51 Delightful Treats for Students

As students dedicate themselves to learning, it’s a good idea to recognize their efforts and provide moments of enjoyment amidst the academic hustle.

What better way to do so than by sharing some delightful treats?

I’m sharing some of my favorite treat ideas for students that are sure to create smiles.

This guide of treats for students will spark your inspiration and provide you with plenty of ideas.

Whether for a class party, celebration, birthday, graduation, or school event, you’ll find a fun student treat idea here that rises to the occasion.

Treats for Students

You’ll find edible and non-food treat ideas for students here.

1. Mini Donut Tower

Create a tower of mini donuts with various flavors and toppings.

2. Pretzel Dippers

Provide students with pretzel sticks and offer dipping options like chocolate sauce, caramel, or yogurt.

3. Kolaches

These sweet or savory treats make a great quick snack for students.

They are best served warm but are still delicious when eaten at room temperature.

4. Mini Sandwiches

Prepare an assortment of mini sandwiches with different fillings to cater to various tastes.

5. Popcorn Buffet

Offer a variety of flavored popcorn, from sweet to savory, in fun containers.

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6. Mini Pizza Bagels

Serve mini bagels with pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings for a bite-sized pizza treat.

7. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Dip strawberries in melted milk or white chocolate and let them set for a delicious treat that students will enjoy.

8. Mini Pancake Stacks

Create stacks of mini pancakes with maple syrup and fruit toppings.

9. Cupcake Push Pops

Layer cupcakes and frosting in push-pop containers for a unique and portable treat.

10. Gourmet Popcorn

Offer popcorn with “gourmet” kid-friendly flavors like cotton candy, cheddar, or caramel.

11. Cookie Decorating

Provide plain cookies and an array of icing and toppings for students to decorate their own unique cookies.

12. Churros

Serve warm churros with cinnamon sugar for a delightful treat.

13. S’mores Station

Set up a station with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for making s’mores.

14. Milk and Cookies

Pair cookies with small cups of milk for a classic treat.

15. Assorted Mini Pastries

Offer an assortment of bite-sized pastries like mini croissants, Danish pastries, and turnovers.

16. Brownie Bites

Serve bite-sized brownies in different flavors like fudge, caramel, or white chocolate.

17. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Dip pretzel rods in chocolate and sprinkle with colorful sprinkles.

18. Mini Fruit Pies

Bake mini fruit pies with various fillings like apple, cherry, or blueberry.

19. Donut Decorating

Provide plain donuts and a variety of glazes, sprinkles, and toppings for students to decorate.

Healthy Treats for Students

20. Fruit Smoothies

Blend up refreshing fruit smoothies in different flavors like mango, strawberries, and blueberries.

21. Cheese and Crackers Platter

Create a platter with an assortment of cheeses, crackers, and perhaps some sliced fruits.

22. Frozen Banana Bites

Slice bananas and dip them in yogurt, then freeze for a cool and creamy treat.

23. Mini Whole Wheat Wraps

Roll up whole wheat tortillas with lean protein (chicken, turkey, or beans) and veggies.

24. Fruit Kabobs

Skewer delicious fruits like strawberries, grapes, melon, and pineapple for a healthy treat that you can feel good about giving students.

25. Trail Mix Bar

Set up a trail mix bar with dried fruits, chocolate chips, and other mix-ins that your students may like.

26. Frozen Yogurt Parfait

Provide frozen yogurt along with a selection of toppings like granola and berries.

27. Mini Parfaits

Layer yogurt, granola, and fruits in small cups for a simple and satisfying parfait.

28. Fruit Sushi

Roll up slices of fruit in rice paper or fruit leather for a playful twist on sushi. Students of all ages absolutely love these.

29. Veggie and Hummus Cups

Provide individual cups with hummus at the bottom and carrot, celery, cucumber, and bell pepper sticks for dipping.

30. Apple “Cookies”

Slice apples into rounds and top them with a nut-free spread, raisins, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

31. Frozen Grapes

Freeze grapes for a refreshing and naturally sweet snack that’s fun to eat.

32. Popcorn

Air-popped popcorn is a nutritious option that can be lightly seasoned with herbs and spices.

33. Smoothie Popsicles

Blend up smoothies using fruits, yogurt, and a bit of spinach, then freeze them in popsicle molds.

34. Celery Boats

Fill celery sticks with a nut-free spread or cream cheese and top with raisins or crushed graham crackers.

35. Mini Rice Cakes

Top mini rice cakes with hummus, avocado, or slices of turkey or chicken.

36. Frozen Yogurt Bark

Spread Greek yogurt on a baking sheet, then sprinkle with fruits and a drizzle of honey.

Freeze and then break into pieces.

37. Mini Veggie Frittatas

Bake mini frittatas in muffin tins with chopped vegetables and eggs.

Non-Food Treats for Students

38. Stickers and Stamps

Give students a variety of stickers and stamps to use for crafting or decorating.

39. Puzzle or Brain Teaser Games

Offer small puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, or brain teaser games that engage and challenge students.


Provide bookmarks with motivational quotes or cute designs.

41. Erasers and Pencil Toppers

Offer novelty erasers or pencil toppers in various shapes and designs.

42. Positive Affirmation Cards

Create cards with positive affirmations or motivational messages.

43. Scented Markers

Provide scented markers or highlighters to make studying more enjoyable.

44. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars or Stickers

Students may use these to decorate their rooms and create a calming atmosphere.

45. DIY Craft Kits

Provide kits with materials for making friendship bracelets, origami, or other simple crafts.

46. Stress Balls

Offer stress-relief items like stress balls or squishy toys.

47. Pencil Cases or Pouches

Provide colorful or patterned pencil cases for storing school supplies.

48. Coloring Books

Gift coloring books with intricate designs or calming patterns.

49. Notebook or Journal

Gift a special notebook or journal where students can jot down thoughts, ideas, or sketches.

50. Outdoor Activities

Organize a brief outdoor break for students to enjoy fresh air and light exercise.

51. Positive Notes

Write personalized notes of encouragement or appreciation for each student. This idea works especially well during testing time.

Final Thoughts On Treat Ideas for Students

These items contribute to a positive and engaging educational environment. So enjoy spreading some joy with these thoughtful treats for students.