33 Terrific Technology Writing Prompts for Students

Find here a collection of cool technology writing prompts that students love.

If you’re a technology teacher or an educator who simply wants to explore creative writing prompts about technology with students, then you’ve landed in the correct place.

Not only do these technology writing prompts reduce writer’s block, they sharpen writing skills, promote critical thinking, instill a love for writing, deepen understanding of concepts, and help students express ideas.

So encourage learners to apply their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math skills using these technology writing prompts.

Schedule into your technology or writing plans this week a few of these cool technology writing prompts.

Technology Writing Prompts

These fun and engaging technology writing prompts are suitable for elementary, middle, and high school students.

1. Technology is all around us. Write about the different ways technology is used in your kitchen.

2. Write an email or series of text messages explaining to your parents how to use a particular app.

3. Give detailed instructions for how to play your favorite online game.

4. Write about something you learned today in technology class that is similar to something you already knew.

5. Share three ways that you use technology in your daily life. Be specific by providing details.

6. Think about the technological devices used in your classroom. Choose one, and write about its purpose. How does it make learning easier?

7. When I hear the word technology, I think of …

9. Sketch a picture of a technological device. Then write a paragraph or two about its purpose/what it does.

10. Explain the similarities and differences between a computer virus and a human virus.

10. Sketch a symbol or scene that represents what technology means to you. Then write a paragraph or two explaining it.

11. An online game I really enjoy is… because…(give at least three reasons).

12. Draft a letter to the mayor asking her to start a campaign encouraging citizens to not text and drive.

13. Compare and contrast a desktop computer versus a laptop.

14. Your class will pair with a younger grade to perform a STEM project. Describe the activity you will do with your buddy.

15. Draft an instructional manual explaining how to download an app onto one’s cell phone.

More Topics About Technology

16. In 2 to 3 paragraphs, write two disadvantages and two advantages of using email instead of writing a traditional letter.

17. Retell the key moments of completing your favorite technology activity this year.

18. Pretend that you were transported 50 years into the past. Explain to the citizens the future invention of the Internet. Be specific so that they will be able to visualize what it is and how it works.

19. Write an article for the school newspaper offering tips to students on how to create secure passwords for logins.

20. In what ways would learning science be different if there were no technological devices to use?

21. In your opinion, what are two technological inventions that may exist twenty-five years from now? Describe them.

22. Write about an experience you had learning how to code.

23. Imagine it’s the year 2521. Using the 5Ws + H to help generate details, describe what you see. Afterwards, sketch a scene of it.

24. If you could have a robot complete any task you dislike, what would you have it do? Why?

25. Write a letter for the school newsletter giving tips on how to prevent cyber bullying.

26. Imagine that you are an inventor. What invention would you create to make life easier for humans? Describe.

27. Would you rather travel to your destination via boat, train, or airplane? Explain your reasoning.

28. The technology teacher has money to spend on student devices. She is thinking to buy either tablets or desktop computers. Write a letter convincing her that your choice is better for learning.

29. Describe the perfect technology activity or lesson. 

30. In 2 to 3 paragraphs, write about some of the disadvantages of using too much technology.

31. Describe to a younger child the differences between a mouse for the computer and a mouse the animal.

32. If you had a computer that could be programmed to perform any tasks, which activities would you assign to it and why?

33. What are the benefits of responding to writing prompts involving technology?

Final Thoughts

Whether you teach elementary, middle school, or high school, your students will benefit from these free writing prompts about the future, the internet, and modern technology.

For support, teach students how to respond well to these technology writing prompts.

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