51 Terrific Tuesday Writing Prompts

Celebrate the second day of the school week and all things Tuesday-related using these engaging Tuesday writing prompts.

In addition to reducing writer’s block, these Tuesday writing prompts improve writing skills, instill a love for writing, allow students to express themselves, and foster a growth mindset.

That’s why they make a great addition to your collection of classroom writing activities.

You can even use these Tuesday writing prompts for Tuesday Question of the Day or “Two’s Day” writing prompt ideas.

So pencil a few of these fun Tuesday writing prompts into your lesson plans this week.

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Tuesday Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers enjoy responding to these Tuesday writing prompts.

  • As you’re responding to one of the Tuesday writing prompts in class, your chair begins to rock! Tell what happens next.
  • Write the three best things about Tuesday. Give details.  
  • Pretend that a substitute teacher will be subbing for your class next Tuesday. Write out or outline the entire day’s schedule so that he or she will know what to do and what to expect.
  • Write about a usual Tuesday afternoon at your school.
  • Create a new planet. Its name should contain the word Tuesday in it. Describe the characteristics of your new creation.
  • Draft a letter to a child in the grade below you explaining what to expect in your grade level next year.
  • Compare and contrast Tuesday to any other day of the week.
  • How exciting! Your parents have given you permission to redecorate your bedroom. In detail, describe what changes you’ll make.
  • T.U.E.S.D.A.Y – Create an acrostic poem using the word Tuesday. 
  • Write a few similes to describe Tuesday.
  • Brainstorm a social media hashtag for Tuesday. What ideas, events, adventures, activities will your hashtag be known for?
  • Provide examples and non-examples of kindness.
  • Write an article for the school newspaper giving your Top 10 tips for staying organized.
  • Write about a time that you traveled to a place where the culture was very different from your own. Using the 5Ws + H, describe the experience. #TravelTuesday
  • What tips would you share with a student who will be moving to your grade level next year? #TipTuesday
  • Describe three characteristics that make you unique.
  • It’s TastyTuesday, and you’re in charge of creating a school lunch menu that best represents Tuesday. What items will you include on your menu and why? Describe each item.
  • Give detailed instructions for how to play (and win!) an online game.
  • Write an instructional manual for your parents detailing how to use a new app on their cell phone. #TechTuesday
  • Write a story using these words: Tuesday, technology, confused, perseverance
  • Describe your favorite song to a friend who has never heard it.
  • Surprise! Your parents tell you that you don’t have to attend school today. Describe all the things you will do this day.
  • Write 10 words related to Tuesday. Then compose a poem including these words.
  • Compose a poem about Tuesday.
  • The answer is “Tuesday”. Write five to ten different questions.
  • You go to get a haircut. Accidentally, the barber shaves off a big piece of your hair. What happens next?
  • Design a bumper sticker to advertise Tuesday.
  • A tall tale is a story that exaggerates something that actually happened. Write a tall tale about something that happened to you recently.
  • Mentally choose an item in your classroom that begins with the letter “T”, and write a haiku about it.
  • Would you rather by absent from school on a Tuesday or a Friday? Explain.
  • List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, and 6-letter) that you can make using the letters from the term Tuesday. 
  • Write a series of math problems that involve tasty treats.
  • Draft a manual explaining how to build a sand castle.
  • If you were to take over the world, how would you rule it?
  • Summarize a typical Tuesday at school.
  • Write a diary entry from the perspective of a 12-inch ruler.
  • Would you rather be a bee or a butterfly? Explain.
  • Explain the pros and cons of summer vacation.
  • Write a grocery list for a tiger.

Talk About It Tuesday Writing Prompts

  • Tell, step-by-step, how to make a taco.
  • Using the five senses, describe your favorite snack or meal.
  • What are the benefits of responding to Tuesday writing prompts?
  • In your opinion, what is the perfect pet? Explain.
  • Draft a short autobiography about yourself. Tell about your dreams, goals, accomplishments, family life, etc.
  • Describe the perfect school day.
  • Explain the game of tetherball to someone who doesn’t know how to play.
  • Share your favorite travel experience.
  • In your opinion, should school uniforms be required? Why or why not? Share your thinking. #TuesdayThoughts
  • When, in your opinion, is it not a good idea to tell the truth?
  • Should reading at home daily be required homework? Why or why not?
  • What’s some cool trivia facts that you know.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a quality collection of Tuesday writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

Download Tuesday writing prompts lined paper.