31 Most Popular Tangible Rewards for Students

A good classroom management plan incorporates positive reinforcement through rewards.

Rewards serve as extrinsic motivators because they encourage students to put forth their best efforts consistently.

Some of the best examples are tangible in nature.

Students receive a “physical” type of keepsake. This souvenir serves as a memory or reminder of their accomplishment.

Students have something to show parents, teachers, and classmates … proof of their success.

This can be positively powerful!

Here you will find a list of tangible rewards for students to add to your collection of classroom reward ideas.

All of these tangible rewards for students make a great addition to your classroom management plan no matter the grade you teach.

Tangible Rewards for Students

1. Book of Jokes – Reward students with a book of knock knock jokes or a book from their favorite genre.

2. Reward Coupons – Hand students a reward coupon that they can redeem any time. See printable reward coupons.

3. Kind Note Home – What student doesn’t love a kind note home to parents? Consider creating cute seasonal templates to use for this purpose.

4. Personalized Pencil – Pencils engraved with a cute message or a student’s name make great tangible rewards for students.

5. Positive Affirmation Cards – Encourage a growth mindset by gifting a set of positive affirmation cards. If you want to make your own, use these affirmation phrases to get started.

6. Journal – Daily journals motivate students to express their thoughts and reflect upon ideas. A variety of options exist online and at local stores.

7. Certificate or Award – Tangible rewards for students don’t have to cost a thing. Give an award or certificate of achievement. You could even gift a mock award that plays on a funny attribute or characteristic.

8. Sweet Treat – If permitted, give students a small treat such as a favorite candy or snack. You may also give a sweet treat in a figurative sense like a small gift the student may like. Examples include a personalized pencil or trinket.

9. Personalized Key Chain – This is a unique reward for any student who needs to hang on to house, bike, or locker keys.

10. Gift Certificate to Book Store or Favorite Place – Why not give students a gift certificate to a bookstore, favorite restaurant, museum, or any place they love to visit?

11. Thank You Card – A hand-written thank you card has a profound effect on the receiver. This lasting reward shows that you recognize the student in some special way.

12. Slime – Make some of your tangible rewards for students fun! Slime makes a perfect reward for any student who is interested in science or one who appreciates messy things.

13. Bubbles – Bubbles are fun and can be blown practically anywhere outdoors.

14. Bookmarks – For voracious readers, give cool bookmarks. Look for bookmarks with positive affirmations, quotes, or interesting images.

15. Puzzle Books – For students who like a challenge, give a puzzle book such as Sudoku, crosswords, or hidden picture puzzles.

16. Slap Bracelets – Slap bracelets are still in style, and students love them. Plus, they’re inexpensive.

17. Painted Rocks – Painted rocks make thoughtful tangible rewards for students. Take a rock, and paint it with a personalized message and/or image. See how to make painted rocks.

18. Coloring or Drawing Book – For students who like to color, draw, or who are interested in art, get them a coloring or drawing book.

19. Board Games – Classic board games make great tangible rewards for students. They’re so much fun, can be used by the whole family, and reinforce following instructions.

20. Science Experiment Kit – Give a fun science experiment kit that encourages students to explore various aspects of science.

21. Trophy or Medal – Another simple reward is a trophy or medal. Medals and trophies symbolize winning. That’s why they make popular tangible rewards for students.

22. Cool Eraser – Make writing time more exciting by distributing cool erasers. Students will be more motivated to move their pencils.

23. Stickers – Gift students a pack of seasonal or themed stickers for a job well done.

24. Craft – If you’re a crafty teacher, rewarding students with a craft you made is special and really touches the heart. Examples include an ornament or picture frame.

25. Colored Chalk – Hopscotch, sidewalk writing, and writing on an old-school chalkboard are just a few activities that students will love doing with this fun reward.

26. Pencil Topper – Pencil toppers add a little decoration to a plain pencil. What’s even better is that students like them!

27. Coupon Book – If you don’t want to limit students to just one prize, why not give them a coupon book of rewards? They redeem the coupons throughout the school year.

28. Yo-Yo – Yo yos make great tangible rewards for students. They come in a variety of colors and designs.

29. Gel Pens – Say goodbye to boring pens. Add pizzazz and a little bit of sparkle to students’ writing by gifting colorful gel pens.

30. Origami Book – For those artistic students who like a challenge, give a beginners origami book.

31. Tickets – If you use the ticket reward system in your classroom, one of your tangible rewards can be to give students extra tickets.

Final Thoughts

Show students how much you appreciate them plus honor their hard work and efforts using these tangible rewards for students.

These keepsake souvenirs will serve as reminders of their success.

Now you know exactly what kind of memorable rewards to give students.

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