9 Free Book Report Templates For 7th Grade

By the time students reach the 7th grade, they have most likely completed their fair share of book reports. 

And as a teacher, you’ve probably assigned to students a number of book projects but now want to do something a bit different. 

These free printable book report templates for 7th grade are just what you need.

They encourage seventh graders to interact with fiction and nonfiction books on a deeper level.

Additionally, they promote critical thinking, engage struggling plus advanced learners, present information in a structured way, and reinforce literacy skills.

Essentially, these book report templates for 7th grade students motivate learners to ponder the messages and information from a variety of book genres. 

At first glance, the templates may seem simple for a middle schooler. However, they are designed to prompt students to think deeply about what they read. 

So utilize these ready-to-use templates with your middle school students in order to gauge how well they understood a book. 

Book Report Templates for 7th Grade

When showing students how to write a middle school or 7th-grade book report, it’s helpful to provide them with a middle school book report template.

Many templates include the following information in a 7th-grade book report outline:

  • Title, author, illustrator
  • Summary of the book
  • Characters, setting, plot, solution
  • Recurring themes
  • Important vocabulary
  • Book review

However, you may want to provide your own specific guidelines that include a mixture of written, oral, and visual formats. 

The following printable book report templates for 7th grade are ready-to-use or can be used as inspiration for writing one’s own 7th-grade book report. 

1. Book Report Story Elements

This story elements book report template for 7th-grade students includes five rows, with each row containing a story element (characters, setting, problem, solution, and theme).

For each row, students will record written information in the enclosed space, and sketch a drawing in the open space.

2. Book Report Timeline

This book report template is a timeline graphic organizer designed for 7th-grade or middle school students. 

It reinforces the skill of sequencing.

Instead of flowing seamlessly from top to bottom, it zigzags from left to right and top to bottom utilizing transition words that help 7th-graders navigate the sequence.

To use, students brainstorm the most important events in the story and record them sequentially on the graphic organizer. 

As an extension, ask students to complete this book report timeline template for each chapter or section of their books.

3. Character Rating

To promote critical thinking skills, have students rate the personalities of characters from their books on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = terrible and 5 = very good). 

To start, students will write the character’s name and then circle their rating. They must provide evidence from the book to support their choice. 

Duplicate the template so that students have space to rate several characters.

This book project idea, ideal for upper elementary and middle schoolers, helps students analyze characters and their actions. 

4. Vertical Book Report Template

If you’re seeking book report templates for 7th graders that are simple yet effective, this one will serve the purpose well.

Students will write essential information from the book within three columns.

Labels within the columns include…

  • Title of the book
  • Author
  • Summary
  • Lingering questions
  • Important vocabulary
  • Themes
  • Book recommendation

If students require more space to record information, have them attach post-it notes so that they may expand their ideas. 

5. Character Analysis Wheel

If you seek book report templates for 7th graders that prompt them to reflect on the characters and their actions, this book report idea is for you. 

To get started, students write a character’s name in the center and then write traits that describe the character in the outer circles.

Afterward, they provide inside of each spoke evidence that supports each of the traits.

6. Research Book Report

This book report template strengthens seventh-graders’ research skills. 

After reading a nonfiction book, students will select a theme or topic of interest from their books.

As an example, if someone is reading a book about Earth Day, he or she may want to research pollution, global warming, recycling, etc. 

As students conduct research, they will record their notes on the book report research template.  

7. News Report Template

If you frame this book report project as students becoming journalists who will interview a character from their books, your 7th-graders will become very engaged with this activity. 

Ask students to choose a specific scene from their books. They will report on the scene as if it were a current news story. 

They must complete the news report template filling out the Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How? questions. 

After answering those questions, they will arrange the information to create the news article.

book report templates for 7th grade

8. Character Analysis Head Outline

This book report template prompts seventh-grade students to dig deep into the book to search for character traits with accompanying evidence. 

To get started, students will choose a character from the book and write inside of the head outline various traits of the character along with evidence from the book that demonstrates each trait.

It might be helpful to complete this activity as a whole class first.

After participating in a shared reading, students will write traits plus evidence on post-it notes, sticking them on an anchor chart. 

This group activity will prepare them to work independently. 

To add rigor to this exercise, ask students to complete this character analysis template for each character from their books or from a select number of characters.

9. Wanted Book Report Template

Students will choose a character from their books to highlight. 

On the Wanted template, they will note the character’s name, describe him/her, sketch a picture of the character, and then write a description of where the character was last seen plus what he or she was doing.

Consider reviewing with students what a Wanted poster is and what it looks like (Search Google Images) so that they understand better the assignment before completing the activity independently.

Final Thoughts For Book Report Templates for 7th Graders

Now you have a collection of book report templates for 7th graders that motivate students to showcase their literacy skills.