75 Quick and Easy Third Grade Report Card Comments

It’s time for report cards, and you’re seeking third grade report card comments.

Sitting down to a blank computer screen can be overwhelming, so save yourself frustration by using these helpful copy and paste third grade report card comments for students.

These third grade report card comments provide teachers the specific feedback they need to communicate strengths and weaknesses of students.

Find comments that cover the subjects of math, reading, writing, science, speaking, and behavior.

These report card comments for third grade students will save you time.

Third grade students are often graded on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking)
  • Behavior/Conduct

The following 3rd grade report card comments cover each of the areas listed above to help you save time.

Third Grade Report Card Comments: Math

The student…

  • Excels at third-grade math. He/she has mastered addition and subtraction for this level.
  • Can complete math problems involving multiplication, division, and simple fractions.
  • Continues to increase his/her ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide large sums.
  • Is ahead of the class when it comes to understanding fractions. 
  • Can read and write large numbers through the hundreds of thousands and understands the place value for different digits.
  • Has great foundational skills for math.
  • Surpasses other students at understanding basic math frameworks.
  • Can complete math problems requiring multiple steps.
  • Exceeds the standards for third-grade math.
  • Continues to improve solve problems successfully without assistance.

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Third Grade Report Card Comments: Writing Skills

The student…

  • Uses correct grammar and makes very few mistakes in his/her writing.
  • Has a large writing vocabulary for a third grader.
  • Understands how to write an essay based on grade-level expectations.
  • Can write essays with supporting details and a concluding statement.
  • Has great writing skills for this grade level.
  • Is a natural writer. He/she uses creative language in his/her writing assignments.
  • Takes the time to double-check his/her writing for mistakes.
  • Can research, plan, organize, and revise writing assignments.
  • Has shown significant improvement in his/her writing skills this year.
  • Already writes at a third-grade or better level. 

Third Grade Report Card Comments: Reading 

The student…

  • Exceeds the reading standards for the third grade.
  • Reads beyond a third-grade level. He/she is ready for more challenging reading material.
  • Has shown significant improvement in his/her reading skills. 
  • Frequently selects books intended for older children.
  • Has a good habit of using context clues to define words that he/she does not understand.
  • Rarely needs help understanding the meaning of complex words.
  • Is reading at a third-grade level. Keep it up!
  • Reading comprehension skills are ahead of the third-grade level.
  • Often self-corrects after mispronouncing a word.
  • Enjoys reading independently.

Third Grade Report Card Comments: Science

The student…

  • Actively participates in all science lab work and experiments.
  • Is a passionate learner, especially when it comes to science.
  • Enjoy learning about the earth and space.
  • Knows the steps of the scientific method.
  • Always inquisitive about science topics.
  • Has developed a deep knowledge of (insert science topic).
  • Is naturally inquisitive during science lessons.

3rd Grade Report Card Comments: Social Studies

The student…

  • Has surpassed expectations for social studies at a third-grade level.
  • Actively participates in social studies dicussions.
  • Shows a high level of comprehension of how historical events impact our lives today.
  • Has expressed a lot of interest in learning more about history.
  • Use text features to aid understanding when reading social studies texts.
  • Is ahead of the class when it comes to geography and history topics.
  • Progressing well in the area of (insert social studies topic).
  • Continues to amaze me with his/her knowledge of important historical events.
  • Puts forth good effort when completing social studies projects.

3rd Grade Report Card Comments: Speaking

The student…

  • Speaks with confidence when giving presentations in front of the class.
  • Has no problem speaking in front of the class.
  • Frequently volunteers to speak or read passages during class lessons.
  • Participates in class reading activities, including reading aloud.
  • Often volunteers to read aloud.

3rd Grade Report Card Comments: Positive Behavior

The student…

  • …actively participates in class.
  • Is a very inquisitive child. Often wants to learn more beyond the class lessons.
  • Continues to grow positive learning skills.
  • …has developed great work habits.
  • …is respectful towards teachers and peers.
  • Frequently volunteers to help when preparing for a group activity.
  • Has developed a great set of foundation skills to prepare him/her for the fourth grade and beyond.
  • Never needs a reminder to stay on track with independent assignments.
  • Makes good use of the available time in class to complete assignments.
  • Always reviews work before turning it in. Rarely makes simple mistakes.
  • Has a positive attitude toward learning.
  • Remains calm under pressure.
  • …takes the time to work through problems.
  • Is highly motivated. He/she always focuses on his/her work until it is complete.

Negative Report Card Comments for Third Grade Behavior

The student…

  • Often needs a reminder to stop talking with other students.
  • Struggles to focus when working on subjects that do not interest him/her.
  • Should work a little more on the math/science/English concepts introduced this year in order to be prepared for the next grade level.
  • Has grown significantly in most areas but ___ remains a source of anxiety and frustration for him/her.
  • May need to continue working on ___ during the summer to prepare for the net grade level.
  • …still has trouble grasping the concept of ___.
  • Has worked hard throughout the year. However, spending more time on ___ may help him/her improve.
  • Has made great strides this year. Yet, he/she may benefit from tutoring to make more progress next year.

You now have a variety of 3rd grade report card comments to use when filling out report cards at the end of the year or semester.

Remember to edit these copy and paste report card comments to ensure that they match your assessment of the student’s abilities.

You may also want to offer a little more insight when drafting your teachers comments on students’ progress to help parents track their child’s progress.

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