40+ Free Candy Awards For Students That Are Editable

Include in your collection of recognition certificates candy awards for students. 

While classic award titles certainly motivate students, candy awards add a special touch when it comes to recognizing the accomplishments, milestones, and achievements of your students. 

Candy awards for students take things to another level because they’re fun, exciting, and based on something students normally love… candy!

Students will be thrilled to receive these keepsakes. 

What’s more, students may become even more motivated to accomplish more goals at school in the hopes of receiving more candy awards.

Though these candy awards may be used during the school year, they are most popularly distributed at the end of the school year. 

They make excellent end-of-year awards.

No matter the grade or subject you teach, you will find a candy award here that fits the personalities of every type of student.

Candy Awards For Students

Following is a list of candy awards for classrooms. They include candy bar awards. Access editable and digital copies towards the end of this post.

  • Bubble Yum Award – a student with an energetic or bubbly personality
  • Extra Gum Award – a student who regularly goes over and beyond on projects or activities; a student who never complains when challenged with extension assignments
  • Fun Dip Award – a child who is full of fun and positivity
  • Gobstoppers Award – has gobs of energy or ideas
  • Gummy Worm Award – a student who “digs” learning new things
  • Junior Mints Award – cool and laid-back student
  • Laffy Taffy Award – makes others laugh
  • Life Saver Award – always lending a helping hand to others in need
  • Mentos Award – a student who is always full of fresh ideas when it comes to projects and activities
  • Nerds Award – a student who loves math, tech, or STEM-related topics and activities
  • Now and Later Award – a student who has shown consistency in his/her work from the beginning to the end of the school year
  • Pop Rocks Award – a student whose work is so good that it sizzles and pops; a student who “rocks” or is a rockstar in a particular subject area
  • Red Hots Award – an assertive student or someone with a fiery personality
  • Skittles Award – an artistic student full of creative ideas
  • Spree Award – always finishes work on time plus accurately
  • Starbursts Award – a student whose work shines brightly in a particular subject area or someone bursting with energy or ideas
  • Sweetarts Award – sweet, respectful, and thoughtful towards others
  • Tootsie Roll Award – a student whose classroom job “roll” is recognized as valuable and appreciated
  • Twizzlers Award – a student who is resilient and positively responsive to change
candy awards for students
candy awards for students

Candy Bar Awards

  • 3 Musketeers Award – a student who collaborates well with others
  • Almond Joy Award – a student who is full of joy; demonstrates a positive spirit or attitude
  • Babe Ruth Award – this student “hits a home run” when it comes to assignments. Work is top-notch and submitted on time
  • Butterfinger Award – easygoing and mellow student 
  • Caramello Award – a student who is caring with others
  • Crunch Award – this student is always available to help out others who find themselves in a crunch 
  • Dove Award – a student who tries to keep peace among peers
  • Hershey Award – caring and sweet
  • Kit Kat Award – an award for a student who is a “Cool Kat”, laid back, chill
  • Krackle Award – keeps things light-hearted and/or likes to make others laugh 
  • M&Ms Award – a student who is magnificent and marvelous
  • Milky Way Award – a student whose work is so good that it’s “out of this world”
  • Mr. Goodbar Award – a student who is a good friend to peers
  • Payday Award – a student who has worked so hard all school year and his/her work has paid off
  • Reese’s Pieces Award – a student who loves everyone to pieces or a student who produces really good writing pieces
  • Rolo Award – a student who doesn’t make too much of a fuss when challenges arise; he or she simply “rolls” with the punches
  • Snickers Award – giggles a lot, has a sense of humor
  • Whatchamacallit Award – a student who is skilled at “playing on words” such as writing songs, poetry, jokes, or other types of figurative language

Final Thoughts On Candy Awards For Students

Add creativity to the awards you give in your classroom using these fun candy awards for students.

They are great for use during the year or as end-of-year candy awards.

Whoever thought candy bar awards would be so popular?!

Download a PDF of candy awards for students, or access editable candy bar awards here. (You must first log into your Google account before accessing the editable files.)