51 Delightful Summer Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade Students

Celebrate the arrival of warm weather, beaches, vacation, outdoor activities, and relaxation using these fun summer writing prompts for 2nd grade students.

Whether writing at school or at home, these summer writing prompts will motivate students to move their pencils.

What’s more, these summer writing prompts for 2nd grade increase a love for writing, sharpen writing skills, help elaborate ideas, spark creativity, and give students an opportunity to reflect upon personal experiences.

That’s why these summer writing prompts for 2nd graders make a great addition to your collection of writing activities.

So have students try out some of these delightful summer writing prompts for second grade.

Summer Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade

Following you will find a list of the best second-grade summer writing prompts.

1. Describe what your backyard looks, feels, and sounds like during the summer months.

2. From the viewpoint of a popsicle, write a kind letter to a cooler.

3. In your opinion, what are the best things about summer vacation? 

4. Using the five senses, describe your favorite ice cream.

5. Write a story about two friends who get lost from their parents while attending a summer festival. 

6. Compare and contrast summer with another season. 

7. Describe fun outdoor activities and games that you enjoy doing during the summer. 

8. Oh no! Your air conditioner isn’t working! Describe how to stay cool. 

9. Write a poem about summer. 

10. Draft a fictional story about someone who befriends a talking starfish while visiting the beach. 

summer writing prompts for 2nd grade
summer writing prompts for 2nd grade

11. Tell about an experience learning how to swim or ride a bike. 

12. What fun activities do you enjoy doing with your pet or would enjoy doing if you owned a pet?

13. Explain the benefits of attending summer camp.

14. Describe the similarities and differences between camping and spending the night in your home. 

15. Summarize the best book you read this school year. 

16. Explain the benefits of responding to summer writing prompts for 2nd grade.

17. Share a favorite summer memory. 

18. Create an acrostic poem using the word S.U.M.M.E.R

19. Imagine that you will participate in a sandcastle-building contest. Devise a strategy for winning first place.

20. What’s on your summer bucket list?

21. Tell a story about a road trip you took with your family.

22. Describe some fun summer activities that you want to try or that you recommend others to try. 

23. Would you rather have a staycation or a vacation? Why do you prefer one over the other?

24. Tell about your most boring summer vacation. 

25. Write about a time when you played outside until dusk. 

26. Share an experience that involved visiting a water park or amusement park during the summer. 

27. Draft a letter introducing yourself to your new teacher. 

28. Describe a fireworks show to someone who has never experienced one. 

29. Plan a summer picnic in the park. Describe the food, and tell what games or activities you will have.

30. Write about a typical day from the perspective of a bar of soap. 

31. Write about a special memory of playing in the swimming pool. 

32. In paragraph form, compare and contrast summer and winter clothing.

33. Draft a letter for the local newspaper convincing residents to spend more time outdoors during the summer instead of online.  

34. Create a fun outdoor game that involves ice cubes. 

35. Write a story about a second grader who flies on an airplane for the first time. 

summer writing prompts for 2nd grade
summer writing prompts for 2nd grade

36. Describe some ways that people celebrate Independence Day. 

37. The newspaper headline reads “Water Balloon Fight Breaks Out at Local Beach!” Write the news story. 

38. Write a recommendation for a summer reading book. 

39. Tell a summer memory about visiting relatives. 

40. Describe an art project that you enjoyed making last school year.

41. Would you rather go camping or scuba diving? Why?

42. Compose a story that includes these words: hot, beach, vacation, sandcastle, pail

43. Draft a letter to the students who will be moving up to your grade level, explaining what to expect next school year. 

44. Give examples and non-examples of having fun.

45. Tell, step-by-step, how to assemble an ice cream cone.

46. Write a story about a mermaid who befriends a sea turtle.

47. Summarize the last nonfiction book you read.

48. Would you rather have a bar-be-cue party or a taco party and why/

49. Persuade your parents to take you to a water park.

50. Create five fun summer writing prompts for 2nd grade.

51. Using the five senses, describe lemonade.

Final Thoughts On Summer Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade

Now you have a treasure-trove of summer writing prompts for 2nd grade students to use as summer writing activities.

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