51 Great Literature Circle Questions

Promote deep discussion among students during book clubs using these helpful literature circle questions.

These questions activate critical thinking, prompt reflection, and motivate students to interact with books on a deeper level.

So include a handful of these literature circle questions in your student book clubs this week.

Literature Circle Questions

1. What do you think this book will be about and why?

2. In your opinion, what’s the difference between the main idea and the theme?

3. How did the story end?

4. Where in the text could the author have added text features to aid understanding?

5. What was your least favorite part?

6. How did the book make you feel?

7. Here on this page, why do you think the author chose to use this text feature?

8. Which part did you enjoy the most?

9. Which parts of the book did you have trouble understanding? Why?

10. How did you tackle any roadblocks faced while reading?

11. Why do you think the author wrote this text?

12. How did this character’s actions affect the ending of the story?

13. Based on its text features, what inference can you make?

14. Were your predictions correct? Why or why not?

15. How did you use inferencing skills while reading?

16. Which parts of the book would you change and why?

17. According to what you just read, what do you think is most important to the author?

18. Will you share five facts that you learned from the book?

19. How did this part make you feel?

20. In this paragraph, what details could be added to support the main idea?

21. What’s the main problem in the story?

22. How was the problem solved?

23. What details support the theme?

24. Can you explain how to find the main idea?

25. What type of person would be most interested in this book and why?

26. How does one determine the theme of a text?

27. What’s the main idea of this section? How do you know?

28. Based on the title and cover page, what do you think will be the main idea of the book?

29. Which text features were least helpful to you and why?

30. What types of images could be added to highlight the main idea?

31. How are the title and main idea connected?

32. What character traits do you think the main character is lacking but needs? Why?

33. Did something interesting happen to change the final outcome? 

34. Are you able to give an example of when you used context clues?

35. What did you learn that you can apply in your life?

36. Which text features were most helpful to you and why?

37. Are you able to provide examples of how this character’s point of view affected his behavior?

38. What other books have a similar theme?

39. In nonfiction books, which text features do you feel are most important and why?

40. Were the problem and solution different from what you thought? Explain.

41. What character traits would you use to describe this character and why?

42. If the main character had a different personality, how would the story be different?

43. Which character’s actions had the most influence on the outcome? Explain.

44. How did the story end?

45. If a word has multiple meanings, what reading strategies do you use to figure out what it means?

46. What did you learn from the graphs, pictures, and charts? 

47. How would you have added a twist to the ending of the story?

48. In your opinion, what are the best and worst parts of the book? 

49. Can you share with me any examples of figurative language

50. Which non-fiction text features helped you understand the book better?

51. How would you summarize this section?

52. What would you and your favorite character talk about over breakfast?

53. Which facts did you find most interesting and why?

54. How would the story be different if it were set in a different time period?

55. What new questions do you have after reading?

56. What character would you like to be and why? 

Final Thoughts: Literature Circle Questions

Now you have a treasure-trove of literature circle questions to use during book clubs.

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