41 Helpful Report Card Comments for First Grade

It’s report card time, and you’re seeking report card comments for first grade students.

Sitting down to a blank screen can be overwhelming, so save yourself the frustration by using these helpful copy-and-paste report card comments for first grade.

Here you will find first grade report card comments that cover the subjects of math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and behavior.

No need to reinvent the wheel.

These report card comments for first grade students will save you time.

Report Card Comments for First Grade

Following you will find a variety of remarks to use when drafting report card comments for first grade students.


  • ______ is having trouble with math, particularly with (insert specific math skill).
  • ______ knows how to strategically solve math word problems step-by-step. 
  • ______ is doing well in math class. She shows a firm understanding of the topics covered and is capable of handling problems above her current level. 
  • ______ is able to solve complex math problems using manipulatives.
  • ______ struggles with higher-level math concepts because his mathematical foundation is not as strong as it should be by this grade level.
  • ______ should practice more with adding and subtracting.
  • ______ puts forth much effort in math class. However, she could still improve in (insert specific math skill or concept).
  • ______ is demonstrating difficulty with (insert math skill or strategy).
  • ______ demonstrates a strong understanding of math. The skills that he possesses are well in line with grade-level expectations.  
  • ______ still needs extra support with (insert math skill).
  • ______ would benefit from more time dedicated to mastering basic math facts. 
  • I suggest that _____ spend more time studying the math concepts of _____.


  • ______ demonstrates strong reading skills and is more than capable of handling basic comprehension assessments. 
  • ______ has trouble reading at his/her current grade level.
  • With prompting, ______ consistently uses text features to assist comprehension.
  • Having access to reading material outside of school would greatly benefit ______.
  • ______ demonstrates a clear ability to read books at the current grade level independently. 
  • able of answering questions based on a subject he has read. 
  • ______ accurately infers information from the book using picture and word clues. 


  • ______ struggles with basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 
  • ______ consistently follows the steps of the writing process in order to produce a piece of writing.
  • ______ demonstrates a strong understanding of basic grammar and punctuation. She knows how to correctly use capital letters as well as form complete sentences. 
  • ______ has excellent penmanship. 
  • I have noticed that ______ has continued difficulty with spelling, grammar, and sentence structure despite consistent small group plus one-on-one support. Let’s meet sometime next week to discuss the next steps for addressing the issue. 
  • ______ is progressing well with (insert any writing skill).


  • ______ understands the fundamentals of science. 
  • ______ struggles during science class. However, she remains an active participant and seems eager to learn more.
  • ______ is able to accurately retell the key steps of a science experiment. 
  • ______ grasps science concepts easily.
  • ______ has developed the fundamental skills taught during science.

Social Studies

  • ______ is capable of reading and analyzing sources. He demonstrates a clear understanding of how to think critically and evaluate information. 
  • ______ actively participates in the learning of new material.
  • ______ has a firm grasp of the various aspects of social studies. She is capable of articulating her thoughts and making informed opinions based on the reading material. 
  • ______ grasps social studies concepts with ease.
  • ______ finds social studies difficult. He struggles to form cohesive thoughts when discussing certain topics in class.


  • ______ consistently shows respect for others.
  • ______ has a hard time staying focused on one task for even short periods of time. Therefore, I am implementing…
  • ______ puts forth great effort when completing work assignments. 
  • ______ disrupts the class constantly. I suggest that…
  • ______ continues to underperform in class. The unwillingness to apply himself is holding him back from reaching his goals. 
  • ______ needs to improve his/her ability to work as part of a group.
  • ______ continues to be an active part of the classroom dynamic. He is always eager to participate in class.
  • ______ asks the teacher for help when understanding breaks down.
  • ______ struggles to pay attention during class which causes him to miss important information. 

Final Thoughts: Report Card Comments for First Grade

Now you have a set of quality report card comments for first grade that you can use to save time and frustration.

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