53 Popular Writing Topics for Fourth Grade

Motivate your 4th graders to express themselves using these engaging writing topics for fourth grade students.

No longer will they waste time trying to figure out what to write about.

These writing topics for fourth grade help students reflect upon past experiences plus improve their writing skills.

So give your learners a few of these fourth grade writing topics to explore this week. 

Writing Topics for Fourth Grade

1. A memorial day together with just you and mom (or dad)

2. Vacation that took a turn for the worst

3. A time when you accidentally broke something 

4. Most prized possession

5. A hidden talent you have

6. Something beautiful that happened at a wedding

7. A cool trick your pet can perform

8. Performing in a play

9. A personal connection you have with a character from a book

10. Scary incident that happened while your parents were driving

11. A time you went fishing

12. Favorite project or craft done in art class

13. A time when you got lost

14. When you built a snowman

15. A time when you made angels in the snow

16. The cozy place in your home where you love to relax

17. Least favorite chore to do at home

18. A time when you helped an adult use technology

19. Your favorite literacy or math center

20. A time when you apologized to someone for hurting him/her

21. The person who has had the most positive impact in your life

22. A memorable time flying a kite

23. A time when you experienced a natural disaster

24. Special photograph

25. A time you slipped and fell 

26. Unique tradition of your culture

27. A time when you felt like you were treated unfairly

28. The most exciting moment from fourth grade so far

29. A trip to the nurse when you were feeling ill

30. A time when you were frustrated with your parents

31. Your favorite outfit to wear

32. A time when you did not enjoy working in a group

33. Your favorite children’s author

34. Favorite indoor recess activity

35. Write about a time that you entered the school’s science fair.

36. Share a favorite memory that involved you and a close relative.

37. An experience when learning a new skill or sport

38. Write about a haircut or hairstyle gone wrong

39. Pros and cons of fourth graders being on social media

40. Create two or three writing topics for fourth grade that you think your teacher might like.

41. Experience of trying a new food that tasted horrible

42. A dream you had that frightened you

43. What the world would be like if fourth graders ruled it

44. If you could raise money for any local charity, which would you choose and why?

45. Emotions that you feel when listening to your favorite music

46. Things that you wish your teacher knew about you

47. What you are most looking forward to next schoool year

48. A time that you fell off your bike

49. The experience of getting a tooth pulled

50. Memory of Christmas or your birthday and not receiving the gifts that you expected

51. What you imagine your life will be life in 20 years

52. A hidden talent

53. Write about what your life might be like at 100 years old.

54. One big problem that you wish you could solve and why

Your students will enjoy responding to these writing topics for fourth grade. For support, teach students how to respond to writing topics for fourth grade.

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