41 Cool Things to Write About When Bored (Student Edition)

Students can’t think of things to write about when bored?

These 41 engaging writing ideas will definitely get their writing juices flowing!

These things to write about when bored not only prevent writer’s block, they sharpen writing skills, spark the imagination, instill a love for writing, and help students express their thoughts.

Consider having students develop these creative writing prompts in a journal.

So pencil into your lesson plan this week a few of these interesting things to write about when bored.

Students will never run out of story ideas or things to write when bored in class.

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Things to Write About When Bored

Share these ideas with students if they need fun things to write about when bored.

1. Create a story out of a dream you had.

Did you have a crazy dream last night that aliens visited your school or Abraham Lincoln came over for dinner?

Write a story about what happened in your dream, and take it to the next step by imagining what would have happened next if you hadn’t woken up.

2. Pretend you are living in the year 3000.

You are living in the 31st century. How is it different from today?

Are there flying cars, digital food, amusement parks in outer space?

How do people dress and what do kids do for fun?

Does everyone have a household robot or is electricity a thing of the past and everyone relies on solar power?

This is one of the most creative things to write about when bored.

3. Interview your hero.

Wouldn’t it be cool to meet Jackie Robinson or Elon Musk?

Who is your hero – either living or dead, and what would you ask him or her if you had a chance to meet?

Would you ask who his/her hero is or what he/she likes on pizza? How would the person answer you?

4. Discover a new plant or animal.

You stumble upon an undiscovered animal or plant.

What does it look like? Where does it live? What does it eat? Can you keep it as a pet or grow it in your garden? Is it wild? Is it dangerous? What would you name it?

5. Dream of spending one million dollars…

If only you had one million dollars – well now you do. How are you going to spend it?

Will you buy a lifetime pass to Disney World for you and your friends or new cars for your parents?

Will you give some of the money away or save it for the future so you don’t have to work?

If you really want to get students’ thoughts flowing when they need things to write about when bored, share this prompt for sure.

6. Imagine you are 30 years old.

Adulthood can seem so far away especially with the years of school ahead of you.

What will your life look like when you are 30 years old?

What will your job be? Will you be married with lots of kids or single and traveling the world? What places will you have visited?

What kind of experiences will you have had?

7. Befriend your favorite book character.

You suddenly find yourself smack in the middle of your favorite story, and the character you like most is your best friend.

How do you fit into the story? What do you do to help your best friend achieve their mission? Does your presence change the ending of the book?

8. Describe your life to a pen pal who lives in a different country.

You’ve just received a letter from a new pen pal halfway across the world. They have no knowledge of the food you eat, the way you dress, or the holidays you celebrate.

Describe to your new friend how you spend your average day and what special occasions you like to celebrate.

This is one of the most fascinating things to write about when bored.

9. Travel to outer space.

You are officially an astronaut and are on your first mission.

Where are you going? Do you land on another planet or get sucked into a black hole and come out in another dimension?

Do you encounter other life forms in your outer space and if so, what are they like?

10. Invent the next big thing.

You have changed the world with your big invention.

What is it? What does it do, and why is it important? Does it change the way we live our lives, or is it a small invention that makes one aspect of life just a little bit easier?

When thinking of things to write about when bored, consider choosing a topic related to inventions.

11. Imagine being king or queen of your own country…

You are officially ruler of your own country.

What is your nation called and what does its flag look like?

As king or queen, what does your day look like? Do you spend it eating cake and throwing parties, or do you address the people’s problems from breakfast till dinner time?

This is one of the most imaginative things to write about when bored.

12. Create a new sport.

You are the inventor of a brand new sport.

What are the rules? What kind of equipment do you need? How many players are there and how do you win?

13. Celebrate a new holiday.

Create a new official holiday.

What are you celebrating? Is there a special food you make or a certain way to dress on your new holiday? Are there special parties or ceremonies to perform?

14. Acquire a superpower.

You got just a little too close to that radioactive spill and suddenly, you have superpowers!

What are they? Will you use your powers for good or evil? Someone else acquired powers too – are they your friend or your enemy?

Of all the things to write about when bored, this topic is arguably the most popular with students.

15. Grab the nearest three items to save the world.

Look around you, and grab the three nearest items.

These are what you are going to use to save the world. How will you do it? Will you be successful?

16. Discover a mysterious egg.

You stumble across a mysterious egg.

What does it look like? Do you try to find its mother or do you take it home and wait for it to hatch? What kind of creature is inside?

When looking for things to write about when bored, consider choosing themes related to mysteries.

17. Write a story based on your favorite song.

Think of your favorite song.

Does it tell a story? What was the writer thinking about when he or she wrote the lyrics? Does it have a happy ending or is it sad?

18. Outline the steps to a delicious recipe.

Bake the most incredible dessert. Create a recipe that results in the best dessert ever.

Be sure to include all of the ingredients and steps you need to follow in order to concoct a delicious treat you can share with the world.

19. Pretend your favorite toy is alive.

What if your favorite toy was actually alive and saw everything you did?

What would you look like from the toy’s perspective? How would your day go, and what kind of things would you do that might be strange to your toy?

20. Win your perfect vacation.

You’ve just won the ultimate vacation.

Where are you going? What kind of activities would you be doing? Who would you bring with you?

21. Design the coolest theme park.

You are in charge of creating the next best amusement park.

What do the rides look like? What kind of food is served? Are there any special requirements in order to enter the park?

When brainstorming things to write about when bored, choosing a topic such as this encourages students to mix in writing and math skills which is a win-win.

More Things to Write About When Bored and Out of Ideas

Following are more creative ideas for things to write about when bored. Even reluctant writers will be excited to write.

22. Pretend your desk is a home and your supplies the occupants. Write a creative story about a typical day in their life.

23. Retell the events of your first day of school.

24. Write an instructional manual to a student in the grade below you explaining how to succeed in your current grade level.

25. Share a story about a time when you felt jealous of a friend. How did you overcome the feeling?

26. Describe an annoying experience with mosquitos or roaches.

27. Write about what it would be like to be invisible for 24 hours. What would you do or not do? Where would you go?

28. Share your opinion about whether or not elementary students should be allowed to have cell phones in class. Explain your thinking.

29. Describe your favorite relative.

30. Write a letter to humanity urging everyone to show kindness. Provide examples.

31. Share a regret you have. Tell how you would change things if you could go back in time.

32. Pay attention to all the sounds you hear. Describe them.

33. Write a friendly letter to a character from one of your favorite books.

34. Compose a rap or song that teaches kids the importance of cleaning up after making a mess.

35. Create a new brain break.

36. Retell a memory of receiving the worst present ever.

37. Draft ten facts that you would like the teacher to know about you.

38. Write an autobiography about your life.

39. Brainstorm different jobs you find cool. Now write about what you might want to be when you grow up.

40. Share some ways that students your age can reach their S.M.A.R.T goals.

41. Write about a time when you were the only person not invited to a special event.

42. Make a list of ten things to write about when bored.

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