61 Funny Writing Prompts Students Can’t Get Enough Of

Lighten the mood in your classroom using these funny writing prompts.

While you do want your students to take their work seriously, why not at times mix humor and learning?

That’s exactly what these funny writing prompts serve to do.

They get students excited about writing, sharpen writing skills, help learners reflect on their experiences, instill a love for writing, and provide opportunities to apply skills taught in writer’s workshop.

So include these funny writing prompts in your lesson plans this week.

Funny Writing Prompts

1. Write a funny story about what the people in heaven think about the happenings on planet Earth.

2. Create a new holiday focused on making people laugh.

3. Describe the funniest meme that you’ve seen recently.

4. As you’re getting a haircut, the barber accidentally shaves your head! What funny things happen next?

5. Compose a story about a superhero who isn’t brave.

6. Pretend that you are your cat’s personal assistant for the day. Share what funny adventures and challenges you experience.

7. Write about a time when humor made you feel better about a bad situation.

8. What are the funniest pet clothes you’ve ever witnessed a dog wearing?

9. What funny excuses can you give to your parents so that you get out of doing your chores?

10. Write about someone playing the perfect April Fool’s joke.

11. Draft a story about you and a friend getting lost in space.

12. Write a comedic story from the perspective of a cat sharing all the silly things humans do on a daily basis.

13. Compose a series of jokes that are sure to make your classmates laugh.

14. Draft a story about a family who adopts a kitten that isn’t exactly fond of its new home.

15. Write a story about a big bear that is frightened by the smallest things.

16. Share a memory about food that tasted so bad you spit it out without hesitation.

17. Write a story about a taxi driver who drives around in circles after picking up passengers.

18. Draft a funny poem about a shoe.

19. Write a story about a kid who blurts out exactly what he’s thinking all day long.

20. Retell about a time that you laughed so hard that you couldn’t finish what you were saying.

21. Describe a baby’s laughter. How is it different from an adult’s laughter?

22. Write about a time when you were dancing or singing like crazy in private, and then someone walked in on you.

23. Recall a memory of receiving a terrible gift that you laughed off in order not to hurt the giver’s feelings.

24. Share a funny recess memory.

25. Write a story about Santa Claus getting stuck in the chimney.

funny writing prompts
funny writing prompts

26. You’re a Homework Zapper because you make homework disappear in the blink of an eye. Share your secret to how this works.

27. Share a memory of a recipe gone bad.

28. Write a funny story about a boy who replies “yes” to every question he is asked.

29. Describe the funniest teacher you’ve ever had.

30. Write a story about one of the founding fathers visiting this time period and struggling with technology.

31. Think about your favorite childhood movie or story. Rewrite it with a humorous twist.

32. Retell the best joke that you’ve ever heard.

33. Think about an embarrassing but funny thing that happened to you at school.

34. Write about a time that you laughed so hard you almost wet yourself.

35. They say that laughter is the best medicine. What do you think this means?

36. What’s the difference between comedians being funny and making fun of people? Why or why isn’t it like bullying?

37. Describe an inside joke that you and your family share.

38. Write a story where someone discovers something hilarious about his/her neighbor.

39. Create a story about a clown juggling bowling pins while biking around town.

40. Share an experience about a science experiment that got out of control.

41. Pretend that a chicken knows it’s about to become dinner. Write a story about its escape from the farm.

42. Have you ever mistakenly called your teacher “mom”? Describe the experience.

43. Write about something funny that happened during a family vacation.

44. Compose a story about you and your best friend creating a new language that only you two understand.

45. Write a story about a student who only answers the teacher by singing.

46. Recall a time when you shared a funny but innocent joke on someone you love.

47. I accidentally put salt instead of sugar into my cake batter…

48. As I opened the mailbox, it started talking…

49. Now that my pet is the head of my household, here’s what life is like…

50. The best joke I ever heard…

51. She stood in the park, loudly laughing to herself…

52. It started as an ordinary day, but then…

53. The funniest Halloween costume…

54. While at the aquarium, I saw a man walk by with a fishing pole…

55. As I slept, this is what my siblings drew on my face…

56. The headline reads, “Food Fight Breaks Out At Local Diner!” Write a funny article to accompany the title.

57. _____ is the funniest celebrity because…

58. Here’s how to compose the perfect joke…

59. When my mom discovered that I switched her phone to a foreign language…

60. A funny photograph I remember…

61. I got a fake tattoo for April’s Fool’s Day, and my parents reacted…

Final Thoughts: Funny Writing Prompts

Now you have a collection of funny writing prompts that students can use to express their creativity and thoughts.

See ideas for helping learners to inject humor into their writing pieces.

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