51 Helpful Social Studies Report Card Comments

Drafting social studies report card comments need not be a chore.

You want to communicate effectively how students are performing in social studies class, but it can be frustrating trying to come up with the right phrases.

We’ve got you covered.

These social studies report card comments solve the problem of you not knowing exactly what message to communicate to parents and students.

Following you will find quality social studies report card comments that save teachers lots of frustration and time.

Social Studies Report Card Comments

Modify these social studies report card comments to fit your needs.

General Comments for Social Studies

  • A strong reading comprehension level helps ______ understand social studies concepts on a deeper level. 
  • _____ is progressing well in the following social studies skills: 
  • _____ actively participates in social studies discussions.
  • _____ effectively uses social studies tools such as maps and charts to aid understanding. 
  • _____ does a fantastic job of applying math, writing, and reading skills when completing social studies assignments and activities.
  • _____ grasps social studies vocabulary and concepts quickly. 
  • Has reached her SMART goals for social studies this semester.
  • _____’s social studies vocabulary is extensive. It is evident that he reads a lot of books about various social studies topics.
  • _____ is enthusiastic about performing social studies projects and activities. 
  • _____ continues to make good progress in. . . (insert social studies learning objective).
  • _____’s expansive social studies vocabulary is impressive. She demonstrates more than a surface-level understanding of new vocabulary terms.
social studies report card comments
social studies report card comments
  • _____ possesses a clear understanding of key social studies concepts presented this school year/this quarter. 
  •  _____ frequently expresses how social studies concepts connect to real life and is able to give examples. 
  • _____ shows a keen interest in social studies.
  • ____ struggles with connecting social studies concepts between various historical eras, issues, and events.
  • _____ loves social studies and always looks forward to exploring new concepts.
  • During social studies discussions, ____ confidently expresses his opinions, thoughts, and ideas.
  • _____ uses models and graphs to aid in comprehending social studies concepts such as . . .
  • _____ enjoys hands-on social studies activities. 
  • _____ has significantly improved her critical-thinking skills as it relates to exploring social studies concepts.
  • _____ has met all social studies standards this quarter. 
  • _____ understands fully how social studies issues connect to the greater good of humanity. He is able to provide examples of how concepts relate to real life.
  • _____ asks thought-provoking questions related to social studies topics.
  • When participating in a debate, ____ is able to support her arguments with evidence and other reliable sources.
  • _____ makes relevant connections when reading social studies texts. 
  • _____ is exceeding the social studies learning objective of (insert any social studies skill or strategy).

Needs Improvement

  • Even with accommodations and/or modifications, _____ struggles with (insert social studies skill or strategy).
  •  _____ is performing below grade level in (insert social studies skill or strategy).  
  • _____ needs more practice with hands-on activities in order to recall historical dates and geographical locations.
  • _____ struggles to understand basic social studies concepts.
  • Even though _______ is very attentive in social studies class, her low reading comprehension impacts how much she understands the nonfiction material. 
  • _____ puts forth a lot of effort. However, (insert any social studies skill or strategy) is still difficult for him/her.
  • Though _____ is making gradual steps to improve (insert social studies skill or strategy) progress is delayed due to…

Work Habits

  • _____ shows respect for social studies materials. 
  • _____ consistently keeps his social studies materials and notebook organized. 
  • Because _______ is not too interested in social studies, he tends not to put forth maximum effort into all the activities.
  • _____ is naturally inquisitive in social studies class.
  • _____ does not ask for help when he or she does not understand a concept.
  • When working with peers, ______ takes feedback positively and gives suggestions respectfully.
  • _____ continues to make good progress in. . .
  • _____ takes accountability for his work. 
  • _____ actively participates in social studies class and is eager to share her ideas and understandings with classmates.
  • _____’s low performance in social studies is due to her frequent absences.
  • When participating in social studies group projects, ____ works collaboratively and does his fair share of the work.
  • _____’s poor attitude affects his social studies performance.
  • _____ could benefit from additional support in the areas of summarizing social studies information and note-taking.
  • _____ will continue to receive small group support during the social studies block.
  • Social studies block is a time when ______ shines.
  • _____ works well independently when completing social studies activities and assignments.

Final Thoughts: Social Studies Report Card Comments

These helpful social studies report card comments save teachers time and overwhelm.

There’s no need to start from a blank slate when drafting social studies remarks.

If you found these social studies report card comments helpful … you might be interested in social studies project ideas for students.