365 Best Monthly Writing Prompts (w/Printable Calendars)

Do you have students who don’t know what to write about? If so, your problem is now solved!

Here you will find an assortment of engaging monthly writing prompts that come as printable calendars.

That’s approximately 365 daily journal prompts!

In addition to reducing writer’s block, these writing prompts…

  • spark creativity,
  • assess knowledge,
  • sharpen writing skills,
  • encourage expression of thought,
  • deepen knowledge of academic concepts,
  • ignite critical thinking,
  • prompt reflection of personal experiences,
  • foster a growth mindset, and
  • support application of writing skills.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their writing skills within a variety of genres such as persuasive, narrative, creative, informational, and descriptive.

The calendars include prompts that align with actual holidays and special days within the respective months, resulting in students learning more about daily events.

How to Use Writing Prompts Calendar

Assign these monthly writing prompts as independent work, within writing stations, as homework, bell work, morning work, as an early finisher activity option, or use in writer’s workshop.

They also serve as great summer enrichment activities for elementary students.

January 2023

January writing prompts

February 2023

February writing prompts

March 2023

March writing prompts

April 2023

April writing prompts

July 2023

July writing prompts

August 2022

August writing prompts

September 2022

September writing prompts

October 2022

October writing prompts

November 2022

November writing prompts

December 2022

December writing prompts

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