35 Helpful Second Grade Report Card Comments

It’s report card time, and you’re seeking second grade report card comments.

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Sitting down to a blank screen can be overwhelming, so save yourself frustration by using these helpful copy and paste second grade report card comments for students.

These remarks provide teachers the specific feedback they need to communicate strengths and weaknesses of students.

Find comments that cover the subjects of math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and behavior.

These second grade report card comments will save you time.

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Second Grade Report Card Comments

Following you will find a variety of report card comments for second grade students.


1. ____ has been struggling with math. If he focuses on studying ____ and _____, then he will become more confident in math class. I can provide study materials if needed.

2. ____ excels in math class. He always submits homework on time and enthusiastically participates in class discussions.

3. ____ has a good attitude in math class but is still having trouble in the areas…

4. _____ is progressing well in the area of (insert any math skill).

5. _____ needs to put forth more effort in math class. He is highly capable of learning the concepts. His struggles seem to be related to motivation rather than understanding.


1. _____ lacks confidence in reading and would improve by reading aloud at home regularly and discussing what he or she has read.

2. Though _____’s reading fluency is good, he is not able to retell what he has just read.

3. _____ excels at reading comprehension and is reading abovegrade level.

4. _____ struggles with reading comprehension and is reading below grade level. I can provide practice materials if needed.

5. _____ is able to independently read grade-level appropriate materials.

second grade report card comments
second grade report card comments


1. _____ loves to write and expresses thoughts easily.

2. _____ struggles with his handwriting. He has the ability to write neatly but writes too fast. This consequently creates illegible work.

3. _____ makes a strong effort to write neatly and legibly. He or she uses proper spacing, forms letters correctly, and writes cleanly on lines provided.

4. _____ is able to develop her writing ideas with ease.

5. _____ demonstrates a strong understanding of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation tools that we have been learning.

6. Though ____ brainstorms ideas for writing, he has a hard time developing any of them into a story.

7. _____ has wonderful handwriting but is still struggling with concepts like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. He would benefit from further practice at home. I can provide study materials if needed.


1. ______ excels in science class. He or she is curious and eager to learn about scientific concepts.

2. ______ follows the steps of the scientific process when conducting a science experiment.

3. ______ is working hard in science but is still progressing slowly. I would like to meet with you after school one day next week to discuss his or her progress plus possible solutions.

4. ______ has a solid understanding of the scientific concepts appropriate for his or her grade level.

5. ______ is underachieving in science class. He does not seem to be properly applying himself even though he is capable of academic excellence. I expect ______ to put more effort into his studies next quarter.

Social Studies

1. ______ excels in social studies. He or she is curious and eager to learn about social studies.

2. ______ actively participates in social studies discussions.

3. ______ has been working hard this quarter to improve her grades in social studies class. Her hard work has been noticed and appreciated. 

4. ______ grasps social studies concepts easily.

5. ______ is clearly disinterested in learning about social studies. He does not pay attention in class and does not turn in assignments. His grade reflects his lack of effort, not his ability to learn.


1. ______ has a great positive attitude and is a joy to teach. She comes to class eager to learn and expresses a growth mindset.

2. ______ has a positive attitude about school but seems to struggle with sitting still plus staying focused for even short periods of time. 

3. ______ constantly distracts other students. 

4. ______ has a hard time completing work if not frequently reminded by the teacher. If we could meet after school some time next week to discuss ways that we can help her, that would be a great start at helping her to improve in this area.

5. ______ performs well academically.

6. ______ frequently exhibits behavioral issues that include being very unkind to students, teachers, and staff members. Let’s meet after school some time next week to discuss how we can help him make better choices.

7. ______ has a positive attitude.

8. ______ is always kind and supportive to his classmates. I worry about him though because he seems to be struggling socially. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Final Thoughts: Second Grade Report Card Comments

Now you have a collection of second grade report card comments to save yourself time and frustration.

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