51 Funny Icebreaker Questions for Students

It can be awkward meeting new people for the first time. You don’t really know what to say or what to do.

Students sometimes experience this situation at school, especially at the beginning of the school year. 

As educators, we can help students break the ice and get to know one another better by incorporating funny icebreaker questions for students. 

These questions make students feel more comfortable sharing and help them feel at ease when introducing themselves to new classmates. 

What’s more, fun icebreaker questions for students can be used as 5-minute fillers, bell work, or discussion activities in small groups. 

Their uses are many. 

So if you’re looking for fun questions to ask students, these will serve you well. 

Funny Icebreaker Questions For Students

1. Besides hula-hooping, what’s a fun way to use a hula-hoop?

2. Are you able to touch your toes without bending at the knees?

3. When you hear the word “rubadub” what immediately comes to mind?

4. Into which fairy tale would you like to jump and why?

5. What strange smell do you actually like?

6. If you were the teacher, how would you make lessons more fun?

7. Would you rather eat fried ants or roasted frog legs?

8. What’s the worst password someone could have?

9. Which part of your body would you like to be able to detach and why?

10. What is something that people laugh at often but really shouldn’t?

11. Do you think having a twin would be double trouble or double the fun? Why?

12. If a pencil were to fart, what would it smell like?

13. Which attraction in an amusement park is the most fun to do?

14. If your hands were made of spaghetti noodles, what would you not be able to do?

15. What’s the funniest fact you know about an animal?

funny icebreaker questions for students

16. What do you think is a better name for a McDonald’s Happy Meal?

17. Which foods make farts smell terrible?

18. Would you rather have a mermaid’s tail or a crocodile’s tail?

19. What other natural resource could replace sand on a beach?

20. If you randomly won an award at school one day, for what accomplishment would your parents assume you received it?

21. What’s your favorite foreign accent?

22. Which letter of the alphabet would you not like to be and why?

23. Have you ever tried to yodel?

24. If you had to choose a species of animals to be on your basketball team, which would you choose and why?

25. When is the last time you used the poop emoji?

26. Do you consider cereal a type of soup? Explain.

27. If you could pick an age to remain forever, which would you choose and why?

28. What’s a fun fact about the city in which you live?

29. Can you do a cartwheel with one hand?

30. Pretend a rabbit and a raccoon morph together. What would you name the new animal?

31. Are you able to not blink for a whole minute?

32. If you could run as fast as the speed of lightning, where would you like to get to in a hurry?

33. Would you consider a hotdog a type of sandwich? Explain.

34. If you could have a lifetime supply of something, what do you pick and why?

35. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen a teacher do?

36. If you shrunk to the size of a grain of sand for a day, what would you do?

36. What is a movie that most people find funny but you don’t?

37. How would you title your childhood autobiography?

38. Have you ever tried to kiss your elbow?

39. What animal would make a great student?

40. The name Wiggles is appropriate for what?

funny icebreaker questions for students
fun icebreaker questions for students

41. If you had to enter a food-eating contest, which food do you hope it is?

42. What makes you laugh?

43. Can you say a tongue-twister three times fast without stumbling?

44. What characteristic of a pirate would you like to have and why?

45. Who would you like to switch places with for a day and why?

46. If ants were the size of humans, what type of jobs would they be great at doing?

47. What’s the funniest costume you’ve worn for Halloween?

48. Which holiday is the most fun to celebrate?

49. How does your family have fun during the weekends?

50. What symbol or object do you think best represents your state?

51. What noise irks you?

Final Thoughts On Fun Icebreaker Questions for Students

Lighten the mood in your class by incorporating some funny icebreaker questions for students.

Learners will feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts, and this will subsequently help to build classroom community faster.