motivated to share their thinking about certain ideas.

1. Is it still necessary to learn cursive writing? Why or why not?

2. School uniforms? Write a letter to your principal sharing your opinion about this matter.

3. What’s the best way to celebrate school spirit week? Share a few ideas.

4. Should kids be allowed to watch violent movies or TV shows? Why or why not?

5. What’s the most important school supply in your desk? Why?

6. Your teacher is asking your opinion regarding a few new class rewards. Mention at last two of your favorites, and explain why she should select one of your choices.

7. In your opinion, at what age should kids have a cell phone?

8. What nonfiction book should all 4th graders be encouraged to read? Why?

9. Out of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, which holiday is best? Explain your thinking.

10. Why should exercise be a daily part of everyone’s routine?

11. Do you prefer virtual learning or in-person learning? Which do you think is best for learning?

12. In your opinion, is an apartment or a house better to live in? Explain.

13. Do you believe that schools should be strict with the dress code? Why or why not?

14. Why do you think some type of brain break should be incorporated into each lesson? Share your opinion.

15. What is your opinion about the school year being extended into the summer?

16. Do you feel that fourth graders are responsible enough to use cell phones in the classroom?

opinion writing prompts 4th grade

More Opinion Writing Prompts for 4th Grade

These opinion writing prompts for 4th graders activate a growth mindset and help fourth grade students reflect on their preferences, opinions, and beliefs.

17. How do you feel about the school week being shortened to four days? Share your opinion.

18. Do you think that schools should sell junk food to kids after school? Why or why not?

19. Which state in the United States is best? Share your opinion.

20. The school cafeteria is asking students’ opinions about the new menu that will be offered starting next month. Which meal options should be added and why?

21. In your opinion, should children be allowed to consume sweet beverages everyday? Why or why not?

22. What characteristics do you think makes a good friend?

23. In your opinion, what’s the absolute best thing about being in fourth grade?

24. Which season, in your opinion, is best for participating in outdoor sports and activities? Explain.

25. Which day of the week do you prefer to eat in the cafeteria? Why?

26. Should students be allowed to choose their teachers? Why or why not?

27. What’s the best classroom helper job? Why?

28. Which items in your desk are the most important for learning? Share your opinion.

29. Some people think recycling is a waste of time. How do you feel about the matter? Share your opinion.

30. In your opinion, what is one book every fourth grader should read? Why?

31. What, in your opinion, is the best way to improve one’s grades quickly? Share a few strategies for success.

32. In your opinion, how does responding to fourth grade writing prompts develop and/or improve your writing skills?

For support, teach students how to respond to opinion writing prompts for 4th grade.

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