47 Free Earth Day Writing Prompts (w/Printable)

Here you will find a cool collection of Earth Day writing prompts that reinforce the importance of Earth Day.

Your students will enjoy showcasing their writing skills, writing for a purpose, and stimulating their creativity using these Earth Day writing prompts.

Whether you’re seeking writing prompts about recycling or environmental writing prompts, this list is for you.

So pencil into your instruction this week a few of these Earth Day writing prompts.

Free Earth Day Writing Prompts: What Can I Write About the Earth?

Motivate students to move their pencils plus share their thoughts on environmental topics using these Earth Day writing prompts.

Earth Day Writing Prompts Kindergarten

  • Taking time one day of the year to celebrate the Earth is important because…
  • If humans don’t take care of Earth…
  • Draw a picture of Earth. Then write a paragraph that describes your drawing. 
  • I can help keep the school clean by…
  • Garbage on the ground is bad because…
  • Using all 5 of your senses (see, touch, taste, hear, smell), describe Earth.
  • Write a story that includes these 3 words: Earth, trash, clean.
  • Using all 5 of your senses (see, touch, taste, hear, smell), describe dirt.

Earth Day Writing Prompts First Grade

  • E.A.R.T.H – Make an acrostic poem using the word earth. 
  • If the earth could talk, what would it tell you about it’s life? Be specific and as creative as you’d like. 
  • Three great things about Earth Day are..
  • Draft a letter to your principal convincing him/her why the school should begin a recycling program.
  • Write about a time that you saw a person litter. Include how it made you feel.
  • Your best friend hates recycling. Convince him/her why doing so is a good action to take.
  • Write a letter, speech, or create a flyer convincing families in your community to sign-up to pick-up trash in the park this weekend.
  • Write a poem about earth.
  • Describe how the world would look if there was no pollution or litter.
  • List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter, and 7-letter) that you can make using the letters from Earth Day. 
  • In a paragraph, describe the earth. Provide clear details.
  • Describe a farm to someone who has never seen one.
  • Write about how your daily life would be different if there was no electricity. Give examples.

Prompts for Elementary Kids

  • Imagine that you are a tree that can talk. Write a letter to humans explaining two great things about being a tree and two challenges of being a tree.
  • Here’s why it’s so important to preserve Mother Nature…
  • Your father insists on using plastic bags for shopping even though they are toxic to the environment. Write a series of text messages, an email, or letter convincing your father to use a reusable shopping bag instead.
  • Write an article for the school newspaper explaining the importance of recycling.
  • Compare and contrast earth and another planet. Write at least two paragraphs, providing specific details about their characteristics. 
  • Explain a few actions that you can take today in order to make the Earth healthier. Be specific, and provide details.
  • The newspaper headline reads … Students Volunteer on Saturday to Clean Littered Park. Using the 5 Ws + H (Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, How?), create the news story.
  • To use less water, try these actions…
  • Pretend that you are grade level president. Make a poster for Earth Day with a catchy slogan that will prompt your peers to take action in protecting the Earth.
  • Write two Earth Day writing prompts your teacher might like.
  • The local politician needs ideas on how the city can use less water. Write a letter to him/her sharing your ideas.
  • If Earth could talk to humans about how we treat it, what would it say?
  • You’re the author of a science textbook. Write a non-fiction article describing the characteristics of the earth.
  • Write a detailed email, letter, or a series of text messages convincing your family members to stop wasting so much water or using too many paper products. Provide clear reasons.  

Earth Day Journal Prompts High School & Middle School

In addition to Earth Day, the following are great to use as earth science writing prompts.

  • In 2 to 4 paragraphs, write a few causes and effects of a polluted environment in connection with unhealthy citizens.
  • You’re at breakfast reading an article when you see the headline, “Recycling – Don’t Even Bother!”. Draft a response to the editor of the article, stating why you disagree with his/her stance.
  • Do research on organic food. Then write 2-4 paragraphs about the pros and cons of eating organic food.
  • You are designing the cover of a magazine that is featuring Earth Day this month. In 2 to 4 paragraphs, describe the cover using clear details.
  • Your neighborhood does not have recycle pick-up. Write a letter to the mayor persuading him/her to begin such a program.
  • Create a social media hashtag for Earth Day. What slogans, ideas, events, and/or activities would you like your hashtag to be known for online?
  • Would you rather use paper or plastic bags when grocery shopping? Explain.
  • Even though an air conditioner and a heater keep us cool and warm, both are harmful to the Earth. Write a persuasive paragraph or two explaining ways to conserve energy.
  • Describe the pros and cons of owning a car.
  • Write a letter to the mayor convincing him/her of the harmful effects of firework displays to the earth.
  • Write about alternative transportation methods that wouldn’t pollute the earth as much. Be as creative and imaginative as you’d like.
  • Describe the meaning and traditions of Earth Day to a being from another planet.
  • Wild Card Prompt: Create any piece of writing you’d like about Earth Day. Your piece can be a comedy, mystery, fantasy, tall tale, poem, comic, persuasive, informative, etc.
  • Draft two climate change writing prompts related to issues that you would like your classmates to discuss or research more.

Use these Earth Day writing prompts in writer’s workshop, as bell work, for homework, or as early finisher activities.

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