19 Great Research Topics for Kids

If you’re looking for research topics for kids, you’ve landed in the right place.  

Kids are naturally curious. 

We can support that curiosity by taking an active role in helping them to understand the world in which they live. 

One way to do this is by encouraging kids to conduct research. 

While there are an endless number of topics that kids can explore, we’ve put together a list of research topics for kids that serve as a great starting point. 

Many of these engaging topics will lead to other ideas your kids may want to explore even further.

So if you’re looking to have your kids do research, check out these high-interest research topics for kids they will enjoy.

Use a kid-friendly search engine to have kids jumpstart their research.

Research Topics for Kids

Kids will love these fun research project ideas!

1. Autobiographies

One of the best research topics for kids involves them focusing on the lives of others.

Nothing can be more interesting than learning about someone’s life from his or her own perspective.

Encourage kids to read an autobiography of their favorite historical figure, sports player, or celebrity and then write a report about it.

2. Insects

Bugs are the world’s most abundant creatures, and there are so many different kinds for kids to explore – from beetles to butterflies, spiders to bees, grasshoppers to praying mantids.

Have your kids report on the bug’s life cycle, what they eat, and where they live. 

3. Matter

Matter is everything that forms our universe and what’s in it.

Ask kids to report on the different phases of matter plus give examples of each.

4. Natural Resources

Natural resources are vital to our existence and the way we live our lives.

Have your kids research the natural resources used everyday and trace the sources.

Ask them to come up with a plan to utilize the resources but also ensure the renewal of them for future use. 

5. Life Cycles

All animals and plants have different life cycles in which the stages of their growth and development cause changes to the organism in question.

Have your kids pick an animal or plant.

They will then create a posterboard illustrating that organism’s life cycle in addition to a report highlighting the different stages of life.

6. Human Body

When it comes to research topics for kids, the human body is surely unique.

The human body is an intricate organism devised of multiple systems which work together to help its function.

Ask your kids to choose a particular system of organs in the human body and report on the pieces of that system.

Then have them delve into what makes that system so important and what would happen if that system were to malfunction.

7. Energy

There are various forms of energy, and each one is important in the physical world.

After your kids select a specific type of energy, they will describe what it is, where it comes from, and speculate as to what the world would look like without it.

8. Earth’s Surface

The Earth’s surface is covered by land and ocean resting on top of moving tectonic plates.

For this research topic, kids may report on the differences between land and ocean plus how the formation of different structures is driven by the movement of the tectonic plates.

As an extension, they can report on how the distribution of land and ocean on Earth has changed over time. 

9. Technology Over the Decades

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, technology has been rapidly developing with each passing decade.

Have your kids report on what they think is the most important technological advancement of each decade over the past one hundred years.

Ask them to speculate on what the world would look like without these technological achievements. 

10. Magnets

Magnets are always a fascinating research topic for kids. Be sure to include fun experiments and demonstrations.

Have your kids research how a magnet works plus how the Earth’s magnetic field affects biology, geology, and other sciences.

Ask them to make their own magnets. Then they can test different objects to determine which can be attracted to magnets and which cannot. 

11. Gravity

Gravity is a force we all feel on a daily basis but may forget that it’s there.

Encourage your kids to research Sir Isaac Newton’s famous discovery of gravity and report on how Earth’s gravitational field differs from that of other planets.

Ask them to speculate on how different life on Earth would be with more or less gravity. 

12. Simple Machines

Simple machines are fun to build, and they help us everyday to complete tasks easily plus efficiently.

Request that your kids research and report on the different types of simple machines. They should also give real world examples of each one.

Also, ask them to construct and demonstrate their own simple machine. 

13. The Water Cycle

Evaporation, condensation, and precipitation make the world go round.

Have kids research and report on the water cycle. They will then create a poster board that illustrates the different stages of the water cycle.

Ask them to think about the conditions necessary in order for each stage to occur. 

Add fun water cycle writing prompts as an extension to this research topic.

14. Force and Motion

The laws of physics are important to understand and a great basis for kids is having them research Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion.

Ask them to write a report on the discovery of the laws and what our world what look like without them.

As an extension, you could have them give a demonstration reflective of one of the laws. 

15. Space

Space is arguably one of the most popular research topics for kids.

There are so many topics to tackle about space – from black holes to asteroids to planets to stars.

Kids enjoy researching and reporting on a wide variety of space topics.

After they choose a space topic of interest to them, each will explain why he/she chose that topic.

Have the child build a model of their idea and present it. 

16. Dinosaurs

This list of research topics for kids wouldn’t be complete without mentioning dinosaurs.

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?

Have your kids choose a species of dinosaur to research and report on.

Ask them to describe where their species lived and what was their habitat.

What did they eat? Which animals may have eaten them? What did they look like, and how did they go extinct? 

17. American History

For being such a young country, America has a rich history already.

Have your kids pick an event from American history to report on and describe why it is significant.

What would the country be like if this particular event had not occurred?

18. Animals

There are so many fascinating animals that live on Earth.

Prompt your kids to choose a species on which to report.

They will include details such as habitat characteristics, food preferences, and particular behaviors.

Ask them to explain what would happen to their chosen animal’s ecosystem if it were to go extinct. 

19. States of Matter

Solids, liquids, gases, make excellent research topics for kids. They are the perfect entrance into the world of chemistry. 

Noting the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases along with providing examples is a great task for kids to perform.

A demonstration showing all three states is also a powerful activity.

20. Black History Inventors

When choosing research topics for kids, include subjects about famous black people in history.

While many kids may be familiar with Martin Luther King, Jr., there are countless black figures who hardly get the recognition they deserve.

Encourage children to explore the talented black innovators who achieved excellence despite significant racial barriers.

Final Thoughts: Research Topics for Kids

Now you have a quality collection of research topics for kids they’ll love!