51 Reward Coupons For Positive Classroom Management

Recognize and honor students for a job well done using these fun reward coupons that encourage positive classroom behaviors.

Let’s face it. Some students need extrinsic motivation in order to meet learning and behavior goals.

That’s where these reward coupons come in. They motivate students to put forth their best efforts consistently.

What’s more, these coupons pair well with any classroom management plan.

So no matter the grade level you teach, these free printable reward coupons will serve you well.

Printable Reward Coupons

printable reward coupons
reward coupons

Grade Levels: All

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Reward Coupons Description

These student-approved reward coupons are sure to be a hit! They come in a variety of options and work well with all grade levels.

A sample of the award ideas in the set include…

  • Free Time – This coupon lets students have a designated amount of free time to spend as they choose.
  • Bulletin Board Helper
  • Lunch With the Teacher – This coupon offers the opportunity for students to have lunch with the teacher.
  • Write with a Gel Pen
  • Dance Party – This coupon gives the whole class permission to organize a fun classroom party that includes music, food, and lots of fun games.
  • Kind Note or Email Home
  • Puzzle Time – This coupon permits students to do a competition involving puzzles. Divided into two groups, students will compete to complete a 1,000 piece-puzzle first.
  • Pajama Day
  • Certificate of Achievement – This coupon is to be exchanged for a certificate of some kind. Candy awards and mock awards are so much fun to give out as rewards.
  • Lunch With Principal
  • No Line Going to Elective Classes – For those classes that can get away with having a little less structure, this classroom reward allows students to walk to and from other classes without lining up. Students only need to keep their voice volumes at appropriate levels.
  • Class Game – Play a game as a whole class such as kickball or a relay race.
  • Eat Lunch With Friend
  • Tech Time – Students get to work on their iPads during class time.
  • Flashlight Frenzy – Give each student a mini flashlight, turn off the classroom lights, and have students zig-zag the lights about the classroom while music plays.
  • Show and Tell
  • Tech Navigator – This student will assist the teacher with tech stuff during lessons and activities.
  • Fun Brain Breaks – Students will be allowed to perform a series of fun brain breaks.
  • Homework Pass – This coupon allows students to skip a homework assignment.
  • Positive Phone Call to Parents
  • Wear a Crown – Students behave like kings and queens for the day.
  • Movie
  • Read to the Class – During a designated time, the student will read a favorite book or piece of writing to the class.
  • Class Outdoor Game
  • Playlist While Working – This coupon allows students to use earbuds or headphones to listen to their favorite music while working.
  • Work Outdoors – This coupon allows students to work outside during nice weather.
  • Teacher Helper
  • Bookmarks – This coupon is to be exchanged for a cool bookmark.
  • Gum or Candy – For one class period, this coupon allows students to each a favorite sweet treat.
  • Principal Does a Shout Out During Morning Announcements
  • Origami Challenge
  • Positive Note Home – This coupon allows students to receive a positive note home to their parents or guardians.
  • Mini Whiteboards
  • Extra Technology Time – This coupon provides extra time for students to use technology for educational activities.
  • Special Seat – This coupon lets the student sit in a special seat for the day.
  • Sit With a Friend In Class
  • Extra Recess Time – This coupon offers extra time for students to play at recess.
  • Homework During Class Time 
  • Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day – This coupon allows students to bring a stuffed animal to school for the day.
  • Sit at the Teacher’s Desk
  • Classroom Helper – This coupon lets the student choose a classroom helper job for the day.
  • Arts and Crafts Party
  • Extra Credit – This coupon provides extra credit points towards students’ grades.

Reward coupons serve as a way to motivate students to work hard and behave appropriately in the classroom.

Now you have some great ideas for reward coupons.