51 Great First-Day-of-School Writing Prompts for High School

High school students might approach the first day of school with a sense of readiness and anticipation because they are often well-versed in the routines and procedures of school life.

While some teachers prefer to delve directly into academic content, it’s important to strike a balance between setting classroom rules and diving into the subject matter.

One effective strategy for initiating the school year is to engage learners with first-day-of-school writing prompts for high schoolers.

Not only does this stimulate their intellectual engagement, but it also provides valuable insights for you as a teacher.

High school first-day-of-school writing prompts also serve as fantastic icebreakers and offer students an opportunity to express themselves.

Following you will find a variety of engaging writing prompts for high school that fit well for the first day of school.

These prompts set a tone of positivity for the coming school year.

First-Day-of-School Writing Prompts for High School

1. What are some tips for helping other high schoolers get mentally ready for the first day of school?

2. Describe a memorable moment from the first day.

3. Write three goals you want to achieve this school year plus how you plan to reach them.

4. Draft a first day of school story that is rather unusual. 

5. Tell about your typical morning routine.

6. Describe the steps you plan to take to achieve your academic goals and how you’ll stay motivated.

7. If you could bring one unusual item to school, what would it be and why?

8. Write about your initial thoughts and feelings as you walked into your first class on the first day of school.

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9. Compose a poem about the first day of high school.

10. What advice would you give to your classmates about how to succeed academically this school year?

11. Why are first impressions important when meeting someone for the first time?

12. Tell about the most memorable moment of last school year.

13. Write a short mystery story about a high school student who discovers a big secret on the first day of school.

14. How would having superpowers make your year as a _____ grader incredible and why?

15. If your pen could talk, what would it say about the first day of school?

16. Describe the personal goals you’d like to achieve this school year.

17. Write a letter from the perspective of the teacher on the first day of school. What would be your thoughts and feelings? 

18. Choose an object in the classroom that inspires you and explain why.

19. Tell about a funny moment that happened in the classroom on the first day.

20. Draft a fictional story about a student who loses something important on the first day of school. 

21. Describe a memorable summer moment.

22. If you could create a time capsule to remember the first day of school, what items would you include and why?

23. Invent a new subject for your school curriculum and explain why it’s important.

24. What advice would your older self give to your younger self about surviving the first day of school?

25. Describe the ideal high school classroom.

26. If you could design your own super fun school subject, what would it be and why?

27. Tell about a cool science experiment you did last school year.

28. What advice would you give to your future self about making the most of this year?

29. Describe a unique tradition your family has on the first day of school.

30. If you could learn anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

31. Which activity from last school year did you enjoy most and why?

32. Tell about how people in your school community serve as your allies.

33. If you could have a talking desk, what advice would it give you on the first day of school?

34. What qualities make a good friend and why?

35. How would you describe the perfect school uniform?

36. Write a story about a mysterious locker.

37. Compose a short poem about the excitement of the first day of school.

38. Share the most memorable classroom activity from last school year.

39. Summarize your first day of high school. 

40. Share the pros and cons of buying lunch from the cafeteria vs. bringing food from home.

41. If you were the teacher for a day, what would you teach the class and why?

42. Summarize one of your summer reading books.

43. Imagine you live 250 years in the future. Tell what your first day of school would be like.

44. What are some strengths or talents you possess that you’d like to showcase this year?

45. Tell about a challenge you faced on the first day and how you overcame it.

46. Describe your dream classroom decorations and how they would make learning more exciting.

47. Compose a poem about having a growth mindset and being confident.

48. Reflect on how you’ve changed since the last school year and what you’re looking forward to in this new year.

49. What personal goals are you planning to achieve this school year?

50. Create a story about the contents of a locker that seems to belong to a student from another time.

51. This school year, how do you plan to stay organized and manage your time effectively?

Final Thoughts On High School First-Day-of-School Writing Prompts

Incorporating first-day-of-school writing prompts for high school students is a smart and effective idea.

Regardless of the subject you teach, these prompts will serve as an excellent method to ease your students into the learning process while also functioning as icebreakers.

So be sure to include a few in your first-day lesson plans.

To learn more about your high schoolers, have them complete a high school student interest survey.