55 Great Respect Writing Prompts

No matter the grade or subject you teach, it’s always applicable to use respect writing prompts.

Respect is a foundational virtue that sets the tone for just about everything.

While students will ideally learn their first experiences with respect at home, teachers can do much to support parents’ efforts.

As key figures in their lives, teachers have a special advantage when it comes to teaching and modeling respect to students,

Though educators have much on their never-ending to-do lists, there is room for character education, and it doesn’t have to be a struggle to fit everything into one curriculum.

Make implementation seamless by utilizing respect writing prompts.

Using these respect writing prompts, students will think about how to show and receive respect.

They’ll also reflect upon what it means to be respectful towards different people, situations, and cultures.

Use writing prompts about respect writing prompts during writers workshop and/or as one of your many writing activities.

Whether you integrate them at the beginning of the school year, as part of a social-emotional learning unit, or as part of your classroom management plan, these respect writing prompts will serve students well.

Respect Writing Prompts

1. What traits do you share with the person who you respect most?

2. Provide examples and non-examples of respect.

3. Define respect.

4. In what ways can you show respect to your country?

5. How can humans show respect to animals?

6. Tell about a time when you showed courtesy to someone. 

7. Write a story using these words: love, respect, kindness, patience, proud

8. Explain how greetings are a sign of respect.

9. Compose a poem about respect.

10. Design a bumper sticker to advertise respect. Describe it.

11. Share ways that respect is shown in your culture.

12. How would you pay homage to your favorite celebrity? 

13. Write the consequences of disrespecting your parents or teachers.

14. Why is it important to accept yourself as you are?

15. Is it better to receive more money or more respect? Why?

16. Share a time when you showed disrespect. What were the consequences? 

17. How do you show respect when in church?

18. Give kudos to someone you admire. What three compliments will you give them? 

19. What does the phrase “resting on your laurels” mean?

20. Describe what it looks, feels, and sounds like to respect other people’s cultures.

21. Summarize what it means to be respectful.

22. Write a speech that tells how to be a respectable citizen.

23. In what ways can you honor your parents?

24. Draft an endorsement for one of your favorite products.

25. Create a story about a band that receives a standing ovation.

26. Interpret this quote: “The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.” – William Lyon Phelps

27. Do you feel celebrities are shown too much respect? Why or why not? 

28. What does respect look and feel like?

29. Share the importance of responding to respect writing prompts.

30. Write a tribute to your favorite author.

31. Why is it important to respect yourself?

32. In what ways do you show respect for your body and mind?

33. Compare and contrast respect to fear.

34. Write a letter to someone you respect.

35. Describe what it’s like when someone is disrespectful.

36. Compose an acrostic poem using the word respect.

37. How can we show respect to nature?

38. Tell about a time when you lost respect for someone.

39. Why do you think some groups in society are respected less than others?

40. Should we always treat people the way we want to be treated? Why or why not?

41. Write a metaphorical recipe for respect. List the ingredients, share the measurements, and then give instructions.

42. Explain how to show respect at school.

43. In your opinion, should children receive the same level of respect as adults? Why or why not?

44. Write a how-to guide about how to respectfully disagree with someone.

45. Tell about a time someone disrespected you. How did you manage the situation?

46. Who do you respect the most and why?

47. How does society show respect to elders?

48. Write a letter to the school newspaper, encouraging students to show respect to all school staff.

49. Explain how businesses can show respect to their customers.

50. Should we show respect to everyone we meet? Why or why not?

51. Why it is important to respect school rules?

52. When playing a sport, how can teams show respect to their opponents?

53. What does it mean to respect someone’s boundaries?

54. Should a bully be respected? Why or why not?

55. Write a story about a student who struggles to respect his peers. 

Final Thoughts On Respect Writing Prompts

Support students as they learn about how to respect themselves and others using these powerful respect writing prompts.

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