15 Delightful Goodbye Gifts for Classmates

Whether it’s the end of the school year or a time when you have to say farewell to a peer who is moving to a new school, you may be looking for the best goodbye gifts for classmates that show how much the person will be missed. 

Farewell gifts show that you care, and they offer a keepsake that friends will cherish for years.

This list of ideas has something for you whether you seek small gift ideas for classmates or something unique.

Goodbye Gifts For Classmates

1. Lollipop Flowers

Celebrate the end of the school year and welcome summer by sharing a lollipop held in place by a cute flower cutout creating a lollipop holder. 

Write on each flower, “Have a sweet summer!” or a similar message. 

Grab an editable copy of the Lollipop Flowers activity.

Once the flowers are complete, hand them out to classmates on the last day of school. 

2. Slime

Another fun gift idea for your classmates is to give them slime. 

Slime is so much fun to play with, and it’s a gift that’s sure to please just about everyone. 

After making slime at home, divide and wrap it in individual bags labeled with student gift tags. 

On the last day of school, distribute the bags to classmates and friends.

3. Origami Artwork

If you’re seeking artsy goodbye gifts for classmates, give a piece of your origami artwork. 

Spend a weekend making enough origami pieces for everyone in the class. Ideas include butterflies, frogs, flowers, boats, dogs, cats, and birds. 

On the last day of school, hand out a piece to each classmate.

Students will be impressed and feel special that so much effort and heart was put into creating such a great gift. 

Another benefit is that you get to show off your artistic skills. 

4. Personalized Pencils

An easy end-of-the-year gift for classmates is a set of personalized pencils. 

You can grab these from your local dollar store and then get them personalized.

To make a goodie bag, mix the personalized pencils with a smelly eraser and pencil topper.

5. Crazy Straw

A fun end-of-the-year gift idea for classmates is to get everybody a pair of crazy straws. 

During the summertime, more liquids are consumed due to the hot weather. 

So what better way to encourage classmates to drink more water than to gift them crazy straws?

These utensils, which come in many colors, shapes, and forms, may be found in the local dollar store, and you can purchase them in bulk online.

Classmates will be so excited to receive this gift and will think of you every time they take a sip.  

6. Pop Rocks

Sweets such as candy make decent goodbye gifts for classmates.

But Pop Rocks are on another level indeed.

These fun candies pop and sizzle in the mouth, causing students to smile with excitement.

You can’t go wrong with this gift because Pop Rocks are just so much fun to consume.

Simply gift a bag or two of Pop Rocks to classmates. 

If time permits during the school day, allow students to eat the Pop Rocks during a scheduled time so that they can share in the experience together.

7. Hand-Written Note

A very heartfelt idea is to write a handwritten note to each peer.

This task does take some time to complete, but the personal touch that it adds is well worth the effort. 

What’s more, kindness is contagious.

Receiving a kind note may spark someone to write a handwritten note to another, expressing gratitude and appreciation.

8. Seeds

Encourage students to have a green thumb by gifting them packets of seeds. 

The local grocery store most likely carries a variety of seeds that are perfect for planting in summer. 

To take things to another level, organize an email exchange during the summer that allows students to show how well their seeds are sprouting.

This will be an unforgettable gift experience for students of all ages. 


For an academic gift, consider creating or purchasing themed bookmarks. Ideas include quotes, affirmations, space, animals, and summertime. 

Bookmarks come in a variety of colors and designs that appeal to students of different ages. 

When classmates are reading books during the summer, they will have a cool bookmark to use that doubles as a memorable goodbye souvenir.

10. Sweet Treat

For edible goodbye gifts for classmates, consider making Rice Krispie Treats, cupcakes, or any other delicious treat. 

For healthier options, think fruit kabobs, yogurt, or oatmeal bars. 

Present the sweet treats in a cute package with student gift tags. 

See more end-of-year treat ideas popular with students

11. Pencil Toppers

Add pizzazz to regular pencils by adding pencil toppers. 

This practical, goodbye gift for classmates will most likely get a lot of use because they make writing more exciting.

What’s more, they’re inexpensive. 

12. Stickers

Give a pack of themed stickers to classmates. 

Encourage peers to use the stickers as decorative items for their daily journals, personal books, backpacks, or any other appropriate object.

You can find a variety of stickers at your local dollar store or do a quick search online to yield countless options.

13. Invitation

Arguably, one of the best goodbye gifts for classmates is an invitation.

An invitation to what you might ask?

Well, an invitation to a fun end-of-the-year party hosted at a student’s home. 

If a child’s family decides to have an end-of-year gathering for classmates and friends, giving a cute invitation with a goodbye theme is a smart idea.

14. Where’s Waldo? Book

Sometimes students get bored during summer break. 

Help to break the monotony by gifting a Where’s Waldo book

Where’s Waldo books are so engaging and will keep classmates on the edge of their seats trying to figure out where Waldo is hiding. 

The curiosity factor alone is enough to keep students interested and occupied with something other than a technological device. 

15. Etsy Originals

For unique goodbye gifts for classmates and friends, head over to Etsy.

You’ll find original crafts, printables, and other ideas that are sure to be a hit with students. 

Final Thoughts On Goodbye Gifts For Students

Though saying farewell is a sad occasion, it doesn’t have to be all gloom. 

Utilizing goodbye gifts for classmates shows students that they are included, seen, cared about, and special.