47 Delightful September Writing Prompts for Students

With the arrival of September, a world of writing opportunities awaits students.

To celebrate the special events, days, traditions, memories, people, and ideas connected with the ninth month of the year, have students use these delightful September writing prompts.

These prompts provide a springboard for students to delve into various genres and themes.

What’s more, they promote critical thinking, reduce writer’s block, spark creativity, sharpen writing skills, and encourage the expression of thoughts.

No matter the grade you teach, your students will benefit from utilizing these prompts.

So include a few of these engaging September writing prompts in your instruction this week.

September Writing Prompts

1. Share what you think are the best things about the month of September.

2. Compare and contrast September with another month.

3. Write a story about a superhero who climbs a skyscraper to save someone.

4. What does it mean to have good manners? Give examples and non-examples.

5. Write about a time when you were late for something. What were the cause and the effect?

6. Draft a letter convincing your classmates to read a book every day during the month of September.

7. Would you rather attend a football game or a pumpkin patch? Explain.

8. What are some fun ideas for celebrating Literacy Week in your classroom?

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9. Write a story about a teddy bear that comes to life for 24 hours.

10. What are some advantages of learning how to sew?

11. Draft a letter to your grandparents, sharing how much you love and appreciate them.

12. Describe your favorite video game or cartoon.

13. Explain the importance of having a growth mindset.

14. Tell about any interesting event that happens in your city during September.

15. Write about a usual day in the life of a hat.

16. Create a story about a person whose rock collection goes missing.

17. What does it mean to be a good citizen?

18. Compose a poem about a topic related to the month of September.

19. If a pirate went to school with you for a day, what adventures would you two have?

20. Create and solve two, grade-appropriate math problems that involve pepperoni pizza.

21. In what ways can you show gratitude towards others and things?

22. Compare and contrast autumn and spring.

23. Describe some fun outdoor activities best done during the fall months.

24. Detail what your town or city looks and feels like during the month of September.

25. Create a short comic about a day in your life as a _____ grader. 

26. Write a short biography about Johnny Appleseed.

27. Persuade your parents to take you to a local sporting event next weekend. 

28. In your opinion, what makes a good neighbor?

29. Write a story that includes these words: autumn, leaves, bikes, golden, breezy

30. Summarize a good nonfiction book you read during the month of September.

31. You are designing the cover of an Autumn-themed magazine. You want the September edition to be a hit! Describe the cover of the magazine.

32. Compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction books.

33. Would you rather have all the money in the world or all the friends in the world? Explain.

34. Compose a funny, fictional story about an electric pencil sharpener that dislikes pencils.

35. Provide examples and non-examples of following the rules at school.

36. Write a series of math word problems that involve topics or items related to the month of September.

37. Write a grocery list for a scarecrow. Why did you choose these items?

38. Create an acrostic poem using the term September. 

39. Draft a letter to the principal explaining three reasons why recess is important.

40. Share ten interesting facts about the month of September.

41. Invent a social media hashtag for the month of September. What ideas, events, adventures, and activities will your hashtag be known for?

42. Write a letter to your pen pal (who lives in another country) explaining the frenzy surrounding college football in the United States.

43. Describe fall leaves using your five senses.

44. Write a story about a child that gets lost (and then found!) at a fall festival.

45. Discuss the importance of remembering and honoring the day of September 11th.

46. Describe the similarities and differences between all four seasons.

47. Share an experience you had attending a fall festival.

Final Thoughts On Writing Prompts for September

Celebrate September in your classroom through writing while still keeping the focus on targeting the learning objectives by using these September writing prompts.

As students engage with these prompts, they will sharpen their writing skills, stretch their imaginations, and experiment with responding to various writing genres.