51 Awesome Writing Topics for Second Grade

Encourage your second graders to show what they know using these high-interest writing topics for second grade.

These narrative-style writing topics for second grade bring out the best in your 2nd grade students by encouraging them to reflect on life experiences, express personal stories, and produce great written content.

What’s more, they’ll have the opportunity to apply all the writing skills they’ve been learning about in writer’s workshop.

So include a few of these writing topics for second grade in your lessons this week.

Writing Topics for Second Grade

Here you’ll find a variety of writing topics for second grade that even your reluctant writers will love!

1. A scary trip to the hospital 

2. First time flying on an airplane

3. A time when you forgot your homework at home

4. Funny thing that happened when learning a second language

5. A time you helped your family prepare a special meal

6. The day a special relative was born

7. A weird noise that scared you

8. A scary incident

9. When you felt like the luckiest kid in the world

10. A time when you lost something very important to you

11. Winning a medal in the science fair

12. A time when you just couldn’t stop laughing

13. Participation in a talent show

14. An experience about a haircut gone bad

15. A joke your sibling or family played on you

16. When you won a prize

17. A time when you almost got into trouble even though you were innocent

18. Participation in a Halloween parade

19. A time when you were very sick

20. An experience of completing a challenging puzzle

21. First time eating sushi or other food

22. A time that you were frustrated with your classmates

23. Experience of having a picnic in the park

24. A time you were forced to apologize to someone you hurt

25. The happiest moment so far in second grade

26. A time when you accidentally spilled something

27. Experience of riding in your parents brand new car

28. A time when you made a perfect score (or close to it) on a spelling or math quiz

29. The day you met your second grade teacher

30. A time when you were really worried about someone you love

31. Write about the great characteristics of your first grade teacher.

32. Write about what you think your life will be like in 10 years.

33. Getting a special pet

34. Experience cooking in the kitchen with someone special

35. An invention you would create to make life easier for people

36. Career you would like to have when you grow up and why

37. Best moment from second grade so far

38. What you miss most from kindergarten and why

39. A talent you have that you are most proud of

40. Favorite memory with a sibling or cousin

41. Why it’s bad to be a bully

42. What do you think your mom or dad was like at your age?

43. Write two or three writing topics for second grade your teacher might like.

44. Memorable time that you have playing in the pool or ocean

45. A time when you felt so alone

46. Feelings that you experience when you listen to your favorite music

47. Scary experience

48. Share a moment in school when you feel super special.

49. Memorable road-trip adventure with family or friends

50. A time when you helped a student who was not your good friend

51. What you would buy if you had a million dollars

Use these writing topics for second grade for homework, morning work, early finisher activities, or independent writing practice.

For support, teach students how to respond well to these writing topics for second grade.

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