51 Great Writing Topics for Fifth Grade

Stimulate 5th graders’ writing ideas and abilities using these high-interest writing topics for fifth grade students.

At times, fifth graders’ lack of desire for writing stems from a lack of interest in given topics.

These writing topics for fifth graders solve that problem!

These topics prompt 5th graders to share personal experiences, reflect on memorable moments, and also sharpen their writing skills. 

So pencil in a few of these writing topics for fifth grade into your lesson plan this week.

Writing Topics for Fifth Grade

1. Write a memory about swimming in the ocean.

2. Share a memorable dance you participated in.

3. Tell about the best day of your life so far.

4. Summarize a moment when you received an unexpected good grade.

5. Tell about a time you saved money to buy a gift for someone special.

6. Retell a surprising lesson that you learned from someone younger than you.

7. Describe an experience hiking. 

8. Tell about a heart-felt moment that happened at church.

9. Write about the most memorable first day of school.

10. Share a time when you ignored your parents but should have listened.

11. Tell about your unique characteristics.

12. Summarize the time you tried disgusting food.

13. Retell a time when you attempted to communicate with someone who speaks a different language.

14. Describe the happiest moment so far in fifth grade.

15. Write about the first day at a brand new school.

16. Share a time when you faced a big fear.

17. Tell about an experience popping fireworks.

18. Summarize the time you helped someone plan a surprise birthday party.

19. Retell an experience going shopping during a busy holiday season.

20. Describe a time when you missed the bus.

21. Write about an embarrassing moment in public.

22. Share about your first time traveling to a different country.

23. Tell about an adventure through the woods.

24. Summarize a time when you taught someone how to do something.

25. Retell the first time traveling to a different state.

26. Describe a school day morning when everything went wrong.

27. Write about something gross that occurred when eating lunch with friends.

28. Share about a time you had an allergic reaction to a mosquito or other bug bite.

29. Tell about a unique holiday tradition that you do each year to celebrate your culture.

30. Summarize a time you had a terrible tummy ache right after eating.

31. Retell the time when you received a special piece of jewelry.

32. Describe a time when you received a poor grade on an assignment.

33. Write about getting a tooth pulled.

34. Share about a day when you felt very responsible.

35. Tell about your typical Sunday routine.

36. Summarize a time when you helped a student who was not your friend.

37. Retell a scary experience.

38. Describe a memorable road-trip adventure with family or friends.

39. Write about a time when you felt so alone.

40. Share a moment in school when you felt super special.

41. Write about the positive characteristics of your favorite teacher.

42. Tell the experience of a haircut or hairstyle gone bad.

42. Write about what you think your life will be like in 5 years.

43. Compare and contrast the life of a fifth grader today with the life of fifth graders fifty years ago.

44. Share the feelings that you experience when you listen to your favorite music.

45. Share a memorable time when you played in the pool or ocean.

46. Write about your favorite memory with a sibling or cousin.

47. Describe the best Field Day experience you’ve ever had.

48. Share the talents you are most proud of and why.

49. Tell the dreams that you have for the future.

50. Share what you will miss most from elementary school.

51. Summarize an invention you would create to make life easier for people.

Final Thoughts: Writing Topics for Fifth Grade

Now you have a collection of writing topics for fifth grade to use for various writing activities.

For ideas on how to assess these writing topics, see the 5th Grade Common Core English Language Arts Standards.

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