10 Fun Classroom Games for Elementary Students

To add an element of fun to your classroom instruction, consider incorporating engaging classroom games for elementary students.

Research suggests that elementary students actually perform better when they have moments to breathe, relax, and enjoy themselves.

Therefore, integrating fun classroom games can be highly beneficial.

Utilize them during short periods of time, such as five minutes before dismissal, in between learning blocks, or just before an electives class.

Not only do these fun classroom games bring joy to elementary students, but they also aid in classroom management and motivate students to participate actively.

Give them a try and witness the positive impact they have on your classroom environment.

Fun Classroom Games for Elementary Students

I Spy

“I Spy” is a classic guessing game that can be played anywhere making it a perfect time-filler. 

One student begins by selecting an object in the surrounding area and saying, “I spy with my little eye, something that is…” followed by a clue describing the object’s attributes, such as its color or shape. 

The other students take turns guessing the object, and the one who correctly identifies it gets to be the next “spy.” 

Find the Sum

In this enjoyable classroom game, elementary students practice their math facts using an engaging approach. 

The game involves assigning a numerical value to each letter of the alphabet: A equals 1, B equals 2, C equals 3, and so on. By applying this formula, students can find the sum or product of a word.

Let’s take the word “cat” as an example. The value of C is 3, A is 1, and T is 20. 

Students will add up these values to find the sum of the word “cat.” They would then announce the sum, such as “The sum of cat is 24.”

Continue playing the game by providing different words and having students calculate the sums. 

Simon Says

Choose a student to be “Simon.” Simon gives commands to the rest of the class, starting each command with “Simon says.” 

For example, “Simon says touch your nose.” The students must follow the command only if Simon says “Simon says” before it. 

If a student follows a command without “Simon says,” they’re out. The last remaining student becomes the next Simon.

Beach Ball Toss

For this fun classroom game, the teacher begins by choosing a topic she wants the students to review, such as multiplication facts.

The teacher starts by stating a multiplication sentence, like “five times five,” and then throws the beach ball to a student randomly. 

That student needs to provide the answer to the multiplication problem. 

Then that student throws the ball to another random student, who will receive a new multiplication problem from the previous student.

The cycle repeats until every student has had a chance to participate.

Hot Seat

Choose a student to sit in the “hot seat” at the front of the class. 

Write a word on the board that the student cannot see. The rest of the class provides clues or describes the word to help the student guess it. 

The student in the hot seat has a limited number of guesses or a time limit to figure out the word.

Unusual Spelling Bee

The unusual spelling bee game puts a creative twist on the traditional spelling bee format. 

In this fun classroom game, instead of spelling familiar words, elementary students are challenged to spell unusual or uncommon words. 

The unusual spelling bee game not only enhances spelling abilities but also encourages the exploration of diverse vocabulary.

Scrambled Sentences

Prepare a set of jumbled sentences related to a topic you’re covering in class. 

Write each sentence on a separate strip of paper. Distribute the strips randomly to students. 

Instruct them to unscramble the words and rearrange them to form a grammatically correct sentence. 

The first student to unscramble the sentence correctly and raise his or her hand earns a point. 

Repeat with different sentences.

Review Game

Turn a test review into a fun classroom game for your elementary students. 

These games provide opportunities for students to review important concepts and information. 

They can take various forms, such as Jeopardy-style quizzes, board games, or interactive digital activities. 

To add more fun to the mix, involve competition or teamwork.

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Math Facts Race

Write a series of math problems on the board or prepare flashcards with math facts. 

Divide the class into pairs. 

When you say “Go,” the pairs race to solve the problems. The first pair to correctly solve a problem gets a point. 

After five minutes, tally up the points to determine the winning pair.

Name That Tune

Name That Tune is a fun game that challenges elementary students to identify songs based on short snippets of music. 

The game typically begins with a leader playing a brief portion of a song, and students compete to be the first to correctly guess the title or artist of the song. 

This fun classroom game creates an energetic atmosphere and gives students an opportunity to showcase their musical knowledge.

Final Thoughts On Fun Classroom Games for Elementary Students

Incorporating fun classroom games for elementary students is a wonderful way to enhance the learning experience.

These games not only motivate and engage students but also provide moments of relaxation and enjoyment throughout the school day.

Using them, you’ll be able to strike a balance between work and play, promoting better student performance and focus.