51 Quick and Easy Third Grade Report Card Comments

The deadline is approaching fast for you to submit third grade report card comments, but you have frustration about getting started.

Sitting down to a blank computer screen can be overwhelming.

Save yourself the stress of it all by using these helpful copy and paste third grade report card comments for students.

These third grade report card comments provide teachers with the specific feedback they need to communicate students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Find comments here that cover the subjects of math, reading, writing, science, and behavior.

These report card comments for 3rd-grade students will save you time.

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Third Grade Report Card Comments

Following you will find a variety of quality remarks to use as third grade report card comments.


  • _____ excels at third-grade math concepts.
  • _____ completes math problems involving a variety of math concepts.
  • _____ is progressing well in the area of (insert any math skill).
  • _____ completes math problems requiring multiple steps.
  • _____ is always eager to share his/her math ideas and solutions during discussions.
  • _____ exceeds the standards for third-grade math.

Writing Skills

  • _____ uses standard grammar and makes very few mistakes in her writing.
  • _____ takes risks using new vocabulary in writing.
  • _____ responses to writing prompts based on grade-level expectations.
  • _____ writes essays with supporting details and a concluding statement.
  • _____ reviews writing for errors before submitting it for publication.
  • _____ thoroughly researches, plans, organizes, and revises writing assignments.
  • _____ has shown significant improvement in his writing skills this year.

Language Arts and Reading 

  • _____ exceeds the reading standards for the third grade.
  • _____ reads beyond a third-grade level. She is ready for more challenging reading material.
  • _____ has shown significant improvement in his reading skills. 
  • _____ frequently selects books that are “just right.
  • _____ has a good habit of using context clues to define unfamiliar words.
  • _____ reads at a third-grade level. Keep it up!
  • _____ often self-corrects after mispronouncing a word.
  • _____ reads independently.
  • _____ reading fluency has improved significantly this quarter.


  • _____ actively participates in all science lab work and experiments.
  • _____ knows the steps of the scientific method.
  • _____ is inquisitive about science topics.
  • _____ has developed a deep knowledge of (insert science topic).
  • _____ makes a logical hypothesis and does research to investigate.

Social Studies

  • _____ actively participates in social studies discussions.
  • _____ is able to connect ideas between social studies concepts.
  • _____ use text features to aid understanding when reading social studies texts.
  • _____ is progressing well in the area of (insert social studies topic).

Positive Behavior

  • _____ actively participates in class.
  • _____ has developed great work habits.
  • _____ is respectful towards teachers and peers.
  • _____ frequently volunteers to help when preparing for a group activity.
  • _____ rarely needs a reminder to stay on track with independent assignments.
  • _____ makes good use of the available time in class to complete assignments.
  • _____ always reviews work before turning it in.
  • _____ exhibits a positive attitude toward learning.
  • _____ is highly motivated.

Needs Improvement

Remember to include next steps comments as part of your needs improvement report card comments.

  • _____ often needs a reminder to stop talking with other students.
  • _____ struggles to focus when working on subjects that do not interest him.
  • _____ has grown significantly in the areas of …
  • I suggest that ______ continues to work on … during the summer in order to prepare for the next grade level.
  • _____ still has trouble grasping the concept of…
  • _____ has made great strides this year. Yet, he may benefit from tutoring.

Final Thoughts: Third Grade Report Card Comments

You now have a variety of 3rd-grade report card comments to use when completing report cards throughout the school year.

These short yet powerful report card remarks save you time and headache.