25 Delightful Testing Treats for Students

Students’ lives are filled with tests, quizzes, and exams which can all be nerve-wracking tests.

To inject a bit of fun, encouragement, and motivation into these testing times, incorporate testing treats for students.

Whether it’s midterms, final exams, standardized tests like the Staar, or quizzes, students of all ages experience moments of stress and pressure during their academic journey.

While the primary goal of teachers is to help them excel in their studies, it’s equally important to provide a supportive environment that boosts their confidence and reduces anxiety.

And that’s where these thoughtful testing treat ideas can truly make a difference.

Testing treats are a great way to motivate and reward students during testing periods because they provide a bit of encouragement and help reduce stress.

No matter what exam or test is being administered, these testing treat ideas for students will make the testing period a little more enjoyable and productive.

Get ready to transform test-taking into a positively memorable experience.

Testing Treats for Students

The following have shown over and over again that they make great treats for students during testing and exams.

1. Healthy Snacks

Provide a variety of healthy snacks such as granola bars, trail mix, yogurt cups, fresh fruit, and whole-grain crackers.

These options help sustain energy levels and keep students focused.

2. Minty Gum

Chewing gum has been linked to improved concentration and memory.

If allowed, gift individually wrapped mints or mint gum to keep students alert during the test.


Design bookmarks with motivational quotes or fun designs. These can be both functional and encouraging.

4. Candy and Sweets

While it’s important not to go overboard with sugary treats, a small amount of candy or a fun-sized chocolate bar can be a sweet incentive.

5. Puzzle or Brain Teaser Sheets

Include some brain-teasing puzzles or riddles along with the treats.

These encourage students to take a short break and engage their minds in a different way.

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6. Fruit Kabobs

Make colorful fruit kabobs as a refreshing and healthy treat option.

7. Stress Balls

Providing stress-relief tools like stress balls helps students manage any anxiety or nervousness they might be feeling before the test.

8. Mini Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is important during test periods. Providing mini water bottles reminds students to take a sip and stay focused.

9. Personalized Notes

Write short, encouraging notes on colorful paper or sticky notes and attach them to the treats.

Personalized messages make students feel supported and valued.

10. Pencil or Pen Sets

Distribute fun and colorful pencils or pens that students can use during the test (if allowed).

It adds a touch of excitement to the otherwise mundane act of writing.

11. Tokens

Provide students with tokens that they can redeem for special privileges, like sitting in a preferred spot for the day or choosing a topic for a class discussion.

12. Brainy Bite Treat Bags

Create small bags of nut-free granola, dried fruits, and dark chocolate chips. Attach a note saying “Stay fueled for success!”

13. Motivational Magnets

Design magnets with inspirational quotes or test-taking tips. Students can stick these on their lockers or study areas.

14. Positive Pencils

Provide pencils with positive messages like “You’ve got this!” or “Believe in yourself.”

15. Stress-Relief Kits

Assemble small kits containing stress balls and mini puzzles. You could also include balloons and rice or flour for students to make their own stress balls.

16. Energy Boosters

A great idea for older students, offer energy bars or protein bars with a note saying “Power up your brain!”

17. Bookworm Treats

Attach a treat to a bookmark with a message like “Reading is your superpower!”

18. Customized Stickers

Create stickers with fun designs or encouraging words for students to use in their notebooks or on their assignments.

19. Coupons

Give out coupons that students can redeem for a short break or an extra five minutes of free time.

20. Lucky Charms

Attach a treat to a mini “lucky charm” (like a small toy or trinket) and wish students luck on their test.

21. Celebrity Encouragement

Create mock “fan” cards featuring famous characters or celebrities cheering students on.

22. Positive Affirmation Cards

Design cards with positive affirmations that students can read whenever they need a bit of motivation.

Download motivational affirmation cards.

23. Coloring Sheets

Distribute small coloring sheets and colored pencils for a relaxing break.

24. Small Bottle of Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Gift each student a small bottle of bubbles accompanied by a note that says, “You’re gonna blow this test away!”

25. Good Luck Rock or Crystal

Give each student a special rock or crystal that they can leave on their desk during testing (if allowed).

It will serve as a reminder for the student to give her best effort.

Final Thoughts On Testing Treat Ideas for Students

Test-taking time can be very stressful for students, no matter their age or subject area.

So lighten the mood a bit by gifting a few of these testing treats for students. They are perfect to give during any type of exam, class test, or standardized test.

The goal is to offer treats that provide a combination of mental and physical refreshments to help students perform their very best.