53 Excellent Robot Writing Prompts

If you’re looking for robot writing prompts, you’ve landed in the right place.

Whether you’re teaching STEM, science, a unit on robots, or just want some variety in your collection of writing activities, these fun robot writing prompts will serve the needs of you and your students well.

Using these engaging robot writing prompts, students will strengthen their writing skills, stretch their imaginations, increase their love for writing, and express their ideas freely.

So try a few of these engaging writing prompts about robots with students this week and watch how eager they will be to showcase their robot knowledge.

Robot Writing Prompts

1. How would you use figurative language to describe a robot?

2. Make a grocery list for a robot.

3. Write a diary entry from the viewpoint of a robot who feels overworked.

4. Would you rather have a robot clean your room or do your homework? Why?

5. Create two math word problems that involve robots.

6. Compose a poem about a robot.

7. What challenges would you encounter if a robot attended school with you for a day?

8. Share all you know about the robots in our world right now.

9. Summarize your favorite Disney movie. The difference is that now the prince is a robot.

10. How do you think the use of robots will evolve over the next twenty years?

11. Write a story that takes place in a robot factory.

12. Would you rather have a robot dog or a robot cat? Why?

13. Describe the similarities and differences between a robot and a human.

14. What type of gear would a robot need in order to swim?

15. Tell about a usual day from the perspective of a robot.

16. Devise a strategy for winning a robot-building contest.

17. Write a story using these words: robot, gear, easier, control, work

18. How do robots make our lives easier? 

19. Describe a robot.

20. Write a story about a mischievous robot.

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21. If you were a robot, what gift requests would be on your Christmas list and why?

22. Plan a robot-themed birthday party. Describe it in detail.

23. What do you think are the three best things about being a robot? 

24. Sketch a robot. Now label it, and write a summary about what it can do.

25. Draft a guide that explains how to care for a robot.

26. Do you think it’s good or bad that robots have no emotions? Explain.

27. If a robot ran for president, for which issues do you think it would advocate?

28. How does the increased use of robots negatively impact humans?

29. Write a story about a robot who dislikes using technology.

30. Robots are awesome because…

31. The headline reads, “Shocking! School’s New Principal Is a Robot!” Write the news story.

32. Make a top 10 list of chores a robot can do better than you. Explain why you think this.

33. You wake up one morning and realize you’re a robot! Tell about your day.

34. Write a biography for a robot.

35. Explain how an airplane is a type of robot.

36. Describe the personality traits of a robot. Give examples.

37. You find a rusty, broken robot in your basement. How will you bring it back to life?

38. What’s exciting about responding to robot writing prompts?

39. If you were a robot, what tasks would you like to do and why?

40. Research and record ten facts about robots.

41. Explain how to keep a robot in good condition.

42. In your opinion, are robots a threat to humans? Why or why not?

43. What advantages do you think robots have when visiting other planets?

44. Share the advantages and disadvantages of having robots in our society.

45. Who would benefit most from robots: teachers, custodians, or cafeteria workers? Why?

46. If you could design a robot, what would it look like? What would it be able to do?

47. Tell what steps would need to be taken to transform a car into a robot.

48. Write a story about a robot that babysits children.

49. If there was a robot Olympics, describe some of the sports it would have.

50. How can humans ensure that robots don’t hurt pets?

51. Compose a story about a zoo full of robot animals. 

52. Design a robot that makes breakfast for your family each day.

53. Write about a character who transforms from a cat into a robot.

Final Thoughts

Using these fun robot writing prompts, students will have plenty of short story, ai, and creative writing ideas to write about.

If you liked these robot writing activities, download this robot descriptive writing activity worksheet.