101 Great This or That Questions for Kids

If you’re looking for funny or silly would you rather questions for kids, why not try this or that questions for kids?

What Are This or That Questions for Kids?

This or that questions are icebreaker statements that require kids to respond one of two ways. They are meant to be engaging conversation starters.

Here you will find a variety of fun this or that questions for kids that they will enjoy answering.

This list of this or that questions for kids is great for home or school purposes.

This Or That Questions for Kids

Following you will find an assortment of this or that questions for kids that help children have fun conversations and discussions.

1. Do you prefer to celebrate your birthday with friends or family?

2. Is your birthday or Christmas more special?

3. Are you a dog or cat person?

4. Would you rather have uncontrollable blinking or sneezing?

5. Are French fries better dipped in ranch dressing or ketchup?

6. What’s more refreshing: ice cream or popsicles? 

7. Is it better to be assertive or shy?

8. Are physical or personality traits more important?

9. Would you rather live in a tree or a cave?

10. Do you prefer to eat chicken nuggets or corn dogs?

11. Is school too easy or too challenging?

12. Would you rather chew or sip your meals?

13. Is yellow or orange a happier color?

14. Do you prefer to relax in bed or on the couch?

15. Would you rather be a scientist who can invent anything or a politician who can enforce any law?

16. Is it better to be smarter or more kind?

17. Would you rather live ten years in the past or ten years in the future?

18. Is an action movie or a live concert more exciting?

19. Do you prefer to spend more time with your mom or your dad?

20. Is it better to sleep in a tent or a cabin when camping?

21. Are you more into fiction books or nonfiction books?

22. Do you prefer to use markers or colored pencils? 

23. Would you rather be a mermaid or a unicorn?

24. Are you more excited to do outdoor activities during the winter or summer? 

25. Is a spoon or fork more useful?

26. Would you prefer to have ultimate strength or intelligence?

27. Do you prefer salt or pepper on your eggs?

28. Are you more interested in visiting an amusement park or a water park?

29. Would you rather play the piano or guitar very well?

30. Do you like night or daytime best? 

31. Are you more interested in football or basketball?

32. Do you prefer bacon or ham with your breakfast?

33. Is it easier to go 24 hours without a TV or a phone? 

34. Would you rather do your homework alone or with a friend? 

35. Do you prefer distance learning or in-person learning?

36. Would you rather know how to speak several languages fluently or play several instruments professionally?

37. Do you prefer watching YouTube or television?

38. Would you rather your home be infested with roaches or spiders?

39. Is it more relaxing to swim or sleep? 

40. Do you prefer orange or apple juice?

this or that questions for kids
this or that questions for kids

41. Are you more interested in group or solitary activities?

42. Do you prefer not to go to school ever again or not to have any chores at home?

43. Are you better at drawing or painting?

44. Do you prefer video games or board games?

45. Which is more beautiful: a sunrise or sunset?

46. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

47. Is pizza or spaghetti the better Italian food? 

48. Do you prefer to eat fruits or vegetables?

49. Are you afraid more of thunder or lightning?

50. Is January or December the most important month?

51. Do you like to sleep late on Saturdays or get up early to watch cartoons?

52. Are you a morning person or a night person?

53. Would you rather live under the sea or in space?

54. Do you prefer Friday nights or Saturday mornings?

55. Are French fries or tater tots more delicious?

56. Is it better to brush with an electric toothbrush or a regular one?

57. Would you rather visit a cave on the moon or one underwater?

58. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

 59. Is it scarier to go to the doctor or the dentist?

60. Do you prefer to wear your hair straight or curly?

61. Would you rather visit Jupiter or Saturn?

62. Do you prefer to take a shower or a bath?

63. Are you more afraid of the dark or your parents?

64. Do you prefer to clean your room or study?

65. Would you rather ride a bike or a scooter?

66. Do you prefer spending time with people or animals?

67. Is it more fun to picnic in a park or on a beach?

68. Does a rabbit or frog make the better pet?

69. Would you rather have a tummy ache or a headache?

70. Is it harder for you to give up movies or music?

71. Would you rather have extra recess or no homework for a week?

72. Do you enjoy more a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast?

73. Would you rather be two years younger or five years older?

74. Do you prefer to read or write?

75. Would you rather eat sour milk or rotten eggs? 

76. Is it more comfortable to travel by plane or car?

77. Would you rather have all sisters or all brothers?

78. Are zoo animals or animals in nature more exciting to observe?

79. Would you rather have monkey bars or a swingset in your backyard?

80. It is better to live in the city or in the country?

81. Would you rather ice skate or rollerskate?

82. Do you want to learn a new language or a new sport?

83. Is it better to think fast or move fast?

84. Would you rather have a pet mouse or a pet snake?

85. Is it more fun to eat with chopsticks or a fork?

86. Are you more introverted or extroverted?

87. Would you rather get stuck on the moon or on a deserted island?

88. Do you find hot or cold foods more appealing?

89. Is it better to be able to think or do?

90. Do you prefer mayo or mustard on your hamburger?

91. Would you rather have an alligator’s skin or an elephant’s trunk?

92. Are human babies or kittens cuter?

93. Would you rather make snow angels or sand castles?

94. Do you prefer to read or be read to?

95. Are family trips or field trips more fun?

96. Would you rather be stuck in a closet with 10 hungry mosquitos or a web of sleepy spiders?

97. Is it funnier to have a clown’s nose or a rabbit’s ears?

98. Would you rather visit the past or the future?

99. Do you prefer to live in a dry or humid climate?

100. Would you rather attend a technology or P.E class?

101. Do you prefer to hang out with your family or friends?

Final Thoughts On This Or That Questions for Kids

Now you have a stash of kid-friendly would you rather-type questions that spark silly and interesting conversations with children.

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