61 Great Father’s Day Writing Ideas

Celebrate the fathers and father figures in your life using these delightful Father’s Day writing ideas.

Showing dads how much we love and admire them is such a powerful act that they will cherish forever.

While gifts and time spent with them are great gifts indeed, nothing compares to a written souvenir that fathers can keep and refer to for years to come.

Here you will find a collection of Father’s Day writing ideas that will help to generate topics for expressing love and admiration for dads.

Not only do these Father’s Day writing ideas prompt writers to express how they feel about their dads, but they also encourage writers to stretch their imaginations, self-reflect, and improve their writing skills.

So include these Father’s Day writing ideas as part of your Father’s Day planning.

They will be so thankful that time and thought were spent writing such beautiful messages of appreciation.  

Father’s Day Writing Ideas

Here you will find a variety of writing ideas for Father’s Day that may also serve as story starters.

1. Describe the perfect Father’s Day gift.

2. How would you describe your father using metaphors and similies?

3. Share a memorable Father’s Day memory.

4. Compose a haiku about Father’s Day.

5. Summarize this Father’s Day quote: “No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a child.” – Abraham Lincoln. What do you think it means? 

6. I am really happy when my dad…

7. Explain how your dad is like a superhero.

8. What makes your dad special?

9. Tell about a time when your dad surprised you.

10. The headline reads, “Here’s the World’s Greatest Dad!” Write the news story.

11. Write a Father’s Day greeting card message.

12. What’s the greatest lesson your dad has ever taught you?

13. Ten things I love about my dad…

14. Tell how your dad helps you after school.

15. Write (and solve) two Father’s Day-themed math word problems.

16. Compare and contrast your dad and another relative.

17. Describe an outdoor activity that your dad loves.

18. Tell how you and your father are similar.

19. How does your dad show that he loves you?

20. Write a letter to your dad, telling him how much you appreciate him.

21. List the top 10 reasons why you love your dad.

22. What do you really admire about your dad? Why?

23. Would you rather cook dinner or order take-out for dad for Father’s Day? Why? 

24. Plan a Father’s Day party. Who will be there, what activities will you have, and who will be there? 

25. Write a how-to guide that tells how to be a good child to your father.

26. Tell me about a time when your dad gave you great advice.

27. Share the importance of dad in your family.

28. If you could give your dad an award, what would it be and why?

29. State the benefits of working on Father’s Day writing ideas.

30. How do you spend time with your dad on the weekends?

31. My dad is awesome because…

32. In your opinion, what are the positives of responding to Father’s Day writing ideas?

33. Describe your dad’s favorite food.

34. Write a story that takes place on Father’s Day.

35. Tell the three best things about your dad.

36. Draft a short biography about your father.

37. Explain why you feel safe around dad.

38. Why should we recognize fathers on Father’s Day?

39. Tell a memory involving your dad that you will never forget. 

40. Provide examples of how you show love to your dad.

41. How would you design a bumper sticker to advertise Father’s Day?

42. What is your favorite way to spend time with your dad?

43. Write a story using these words: father, barbecue, game

44. Is Father’s day just as important as Mother’s Day? Why or why not?

45. Explain why you have the world’s greatest dad.

46. Share how your dad shows you fairness. 

47. Describe the perfect day with your dad.

48. Create two math word problems that involve Father’s Day. 

49. Tell about other important men in your life besides your dad.

50. Think of 10 words related to Father’s Day. Now write a poem using them.

51. Describe the top three gifts your dad would like for Father’s Day. 

52. Share a fun memory with your dad.

53. Write a letter to your dad convincing him to play ball with you on Father’s Day. 

54. Describe your father’s role in the family.

55. Share ten facts about your dad. 

56. How does your dad spend his free time?

57. Compose a story about a dad and son/daughter who take a fun road trip. 

58. Convince your dad to go to a movie with you.

59. Share a summer memory with your dad. 

60. Explain what makes your dad different from other dads.

61. Write ten opinions about your dad.

62. Write an anecdote that involves you and your father.

Final Thoughts

Craft appreciative messages to dads and male figures using these delightful Father’s Day writing ideas.

For students, download Father’s Day writing paper for their publications.