51 Excellent Veteran’s Day Writing Prompts

Heighten students’ appreciation of veterans and others who have served their country utilizing these powerful Veteran’s Day writing prompts.

In many schools, Veteran’s Day doesn’t receive as much attention as other holidays.

However, it’s important that teachers discuss the importance of this day and encourage students to reflect upon the sacrifices that others have made so that they may have freedom.

The following Veteran’s Day writing prompts help to do this.

Not only do these Veteran’s Day writing prompts strengthen writing skills, but they also help students to appreciate those who have served in the military.

This is done by prompting them to think critically about how life would be different if we didn’t have our freedoms.

These Veteran’s Day writing activities also prompt them to understand the importance of the military plus the importance of showing gratitude to those who have defended their country.

So honor this special day by sharing these Veteran’s Day writing prompts with students so that their appreciation will grow.

Veteran’s Day Writing Prompts

1. Write a story about a family attending a Veteran’s Day parade.

2. How can people show respect on Veteran’s Day?

3. Compose a poem about Veteran’s Day.

4. Why do we give a moment of silence to honor veterans?

5. Compare and contrast the navy and army.

6. Write a tribute that honors veterans.

7. Draft a letter to a veteran, thanking the person for his or her service.

8. What does freedom mean to you?

9. Explain the purpose of an army.

10. Provide examples and non-examples of bravery.

11. Write about a time when you showed courage.

12. In your opinion, what characteristics should someone have if he or she wants to join the military?

13. How can you serve your country without joining the military?

14. To honor veterans, you will create a monument. Describe it.

15. How can we encourage more peace in the world?

16. Write a story about a soldier returning home safe from war.

17. What does it mean to be patriotic?

18. If you could interview a veteran, what questions would you ask and why?

19. Describe a world where no military is needed. 

20. Tell ten facts about Veteran’s Day.

21. Which branch of the military do you feel is most important and why?

22. Compare and contrast war and a battle.

23. Compose an acrostic poem using the word veteran.

24. Devise a strategy for winning a battle without the use of weapons.

25. Persuade your family to visit a veteran’s museum with you.

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26. Give your teacher suggestions for celebrating Veteran’s Day at school.

27. Draft a story that takes place in a veteran’s museum.

28. List 26 words related to Veteran’s Day, one word for each letter of the alphabet.

29. Share five opinions about Veteran’s Day.

30. Write a metaphorical recipe for peace. Tell the ingredients with measurements plus provide the instructions.

31. In your opinion, why do people join the military?

32. Tell the purpose of Veteran’s Day.

33. What are the pros and cons of a country having a military?

34. Is war always a bad thing? Explain.

35. Create two math word problems that involve soldiers.

36. Compare and contrast Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.

37. What are some ways to welcome someone home from serving in the military?

38. Write a story using these words: brave, honor, peace, defend, country

39. Explain how to be brave.

40. Brainstorm 10 words related to Veteran’s Day. Then write a poem using them.

41. Share the consequences of not having a military.

42. Design a bumper sticker that advertises Veteran’s Day.

43. Write an article for the newspaper encouraging citizens to donate to a veteran’s hospital.

44. The headline reads, “Veteran Receives Prestigious Award!”. Write the news story.

45. How does answering Veteran’s Day writing prompts deepen your knowledge about the day?

46. The answer is “Veteran’s Day”. Write five different questions.

47. Write an essay about the history of Veteran’s Day.

48. Share a Veteran’s Day memory.

49. Should veterans receive special benefits in society? Why or why not?

50. Write a diary entry from the perspective of someone about to return home safe from war.

51. Describe what the colors and symbols on your country’s flag mean.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re seeking Veteran’s Day letter-writing prompts or other types of writing resources, these Veteran’s Day writing prompts can be modified to serve your instructional needs.

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