61 Great Seventh-Grade Writing Prompts That Boost Skills

To improve 7th-graders writing abilities, incorporate a handful of these seventh-grade writing prompts into your literacy instruction. 

While teachers may at times assign writing activities and assignments that require students to generate their own topics, providing writing prompts kickstarts the writing process.

Subsequently, writer’s block is reduced (maybe even eliminated), and students pump out content faster. 

Additionally, seventh-grade writing prompts strengthen writing skills, motivate students to share their thoughts, and instill a love for writing.

See other advantages of writing prompts

Whether students are practicing descriptive, paragraph, or any other type of writing, these cool writing prompts for seventh graders will work well. 

Seventh-Grade Writing Prompts

1. From your perspective, what is a typical day like for a 7th-grade student?

2. Compare and contrast a mustache and a cat’s whiskers.

3. Write a diary entry from the perspective of yourself five years in the future.

4. Share the differences and similarities between your thumb and big toe. 

5. Make up a story about a seventh-grader who plays an April Fool’s joke on classmates.

6. Draft a gracious letter to the air, thanking it for all of its benefits.

7. Recall a memory of your sibling, cousin, or friend doing something hilariously funny.

8. Convince a student who attends another school that your school is the best. 

9. In at least three paragraphs, describe your least favorite food without naming it.

10. If you could only pick one category of food to eat for the rest of your life, which would you choose – breakfast or dessert? Why?

seventh-grade writing prompts
seventh-grade writing prompts

11. Describe what autumn looks like in your city or town.

12. In your opinion, what are the benefits of journaling daily?

13. What are some examples of things that would cause you not to be friends with someone any longer?

14. Talk about a lesson that you learned from a mistake you made recently.

15. Create a how-to guide that explains how to ride a scooter. 

16. Imagine you are pet-sitting for your neighbors and their dog is being naughty. How would you get it to behave?

17. Write about a time when you had the courage to stand up for yourself. 

18. Explain to a classmate how the game of Jeopardy works. 

19. Draft a story about all the students at school walking backward for one day.

20. Create a poem about shapes and solids. 

21. Draft a how-to guide that shows how to maintain a growth mindset even when facing obstacles. 

22. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a house.

23. Between honesty and patience, which virtue is most important to have and why?

24. Create a story about an alien race in space.

25. Write a paragraph about your family, sharing one or two positive things about each member.

26. Compare and contrast your current grade level with another.

27. What are the pros and cons of playing school sports?

28. Explain to another student a strategy for responding to seventh-grade writing prompts so that he receives positive feedback.

29. Summarize a chapter from a book you’re currently reading. 

30. In your opinion, what are the best things about being a middle school student?

31. What are the pros and cons of being tall? 

32. Create a funny story about a grain of sand that dislikes sandcastles.

33. Describe a unicorn to someone not familiar with the animal. 

34. Write a story about a seventh-grader who accidentally wears mismatched clothes to school.

35. Would you rather try to tame a shark or a lion?

seventh-grade writing prompts
seventh-grade writing prompts

36. Write a paragraph, sharing all of the things you love about yourself. 

37. How much screen time is appropriate for seventh-graders? Why do you think this?

38. If a strand of hair on your head could speak, what would it say?

39. Write an anecdote about a memorable event that you participated in this school year. 

40. Describe a school hallway in-between classes. 

41. Summarize your day so far. 

42. Design a “Get Better Soon” greeting card with an encouraging message.  

43. In your opinion, why are some people more motivated than others?

44. Write the characteristics of a backpack.

45. Explain how to make a failing grade on a math test.

46. Describe how to make an arts and crafts project that you remember from the past. 

47. Compose a story using these words: confidence, self-esteem, growth mindset, persistence, positive

48. Write a poem about clouds. 

49. Share reasons why it’s a good idea to participate in class discussions.

50. What is the purpose of fingernails and toenails?

51. In your opinion, which sport is the most boring and why?

52. Write about all the mischievous things a dog may do when its owner is away.

53. Describe the similarities and differences between soup and cereal. 

54. Make up a story about a food fight in the cafeteria.

55. Write a letter persuading someone to attend your birthday bash this weekend.

56. Tell how to build something only out of cotton balls.

57. What recent moment would you love to repeat and why?

58. Do you think honesty is always the best policy? Why or why not?

59. Write a story about a child who learns to embrace her freckles. 

60. Describe how you would like the school year to end. 

61. Create all the smaller words you can brainstorm from the term enchilada.

Final Thoughts On Seventh-Grade Writing Prompts

Give students a jumpstart in completing writing assignments and activities by utilizing these high-interest seventh-grade writing prompts.

You’ll instill a love for writing, improve writing skills, and reduce writer’s block.

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