61 Delightful St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

Celebrate the color green, shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns, and all things associated with this Irish-themed holiday using these fun St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts.

Not only do these St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts eliminate writer’s block, but they encourage students to develop their ideas, explore their creativity, improve their writing skills, and experiment with new vocabulary.

That’s why they make an excellent addition to your collection of writing assignments and activities for the month of March.

So if you’re still trying to figure out what students should write about on St. Patrick’s Day, try a few of these writing prompts and story starters.

St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers will enjoy responding to these St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts.

1. Write all the things you love about St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Would you rather eat green ice cream or green pizza?

3. Summarize the history of why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

4. How many things can you brainstorm that are the color green? Make a list of 101 things.

5. What would you do if you found a pot of gold in your backpack one morning? Explain.

6. Describe a leprechaun using metaphors and similies.

7. Tell the three best things about St. Patrick’s Day.  

8. In your opinion, what does it mean to be lucky?

9. Explain the cause and effects of someone pinching another person on St. Patrick’s Day.

10. Write a story using these words: shamrock, rainbow, adventure, four-leaf clover, gold

11. Compare and contrast a four-leaf clover and a blade of grass.

12. Pretend that you are in charge of designing the cover of a St. Patrick’s Day magazine. Describe the cover.

13. If you were to plan a St. Patrick’s Day classroom celebration, describe how it would be.

14. Write a legend or tall tale about St. Patrick’s Day.

15. Create five St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts that you think your classmates will like.

16. Write a story about a family who attends a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

17. Pretend that you can only eat green food and drink green drinks all day. What would you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Create your menu.

18. The response is “St. Patrick’s Day”. Write ten different questions.

19. Explain the concept of a rainbow and the pot of gold to someone who doesn’t know about it.

20. Draft an article for the school newspaper urging classmates to keep their local communities green and beautiful.

21. Give instructions on how to make a healthy green smoothie.

22. Why do people wear green and eat green foods on St. Patrick’s Day?

23. Write about a typical day from the perspective of a shamrock.

24. If you were to receive gifts on St. Patrick’s Day, what things would be on your wishlist?

25. Compare and contrast gold and dollar bills.

26. Write a descriptive paragraph that explains a rainbow.

27. Write a limerick about what you love most about St. Patrick’s Day.

28. Come up with a social media hashtag for St. Patrick’s Day. For what ideas, events, and activities will your hashtag be known?

29. Share a St. Patrick’s Day experience that you will never forget.

30. Research and summarize the characteristics of Ireland.

31. Summarize everything you have learned about St. Patrick’s Day recently.

32. The local diner is having a special menu with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Describe what breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverage, and dessert items may be found on the menu.

33. Write about a time when you pinched someone on St. Patrick’s Day.

34. If a rainbow could talk, what message would it share with humans?

35. Draft a series of five diary entries from the perspective of the color green.

36. Write a paragraph explaining the reasons why you like or dislike St. Patrick’s Day.

37. Design a greeting card with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

38. What do Leprechauns do for the rest of the year? Write about the life of a Leprechaun after St. Patrick’s Day.  

39. Compare and contrast St. Patrick’s Day to another holiday.

40. What are the benefits of eating green foods?

St. Patrick's Day writing prompts
St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts

41. Create a series of math word problems with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

42. Write a letter convincing your family to bake St. Patrick’s Day cookies with you.

43. Describe a fun arts and crafts activity that you and your friends could do to honor St. Patrick’s Day.

44. Would you rather be really lucky or really smart?

45. Write a guide that explains how to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

46. Describe what kinds of food you would have at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in addition to any games or activities you would organize.

47. Draft a short, fictional biography about a leprechaun.

48. Share examples and non-examples of being lucky.

49. Share the steps for winning first place in a float-decorating contest for a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

50. Tell about a memorable St. Patrick’s Day school event.

51. In your opinion, how does responding to St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts improve writing skills?

52. Write a poem that celebrates the color green.

53. Create a recipe for a special shamrock beverage. Describe what’s in it and how to make it.

54. Tell about all the things that bring good luck.

55. Write a story about a group of friends who start a band called The Shamrocks.

56. Summarize a book you read during the month of March.

57. Draft a story about a flying leprechaun who goes around town granting wishes to well-behaved children.

58. Describe what it might be like to visit a rainbow.

59. Create a story that includes the following words: green, leprechaun, Ireland, parade, and St. Patrick’s Day

60. Compose a poem about St. Patrick’s Day.

61. Write one or more paragraphs sharing all the interesting facts you know about St. Patrick’s Day.

62. Write a story about a group of friends who take a hot air balloon trip to a rainbow.

Final Thoughts On St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

Add these delightful St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts to your collection of writing activities and assignments.

Students will improve their writing skills while having fun celebrating this unique holiday.