10 SMART Goal Templates for Students You Can Download Now

It’s that time of the year when you need to assist your students in drafting SMART goals.

You want to teach them in a structured, step-by-step manner. Only providing examples isn’t always sufficient.

Luckily, you can rely on these ten SMART goal templates for students, perfect for all grade levels and learning styles.

The best part is that you can download them, and they are ready to use!

With these templates at your disposal, you’ll experience less stress and overwhelm when teaching your students how to craft effective SMART goals for the school year. 

All of the templates provide a clear framework, ensuring that students know exactly what they need to do in order to set and achieve their goals successfully.

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Why Use SMART Goal Templates With Students?

  1. Clarity and Structure

SMART goal templates for students provide a clear and organized structure for drafting goals.

They ensure that students include all relevant information.

  1. Focus on Content

Templates enable students to focus more on the content itself rather than getting caught up in formatting or structural concerns

SMART Goal Templates for Students

Smart Goals Checklist

SMART goal templates for students

The Smart Goals Checklist’s primary purpose is to assist students in reflecting on the goals they have written and ensuring that they meet all the criteria.

The checklist is particularly beneficial for students who require additional support when it comes to writing their goals.

However, it can also be used with students of all ability levels.

The template provides a space where students place a checkmark after determining whether their goal satisfies a specific criterion or not.

Additionally, there are lines available for them to rewrite any parts of their goal that do not align with the criteria. 

Simple SMART Goals Template

SMART goal templates for students

The Simple Smart Goals Template is popular among teachers due to its simplicity and straightforwardness.

It is effective for advanced learners or older students who are already familiar with each letter of the SMART acronym.

With this template, students can quickly dive into their goal-setting process without any unnecessary complexities.

Goal-Setting Brainstorming

SMART goal templates for students

This Goal-Setting Brainstorming Template is well-suited for older or advanced students.

It has a large empty space that allows students to freely jot down their goals.

While it provides a structured framework, it remains open-ended enough to allow students to express their thoughts about their SMART goals without feeling confined to a rigid formula.

Within the ample white space, students have the flexibility to write multiple goals, revise them, and rewrite them as needed.

It serves as a sort of “brain dump,” providing a space for students to brainstorm and explore the goals they would like to set.

Once they have finalized their goals, they can then record them on a separate, more final template.

This template’s brainstorming nature makes it ideal for the initial stages of goal writing, particularly at the beginning of the school year. 

Hit Your Target Template

SMART goal templates for students

This fun template incorporates targets at the top of the page, which serves as a visual representation of the goal-setting process.

To utilize the Hit Your Target Template effectively, students need to carefully consider whether their goal aligns with each target.

The template provides designated lines where students write down the relevant information about their goals. 


SMART goal templates for students

On the Goal-Setter Template, students write each part of their goal criteria to the right of the corresponding question.

The template’s simplicity and straightforwardness make it easy to understand and use.

Additionally, the large font size enhances clarity, ensuring that students can read and work with the template without any difficulty. 

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

SMART goal templates for students

The On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! smart goals graphic organizer is designed to mentally prepare students to reach the finish line! 

First, students write the topic that they would like to focus on in the allocated space.

They then proceed to write each part of their SMART goal in the spaces that follow.

There is a final space at the bottom of the template to write the complete SMART goal.

This serves as a culmination of students’ thought processes and allows them to consolidate their goals in a concise and actionable manner.

Tracking My Goals

SMART goal templates for students

The Tracking My Goals Template has a five-row format with accompanying questions designed to assist students in reflecting on the goals they have written. 

The template is good to use at the beginning of the school year as it provides a solid foundation for goal-setting activities and promotes a positive start to the academic journey.

Goal Planning

SMART goal templates for students

At the top of the Goal Planning Template, there are small circles where students place a checkmark to indicate that their SMART goal meets a specific criterion.

This visual element serves as a helpful reminder.

The template’s design promotes accountability in students.

By visually tracking their progress and confirming that their goals align with the criteria, students are encouraged to take ownership of their goal-setting process.

SMART Goals Galore

SMART goal templates for students

The Smart Goals Galore Template, created with elementary students in mind, is beneficial as it provides a dedicated space for students to write SMART goals for each subject area. 

Students may also write personal goals or goals related to work habits they wish to develop. 

By utilizing this template, students effectively track their progress and strive for continuous improvement in all academic areas plus personal growth.

Short and Long-Term Goals

SMART goal templates for students

The Short and Long-Term Goals Template has space for three short-term SMART goals and one long-term SMART goal.

The time frame for short-term goals can be defined by the teacher as a quarter, a semester, or a specific number of weeks. Long-term goals, on the other hand, could span a semester or even an entire year.

The flexibility of this template provides students with the opportunity to set goals that are meaningful and aligned with their subject areas and time frames.

Final Thoughts On SMART Goal Templates for Students

By leveraging SMART goal templates for students, you help to enhance their organizational skills and the quality of their work.

Utilizing these valuable tools, students will achieve their academic goals more effectively.