65 Powerful Daily Affirmations for Teacher Anxiety

Inject positive energy into your teaching life using these powerful teacher affirmations.

These daily affirmations for teacher anxiety, which also can be used by principals, reduce stress and promote a growth mindset.

Tweak the statements to fit your needs, and challenge yourself to recite them daily.

In a month or so, you’ll feel different … your spirit will be more energized and calm.

In time, teacher affirmations alter your character and mindset. But only when you believe what you say and remain consistent with saying the phrases.

So begin reciting these powerful teacher affirmations daily in order to improve your teaching life.

Daily Teacher Affirmations

The following positive teacher affirmations relieve anxiety.

Teacher Positive Affirmations

  • I feel great about myself today.
  • Negativity is not part of my daily routine.
  • I am confident that today is a great day!
  • Each challenge I encounter I’m able to overcome successfully.
  • I fill my soul with positive news and energy.
  • I spend time investing in myself.
  • Self-discipline is a trait I am proud to possess in order to meet my goals.
  • I love who I am, for I’m unique and offer valuable perspectives.
  • I feel proud for all of my past professional accomplishments.
  • I’m confident in my teaching abilities.
  • I gladly try new instructional techniques that I believe will work well for my students.
  • My work ethic is strong.
  • I’m resourceful and creative.
  • I am efficient.
  • My work gives me joy and enthusiasm.
  • I see the glass half-full even when others see it half-empty.
  • I fearlessly tackle working outside of my comfort zone.
  • After teaching a lesson, I reflect on the activity and modify my instruction accordingly.
  • I am a problem solver.
  • I’m totally okay with standing alone if I believe my decision is correct.
  • My principal recognizes and appreciates my strengths.
  • I am humble and have no problem saying “I’m sorry”.
  • I’m mentally prepared for the unexpected.
  • I appreciate my past experiences that have made me wiser and stronger.
  • Every new challenge I encounter is an opportunity to grow.
  • I spend time investing in my career.
  • I make good decisions that serve my students well.
  • Every challenging experience makes me wiser personally and professionally.
  • I don’t need outside validation to know that my work and worth are valuable.
  • I exude positive energy.
  • My classroom is student-centered.
  • I create procedures that keep me organized.
  • I’m respectful towards all faculty and staff.
  • I don’t need to outshine anyone to make myself look better.
  • I appreciate the variety of perspectives from my colleagues.
  • I’m not in competition with my colleagues.
  • I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • My team and I work collaboratively for the improvement of all students.
  • I have the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change.
  • I’m open to constructive feedback from my colleagues.
  • I can handle a bad situation and find a solution that works for me.
  • Being an attentive listener is my strength.
  • Even when everything or everyone around me is chaotic, I keep my inner world calm.
  • Difficult experiences mean that I am growing as a person and professional.
  • I listen attentively to those who have ideas with which I don’t agree.
  • My abilities and talents help me overcome work challenges.
  • Honest communication is golden.
  • I accept responsibility and accountability for my actions.
  • I am grateful for all the honest and sincere colleagues with whom I work.
  • I deserve a boss or principal that is honest and has integrity.

Teacher affirmations change your mindset and impacts your teaching life in a positive way.

For the next 30 days, challenge yourself to say these affirmations daily. You’re steps closer to a more stress-free teaching life.

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