41 STEM Writing Prompts: Great Ideas to Write About

Here you will find a collection of cool STEM writing prompts that students love.

Not only do these STEM writing prompts reduce writer’s block, they sharpen writing skills, promote critical thinking, instill a love for writing, deepen understanding of concepts, and help students express ideas.

Encourage learners to apply their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

So schedule into your science, math, technology, and/or writing lesson plans this week a few of these cool STEM writing prompts.

STEM Writing Prompts

Following you will find a variety of fun STEM writing prompts that even reluctant writers love.

  • Pretend that you are an inventor. What new invention will you create to make life easier for humans? Describe.
  • What are your two favorite things about the STEM program? Explain with examples.
  • Describe the most memorable STEM activity you’ve ever completed.
  • Write about an experience you had learning how to code.
  • Share three ways that you use science in your daily life.
  • Recycling is a good habit. Think about an empty cardboard box that was once a container for a package you received in the mail. Instead of disposing of the box, in what ways could you repurpose it?
  • Describe the job role of an engineer, architect, or scientist.
  • In what ways would learning science be different if there were no technological devices to use?
  • Compare and contrast a laptop and a cell phone.
  • Math is all around us. Write about all the different ways math is used in your daily life.
  • Write about some of the disadvantages of technology overload.
  • Brainstorm any technological devices that are used in your classroom. Now choose one, and write about its purpose. How does it make learning more efficient?
  • Describe the steps of the scientific method to a student who is not familiar with it.
  • Sketch a symbol or scene that represents what STEM means to you. Then write a paragraph or two explaining your drawing.
  • Brainstorm one big issue you have in your life. What invention could you create to solve your problem? Describe it.
  • Write an article for the school newspaper urging students to join the STEM after-school club.
  • You have been given the task of designing the cover of a STEM textbook. Describe the cover using lots of details.
  • NASA invites you into space! While there, you discover a new planet. Describe this new discovery. 
  • Imagine that you are a scientist. Describe your recent invention, and explain how you came up with the idea.
  • Write about an area of STEM that is difficult for you, and describe the steps you’re taking in order to improve.
  • Your class will pair with a younger grade to conduct a STEM project. Describe the activity you plan to do with your buddy.
  • Discuss the importance of offering STEM classes in schools.
  • Write a letter to the mayor urging him/her to begin a campaign encouraging citizens to not text, talk, and drive.
  • Retell the key moments of completing your favorite STEM activity this year.
  • If you had to choose one part of STEM to write an essay about (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math), which would you choose and why?
  • Give detailed instructions for how to use a thermometer.
  • Describe how you feel about math today compared to the beginning of the school year. What has caused any significant changes?
  • Describe what a perfect STEM classroom looks and feels like.
  • Explain to a younger child the most important step in solving a math word problem.
  • Write about something you learned today in math that is similar to something you already knew.
  • When I hear the word STEM, I think of …
  • Explain at least two ways STEM is fun. Provide examples.
  • In your opinion, what are the benefits of responding to STEM writing prompts?
  • Compose a poem that relates to a STEM topic.
  • Write a “recipe for perseverance.” Share the ingredients, measurements, and instructions.
  • What’s your favorite way to spend extra time in STEM class?
  • Provide examples and non-examples of a STEM activity.
  • Summarize a STEM activity that you completed recently.
  • Write a diary entry from the perspective of a scientist who has just discovered something new.
  • Explain the pros and cons of having a career in STEM.
  • Write a grocery list for an astronaut.
  • Design a cool bumper sticker to advertise STEM.

Final Thoughts: STEM Writing Prompts

Now you have a ready-supply of writing prompts about STEM that you can use for various writing activities.

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