Writing Prompts for Middle School: 101 Fresh Ideas

This list of creative writing prompts for middle school students give 6th, 7th, and 8th graders plenty of high-interest topics to write about.

These middle school writing prompts motivate students to express themselves through imagination and reflection.

Personal Narrative Writing Prompts

Prompt 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to talk about themselves and their experiences using these personal narrative writing prompts for middle school.

1. Describe the best birthday you ever had. Who was there? How did you feel? What did you do?

2. Where are you the happiest? It can be somewhere you’ve been or a place you daydream about. Use all five senses to make your writing as descriptive as possible.

3. Describe a special moment with a pet. How does it make you feel to remember it?

4. Think about your least favorite food. What does it remind you of? Do any specific situations come up?

5. Write about a time you felt absolute joy.

6. Create a social media hashtag that represents your personality. Why does this hashtag fit you so well?

7. Write about a time you felt scared.

8. Describe a time when you were really excited about something but the actual event/thing didn’t meet your expectations.

9. Compare and contrast your experiences in middle school vs. elementary school.

10. Retell the main events of the last Field Day that you attended.

11. Write about any family traditions that you celebrated during the holidays.

12. Describe your school experience so far. Have you mostly enjoyed it? What are you most looking forward to?

13. What are three things that make you unique? Describe them.

14. Write about a time when you were late for class or missed the school bus? What was the cause, and how did things turn out?

15. Describe what you had for dinner last night in vivid detail. Try to use all the senses to make your writing immersive.

16. Write about a situation that you weren’t looking forward to but ended up enjoying it.

17. Retell a special moment between you and your pet.

18. Share what you and your family normally do during the weekend.

19. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

20. What are three of your strengths and two of your weaknesses? What steps are you taking to improve your weaknesses?

Article Writing Prompts for Middle School

1. Describe the similarities and differences between Independence Day and Easter.

2. Write a new section of your science textbook. You choose the topic. Include appropriate text features.

3. What makes somebody a good person?

4. The headline reads, “Cobra Escapes Zoo!” Write the news story.

5. Write a magazine article about a recent event.

6. Describe an important invention. Explain why it is important.

7. Why do you love your favorite food so much? Go into detail about the flavors, smells, and any memories.

8. Describe the unique habits of your favorite animal.

9. Explain the plot of your favorite TV show.

10. Write an article for the school newspaper giving tips to middle schoolers about how to study for a final exam.

11. Explain the plot from your favorite book.

12. What do the lyrics of your favorite song mean? Why do you think this?

13. Write five writing prompts for middle school that you think your teacher will like.

14. What is the best advice you’ve been given? Why?

15. Give detailed instructions for how to make your favorite healthy meal.

16. When in real life do you use math? Explain.

17. How would you explain how to download an app onto a phone to a 100-year old person?

18. Give advice to someone who has had a disagreement with their friend.

19. Write about your backyard or favorite park.

20. Describe your best friend.

21. Is there such a thing as a bad person? Explain your thinking.

22. Write a newspaper article that describes the big bang theory.

23. Explain how to make a good grade on a foreign language test.

24. Think about your favorite color. Why is it your favorite? How does it make you feel?

25. Describe the most important moment of your life in a newspaper article format.

26. Write ten to fifteen facts about your state or country.

27. You’ve become president for the day. What would you do? What laws would you enact?

28. What are the three best things about being in middle school?

29. Write a short biography about the accomplishments and challenges of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

30. Draft an article for the school newspaper encouraging sixth graders to volunteer to read at the nearby elementary school once a month.

Poetry Writing Prompts

Encourage 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to stretch their imaginations using these poetry writing prompts for middle school.

1. Write a poem that introduces you as a person. It doesn’t have to rhyme.

2. Use an acrostic format to spell out your favorite animal, and list what you like about them.

3. Write a haiku about your favorite sport.

4. Use rhyming couplets to write a poem about happiness.

5. Write a poem about your favorite season.

6. Create a poem where nearly every word begins with the letter “A.”

7. Write a poem about feeling lonely. It should flow, but it doesn’t have to rhyme.

8. Compose a poem from the point of view of your pet.

9. Write a humorous poem from the point of view of your kitchen sink.

10. Listen to your favorite song, and construct a poem about the images it conjures up.

11. Write a poem about your favorite meal and the memories you associate with it.

12. Compose a poem set in your most recent dream.

13. Use at least three onomatopoeias to write an adventure-packed poem.

14. Draft a poem about your role model.

15. Write a poem detailing what you want to be when you grow up.

16. Construct a witch’s spell.

17. Make-up a poem about someone saving the world.

18. Write a poem about the sights you see on the way to school.

19. Consider how it feels when someone says something mean, and write a poem about it.

20. Use alliteration at least five times to write a poem about all your favorite things.

21. Write a descriptive poem about what it feels like to fall asleep.

22. Think about the last conversation you had, and write a poem about it.

23. Write a poem about a clear night sky.

24. Think about a time you felt really safe. Write a poem about the atmosphere and feeling.

25. Compose a poem from the point of view of an elephant in a zoo.

26. Write a poem about being underwater.

27. Draft a poem about flying through a rainforest.

28. Write a poem about driving in a futuristic car.

29. Create a poem about the last movie you watched.

30. List 10 words associated with being in middle school. Then compose a poem that includes the words.

31. Use figurative language to describe something beautiful.

More Creative Middle School Writing Prompts

1. Describe the bark on a tree.

2. Write about a usual day from the perspective of a bathroom.

3. Explain the Internet to a 100-year old person who has little to no experience with it.

4. The answer is “Springtime”. Write five to eight different questions. 

5. Describe how to serve a volleyball.

6. You’ve jumped into your favorite chapter book. Which character are you excited to meet and why? What adventures will you two have together?

7. Imagine that you are car. What type of gifts would you request for Christmas and why?

8. Write a letter to your 40-year old self.

9. Explain the benefits of reading audiobooks vs. traditional books.

Story Starter Writing Prompts for Middle School

What are middle school writing prompts without a few creative story starters to get their creative juices flowing?

1. Write a short story from the perspective of a rabbit who escaped from its cage.

2. All Ben could hear were the footsteps behind him. He turned around and was faced with…

3. Write a short story about landing on an isolated desert island with nothing but a flashlight and your favorite book for company.

4. Annie woke up in the dead of night and flicked on the lights only to find…

5. Start your story with the line, “It was 2:30 am when the knocking started.”

6. Write a short story about a character who has just discovered they can read people’s minds.

7. Write a short story from the perspective of somebody who has landed in their favorite video game and can’t get out.

8. You’re walking down the street when suddenly a strange man presses a book into your hands and rushes off. Scared, you hurry home. It’s only when you’re safe inside that you dare to open the pages. Horrifyingly, you discover it’s a book containing…

9. Write a story about a child who gets lost in the woods.

10. No one thought this would happen. We were just singing songs on the playground when…

11. Write a story from the perspective of a duck that grew up with cats.

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