Simple Lesson Plan Templates: [Download] for Free

To plan weekly activities faster, a simple lesson plan template is the way to go.

A basic lesson plan template includes at a minimum 3 key elements: beginning (introducing the targeted objective), middle (presenting the main activities), and end (closing the lesson).

This post includes a collection of editable plus simple (and very simple) lesson plan templates that you can download for free and begin using right away. 

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Simple Lesson Plan Template (Example 1)

basic lesson plan template

This editable lesson plan template includes space to record your general activities for the 5 days of the week.

You’re not restricted to listing each specific component of a detailed lesson plan.

Personalize the template with your name plus date, and edit the blue-shaded areas with your specific information.

To download this template via Google Slides, find the link at the end of this post.

Simple Lesson Plan Template (Examples 2 & 3)

A favorite of our readers, the K.I.S.S lesson plan template (Keep It Super Simple) aims to help you complete all of your planning in under 2 hours!

See in detail how to use the K.I.S.S template to speed through planning and still produce an effective teaching guide.

Personalize each template with your name, subject area, teaching objective, and parts of the lesson.

BEFORE SECTION – Record your lesson’s hook or mini-lesson. Here, you grab learners’ attention and peak their interest in the topic.

This section also lends itself well to reviewing previous material or sharing a read-aloud text.

DURING SECTION – Write the “meat” of your activity. Students practice whichever skill(s) you just introduced in the Before section.

To teach to various learning styles, rotate learning formats such as partner work, literacy centers, small group conferencing, and group work.

AFTER SECTION – Conclude the lesson. Assign independent work, or provide a quick informal assessment such as an exit ticket.

To download these editable lesson plan templates, see the link at the end of this post.

simple lesson plan template for elementary teachers
simple lesson plan template

Very Simple Lesson Plan Template (Example 4)

Looking for a very simple lesson plan template?

This one is your solution.

After personalizing with your name, add learning objectives, activities, and any important notes you need to remember for the activity.

Download a copy of this basic template using the link at the bottom of this post.

basic lesson plan template for teachers

More Simple Templates (Examples 5 & 6)

If you’re an elementary teacher or tutor, you might like the following simple lesson plan template. It’s basic yet fun and includes space for the key components of your activity.

This editable lesson plan template allows you to type in the grade level you teach, subject, date, topic, and lesson.

Furthermore, you have sufficient space to record your learning goals, materials, teaching objectives, activities, and assessment tools.

For those needing a bit more structure when planning weekly lessons, this lesson plan template does the job well.

Grab your copy via Google Slides using the link towards the end of this post.

simple lesson plan template elementary primary

Last but not least, for you teachers who need even more structure when planning weekly activities, grab the “a-bit-more-detailed” simple lesson plan template below.

It’s basic yet includes every important element that you need in order to carry out a great lesson.

Editable, you’re able to customize each area. Download this template below.

simple lesson plan template

Download Your Templates Now

Following is the process to access this collection of basic lesson plan templates via Google Slides…

  1. Log into your Google account.
  2. Click this link to access the Google Slides link.
  3. You’ll be asked to “Make a Copy” of the document which will automatically download into your primary Google Docs folder.
  4. Now you can customize parts of the templates and print them in PDF format.

Plan Faster With Simple & Editable Lesson Plan Templates

As an educator, you’ve got enough to worry about each and every day as it relates to your teaching life.

These very simple lesson plan templates streamline your planning so that you save time.

Whether you use them directly in Google Slides or print them in PDF format, you’ll have a resource that caters to your planning needs.

And when you’re ready to transition to paperless prep, consider using one of these lesson planning apps, designed especially with teachers in mind.

Happy planning