61 Great Second Grade Writing Prompts

Here you have a quality collection of second grade writing prompts that provide students with plenty of ideas to write about.

These prompts stretch the imagination, develop writing skills, and motivate second graders to express themselves.

That’s why they make a great addition to your collection of writing activities.

So pencil into your lesson plans this week a few of these fun second grade writing prompts.

Second Grade Writing Prompts

1. Describe your favorite food.

2. What do you like most about second grade?

3. Write a poem about something related to second grade. 

4. Summarize a book you heard or read recently.

5. Retell a story about one of your family’s special holiday traditions. 

6. What is your favorite day of the week, and what makes it so special to you?

7. Tell about the coolest Halloween costume you ever wore.

8. Share a memory of when you felt excited.

9. Write a thank you note to the cafeteria staff.

10. How are you alike and different from your mom?

11. Write a poem about an animal.

12. Talk about a special memory you have with a loved one.

13. Write an article for the school newspaper offering tips about how to show kindness.

14. Where could I go to find your favorite animal? Tell me about this place. 

15. Using the five senses, describe water.

16. If you could have two superpowers, which would you have and why?

17. Tell what you like about yourself.

18. Should it be required to respond to second grade writing prompts during the summer? Why or why not?

19. Describe your favorite recess game. 

20. Share a fun memory of spending time with a friend.

21. Explain your favorite sport to someone who doesn’t know how to play.

22. Retell about a time that you did something kind for someone.

23. Which do you like more, art class or math class? Why?

24. If you could be a mermaid for a day, what would you do in the ocean?

25. Share a memory about losing a tooth.

26. Describe the most amazing birthday party you can imagine.

27. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for and why?

28. Once upon a time, there was a dog who could talk. Finish the story.

29. Describe the perfect vacation.

30. Write the consequences of missing too much school.

31. If you were president, what rules would you make so that all citizens live peacefully?

32. Describe what you might see if you were on a spaceship looking out the window.

33. If you were a chef, what would be your favorite thing to cook and why?

34. Write a letter convincing classmates to sign-up for a new after-school club.

35. Tell about a time when you were looking for something but couldn’t find it. 

36. Share what is so great about your family.

37. Describe the best birthday gift you ever received.

38. Share the experience of your first day of school this year.

39. Tell about a time when you tried a new food.

40. Write a story with an animal as the main character.

second grade writing prompts
second grade writing prompts

41. Share the worst things about being in second grade.

42. Tell three different things about the place where you were born. 

43. Summarize a fun arts and crafts project you completed recently.

44.  Provide examples and non-examples of being a good citizen.

45. What are your favorite things to do on the weekend?

46. Would you rather watch a funny movie, a sad movie, or a silly movie? Why?

47. Retell a fun beach memory.

48. Explain how to make a bed.

49. Write the characteristics of your dad.

50. How do you stay entertained without technology?

51.  Write a story about something terrible that happened at a birthday party you once attended.

52. Describe your favorite indoor recess game.

53. Tell about a favorite class activity.

54. Write 10 words related to second grade. Then compose a poem that includes those words.

55. You wake up one morning with toes that have turned into icicles! Write about your day.

56. Give detailed instructions for how to make your favorite meal.

57. The answer is “The answer is in your notebook.”. Write five different questions.

58. Describe how to solve a math word problem.

59. If you were a kitten, what gift requests would be on your Christmas list and why?

60. Tell a story about a time you got lost.

61. Share one nice thing about each person who lives with you including your pets.

Final Thoughts: Second Grade Writing Prompts

Now you have a treasure-trove of quality second grade writing prompts to use

If you enjoyed these writing prompts for second grade students, you’ll find a helpfullist of read aloud books for 2nd grade.

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