101 Great Superlative Award Ideas

If you’re seeking superlative award ideas, you’ve landed in the right place. 

While it’s a good idea to recognize students’ strengths, talents, and accomplishments without comparison among peers, it’s fun at times to highlight the traits and characteristics of students that stand out.

A great way to showcase students’ unique personalities and academic strengths is to assign them superlative titles.

Superlative awards are recognition statements meant to honor, praise, celebrate, or show appreciation.

Distribute superlative certificates to help recognize students’ strong traits and skills.

These awards are meant to be fun, adding a bit of humor to an awards ceremony or yearbook. 

Here you will find the best superlative award ideas for students no matter the grade or subject you teach. 

There are a wide variety of examples which include funny superlatives. You are sure to find a superlative award idea for every type of student. 

Superlative Award Ideas

Whether you’re looking for awards for the end of the school year or funny yearbook superlatives, here you will find a good collection of award ideas and certificates.

  • Biggest Heart – cares for others greatly, always shows gratitude and appreciation 
  • Brightest Smile
  • Classmate Who Rocks the Most Pink (or any other color of clothing)
  • Cleanest Desk or Locker
  • Fastest Multiplier – completes math facts quickly and with great accuracy
  • Fastest Runner
  • Field Day MVP
  • Greatest Helper
  • Kindest
  • Most Improved In… – Insert a learning objective from math, reading, writing, spelling, social studies, or science.
  • Neatest Desk
  • Neatest Drawings
  • Neatest Handwriting
  • Quietest Worker
  • VIP In (insert any subject area or activity) – played a very important role in a project or activity
  • Strongest Group Leader or Table Captain
  • Strongest Hop Scotch Player
  • Strongest Speller

“Best” Superlative Award Ideas

  • Best Artist – good at drawing, coloring, or making music
  • Best Athlete 
  • Best Attitude – consistently exudes a positive attitude, even through challenges
  • Best Conflict Manager – resolves conflict with peers in a peaceful manner
  • Best Cursive Handwriting
  • Best Dancer
  • Best Friend To All – shows respect and kindness to everyone, regardless of any differences the person may have
  • Best Giver of Compliments – always has something nice to say to classmates
  • Best Handwriting
  • Best Helper – eager to help out teachers or peers when needed
  • Best Jump Roper
  • Best Line Leader
  • Best Manners
  • Best Note Taker – keeps meticulous notes for class assignments
  • Best Problem Solver – able to strategically solve math word problems and/or social conflicts, producing great results
  • Best Public Speaker
  • Best Sense of Humor
  • Best Sharer
  • Best Singer
  • Best Smile
  • Best Team Player

“Most” Superlative Award Ideas

  • Most Active Participant
  • Most Artistic
  • Most Athletic
  • Most Attentive Listener
  • Most Caring
  • Most Consistent Follower of Instructions
  • Most Cooperative
  • Most Creative
  • Most Creative Thinker
  • Most Dependable
  • Most Determined
  • Most Diligent
  • Most Disciplined Reader
  • Most Engaged – participates regularly with minimal or no prompting from the teacher
  • Most Extensive Vocabulary – demonstrates a wide vocabulary in writing and in oral discourse
  • Most Fearless – willing to take risks when applying new learning strategies, has little trouble competing against others who are perceived as stronger players in a game
  • Most Friendly
  • Most Generous
  • Most Inquisitive – respectfully asks lots of good questions that help to clarify or deepen knowledge
  • Most Musical
  • Most Organized Desk or Locker
  • Most Polite
  • Most Prepared for Class
  • Most Responsible
  • Most Thoughtful
  • Most Tidy
  • Most Unique

Funny Superlative Award Ideas

  • Biggest Bookworm
  • Most Dramatic – a funny award for the student who normally exaggerates a story or an “injury”
  • Silliest
  • Most Unforgettable 
  • Best Memory – a funny award for a student who remembers not just academic material but random things
  • Most Laid Back
  • Most Upbeat – always presents a positive attitude and growth mindset
  • Best Cleaner Upper – does a great job of tidying up his/her space or the classroom after an activity
  • Best Laugh
  • Most Opinionated
  • Most Energetic – always moving, has a hard time sitting still
  • Best Story Teller – a funny award for the student who is always eager to share a story that tells how what the class is learning about is connected to his or her life in some way
  • Biggest Drama King or Queen
  • Most Assertive – has no problem standing up for him or herself
  • Most School Spirit

Most Likely To…” Superlative Award Ideas

  • Most Likely to Become a Famous Artist
  • Most Likely to Become a Teacher
  • Most Likely to Be Found In the Library
  • Most Likely to Be Found Reading A Juicy Book
  • Most Likely To Be Smiling
  • Most Likely to Brighten Your Day
  • Most Likely to Develop An App – a student who is really good with technology
  • Most Likely to Go Outer Space – loves astronomy, the planets, and all things space-related
  • Most Likely to Help the Teacher
  • Most Likely to Join the Circus – a student who is silly, fun, and likes to make others laugh
  • Most Likely to Make You Laugh
  • Most Likely to Paint a Masterpiece – great at painting and different forms of art
  • Most Likely to Save the Planet – cares about the environment and/or encourages others to recycle
  • Most Likely to Start a Band – plays a musical instrument or loves music in some form
  • Most Likely to Start a Charity – a student who has a heart for people and animals in unfortunate situations
  • Most Likely to Top the Pop Charts – a student with a great singing voice, participates in the school’s talent show
  • Most Likely to Win an Olympic Medal – a student who is very competitive when it comes to sports and recess games
  • Most Likely to Win a Grammy
  • Most Likely to Win An Oscar – a fun award given to a “dramatic” student who likes to exaggerate situations
  • Most Likely to Win a Singing Competition
  • Most Likely to Write a Best-Selling Book
  • Most Likely to Write a Hit Song – a student who is a great writer and/or singer

Final Thoughts On Superlative Award Ideas

The importance of highlighting students’ accomplishments and talents cannot be stressed enough.

One way to recognize students is with an awards ceremony.

These superlative award ideas will make planning for your awards ceremony less stressful and more fun.

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