53 Quality Report Card Comments for Spanish Class

Need help with meaningful report card comments for Spanish class as an elementary, middle, or high school teacher? Look no further than here.

You’ll find a nice collection of report card comments for Spanish class.

Report card comments are useful for offering parents guidance about their children’s education, but they also take time to write.

Unfortunately, coming up with original report card comments for Spanish class is often a challenge. You may need to write hundreds of comments each semester for a single Spanish class. 

So use the following list of report card comments for Spanish class to save time as you prepare for the end of the semester or marking period.

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Report Card Comments for Spanish Class


1. Has shown incredible improvement in his/her reading abilities. 

2. May benefit from additional Spanish reading outside of the classroom.

3. Has continued to increase his/her Spanish vocabulary and ability to comprehend Spanish texts.

4. Is very enthusiastic about reading, but continues to struggle in a few specific areas, including…

5. Has a large Spanish vocabulary and can read a variety of Spanish texts.

6. Takes his/her time to carefully read and analyze Spanish sentences.


1. Has shown exceptional skill in his/her Spanish writing assignments.

2. Writes in Spanish with very few spelling mistakes.

3. Has great grammar skills in his/her Spanish writing. 

4. Has mastered Spanish grammar.

5. Spanish writing has improved greatly over the past semester. Great work!

6. Always double-checks their Spanish writing to avoid mistakes.

7. Has grasped important grammatical structures and writes very well!


1. Is a great listener. He/she always focuses on the speaker.

2. Has a natural ear for understanding the Spanish language.

3. Always appears interested when listening to class lessons.

4. Listens attentively. He/she rarely needs to ask questions, as they pay attention to everything discussed.

5. Is highly motivated and enthusiastic. However, he/she may benefit from paying a little closer attention to instructions.


1. Speaks Spanish remarkably well for a first-year student. His/her Spanish speaking is becoming more proficient each day.

2. Is very skilled at pronouncing difficult Spanish words and phrases. 

3. Is exceptional in most areas of Spanish class but lacks confidence in their speaking abilities. Practicing at home may help.

4. Has demonstrated great pronunciation skills.

5. Speaks Spanish with great confidence. However, they may need to spend more time increasing their Spanish vocabulary. 


1. Has had no issues grasping the differences between cultures and understanding the diversity of Spanish culture.

2. Loves Spanish culture. Feeding this interest may help them become more fluent.

3. Shows great respect for Spanish culture and understanding the differences between various Spanish-speaking societies.

4. Understands how Spanish culture has spread across the globe.

See cultural lessons about the Spanish-speaking world.

Behavior/Social Skills

1. Showcases wonderful social skills. He/she is very courteous!

2. Is very helpful to other students.

3. Spends free time talking with friends, which is time that could be used more constructively.

4. Shows great commitment to learning.

5. Treats all other students with respect and a surprising level of maturity.

Next Steps and Recommendations

  • Is very skilled at Spanish reading and writing. However, he/she may benefit from learning more about time-management techniques.
  • Should keep up the good work!
  • Access to Spanish media may help keep him interested in this language.
  • May benefit from Spanish tutoring to deal with his/her comprehension of ___.
  • Should explore Spanish language books and movies outside of the class for greater immersion.
  • Is naturally gifted at learning Spanish and should continue with this language next year.
  • Has great Spanish reading skills! However, he/she should continue working on their Spanish writing skills.
  • Is a skilled student and enthusiastic learner. He/she should continue taking Spanish next year.
  • Has shown great improvement in most areas. The one area that requires more work is ___.
  • Is ready to start working on more complex grammatical structures during second-year Spanish.

Final and End of Year

The student…

  • Has excelled at their first year of Spanish and is more than ready for the next year!
  • Is already ahead of the class and prepared for the next year of Spanish class.
  • Stands out as one of the strongest Spanish speakers in the class.
  • Is all-around skilled when it comes to comprehending Spanish writing, reading, and speaking.
  • Almost speaks Spanish fluently. However, they still struggle a little with the reading.
  • Is exceptional in most areas of Spanish class. The only area that needs improvement is their ___ skills.
  • Has wonderful Spanish skills in most areas but needs more work on ___.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need bilingual report card comments or remarks for Spanish foreign language class, you now have a wide selection of report card comments for Spanish class.

Feel free to use and modify any of these comments to save time.